Cayenne is one hot pepper who is just too much to hold in your mouth! A lot of guys think that they can handle a chick as sexy as this one, and time after time they get burned when she proves to be a bottomless pit of lust! If you want to watch this chick from a distance, see the video she did back in 2004 called "250 or Bust" for Mike's Apartment. It's incredible.

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Cayenne Klein - Sexy workout

Cayenne Klein - Euro Sex Parties

4th October - We had to check out the park while the weather is still nice out. There are always girls out, so we just hung out for a while. We got some smiles out of a couple hotties as they ran past us, so we decided to cut them off around the circle to try again. They stopped as they saw us, but they still gave us a wave hello which was our clue that they didn't mind us checking them out. We went over to them to see how nice they really were. They were laid back as we were which made the connection we hoped for. We got them to come back for some after workout relaxation time. They jumped in the shower and caught us peeping on them, but they only had smiles for us. It was time for the party to begin. Renato and James rubbed them down and got they loosened up for a real sexy workout. Their sexy fit bodies were something else, and they just loved all the attention. There is nothing like the summer fun and sexy chicks that love to fuck around. ...Read More