Aries Crush,Harmonie Marquise in 'Reality Kings' - American ass (Round and Brown)

Aries, Harmonie, and Mirko were on their way to a July 4th barbecue. They had some time to kill, so they stopped by Ill's first. Ills hadn't been told about the barbecue and was testing his camera out when the three stopped by. Once Aries and Harmonie got in front of the camera, their inner rock stars came out, and the two started putting on a show for Ills. Big tits and round brown succulent asses soon filled the screen, as the two slowly undressed while uncontrollably spanking each other. Mirko gave them something to suck on. They rode his cock to their hearts' content. We could see the fireworks erupt in their eyes, as the girls climaxed. For the finale, Mirko set off his cock rocket and covered Aries face and Harmonies pussy in cum.

Released : July 11th, 2014
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Harmonie Marquise in 'Stuffing harmonie'

Harmonie Marquise - Stuffing harmonie

Harmonie and Diamond came to have a good time. They both had huge amazing asses. The girls started by shaking those tremendous butts. They continued the action inside where they made those butt cheeks clap. Mirko joined the party, and they sucked and fucked his cock. They took turns riding that dick, as their huge asses bounced around. Harmonie and Diamond got their pussies pounded and got man juice all over their pretty faces.

Harmonie Marquise in 'Bomb booty'

Harmonie Marquise - Bomb booty

Harmonie worked out at a local gym with Peter. He'd told us all about about this chick, Harmonie, from his gym. This Round and Brown beauty was incredibly fit, yet had an ass you could get on your hands and knees and thank someone for creating. It was something so huge and delicious, it could make a grown man cry. Peter definitely had some butt lust, as he pounded that pussy from behind in doggy style. Harmonie was Round and brown, and athletic and bendy---does it get better? No. Check out this new favorite!

Aries Crush in 'Crush booty'

Aries Crush - Crush booty

We'd been on Aries' ass for a couple months now and wanted to get her on camera, but she turned it down because she had a boyfriend. Well, the day finally came. Aries became single, and she set up a date for us almost immediately. She brought her finish line outfit that hugged her body so tightly. Aries was excited to put on a show for us, as her big ass busted out of her pants. She had an ass clap like no other. Aries sure could get that booty moving. We had her working that ass from so many positions because we couldn't get enough of it. Aries wanted some dick after her major booty workout. Tarzan was more than ready to satisfy her urge. She blew him to give her ass a little rest because she needed some energy to bounce that ass on his dick. Her booty looked great bent over, as it got filled with cock. Tarzan did his best to battle that big juicy rump.

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Harmonie Marquise in 'Sibling Rivalry 4'

Harmonie Marquise - Sibling Rivalry 4

Tori Montana and Harmonie Marquise are bickering sisters who are always getting on each other's nerves. One day while they are fighting over clothes, their mom's boyfriend, Duncan Saint, breaks it up. He tries to encourage them to get along but they don't want to listen – they're more interested in competing for his attention. As he bounces back and forth between the sexy sisters, he winds up teaching them a very important lesson – sharing is caring!

Harmonie Marquise in '- We Fuck Black Girls'

Harmonie Marquise - We Fuck Black Girls

Just like her boyfriend, DeAndre, Harmonie Marquise likes to play games. DeAndre loves old-school pinball, and DeAndre's buddy, Chad, loves old-school pinball as well. The games Harmonie likes to play have more to do with the mind, so to speak. For example, Harmonie loves to cheat! That's why she's all over Chad right now, while all Chad wants to do is play pinball while he waits for DeAndre to get home from work. All Harmonie wants is a taste of Chad's big, white dick...and she's going to make sure she gets her way! Of course, Harmonie is going to break Chad's will! Look at her crawling all over the pinball machine! Look at her sucking Chad's big, fat cock! Look at Chad eat Harmonie's sweet pussy! Then they're off to another room, where Chad is going to rail her fine, fine pussy...until he unloads all over her face! Now that's one fine game! Let's just hope DeAndre never finds out!!

Harmonie Marquise in 'Big Black Ass Meets Big White Dick'

Harmonie Marquise - Big Black Ass Meets Big White Dick

Harmonie Marquise stopped by this week, for a new edition of Brown Bunnies. Harmonie has a huge ass that our boy Sean made sure to pound all over the room. Harmonie's ass bouncing up and down is a sight to be seen. Enjoy!!

Harmonie Marquise in 'White boy loves ebony pussy'

Harmonie Marquise - White boy loves ebony pussy

Harmonie Marquise stopped by today looking for some dick. She came to the right place, because Jmac was ready and waiting for some tender pussy to pound. Watching Harmonie's big ass bounce up and down as she got pumped was a sight to behold. Enjoy.