Shona River in Reality Kings - Bang Her And Me (Euro Sex Parties)


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My friends Shona and Steffany called me from Budapest to spend the weekend. I had known them for a few years and decided to film a mini-interview type video with the girls telling me things they liked and what they did for fun. Things suddenly started getting sexual and thats when I decided to call James for some of the fun. Shona and Steffany were two huge freaks and I had a feeling things would end up with them sucking dick and getting fucked. James definitely owes me for the one.

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European, Living Room, Redhead, Blonde, Tattooed, Trimmed, Shaved, Skinny, Tall, Deepthroat, Lingerie, Threesome (2 Females), Facial, Lesbian, Straight, General, Woman (20-29)

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James Brossman


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Shona River - River Juices

Shona River - Euro Sex Parties

4th August - Mira Sunset and Shona River were taking a shower at JJ's house. He had this cool bathroom with the bathtub in the middle. Renato walked in and immediately was intrigued by the two naked girls. He started to soap Shona's butt. Soaping is always a good pretext to touch it. As a thank you the girls gave him a double blowjob. They moved to the living room. There is only so much 1 penis, 2 pussies, 3 mouths and 6 hands can do. Luckily James Brossman joined and now the possibilities were endless. So the girls got fucked from all different angles, all positions, always cuddling their heads together and moaning at each other. Renato came on Shona's belly and it looked as if James wanted to do the same with Mira but some of his jizz flew too far, all the way into Mira's face. ...Read More
Shona River - Water Damage

Shona River - Mike's Apartment

29th October - Redhead Hungarian beauty Shona River loves to shower… specifically, she loves lathering up her lithe body and masturbating her pretty pink pussy in the warm water. Unfortunately, her slit isn't the only thing that's leaking: her shower is dripping water into her neighbor Erik Everhard's apartment. When her neighbor comes upstairs to complain, he finds out Shona doesn't have any insurance to cover the damage, but this dirty girl knows another way she can cover the expense… by showing off her perky tits and letting Erik lick her pussy. Then Shona slides to her knees and gives her neighbor a sloppy blowjob against the wall, before climbing on his dick. Shona's hot Hungarian pussy is soaking wet as she takes an intense doggystyle fucking, then her neighbor dumps a nice thick cumload between her lovely pink lips. Her neighbor forgives Shona, but will she be able to come up with a naughty way to get him back upstairs? ...Read More
Shona River - Depths Of Depravity

Shona River - RK Prime

13th July - Tall blonde Shona River may look like a high-class prude, but when she slips away from her rich old husband she likes to take a walk on the wild side. She finds Nacho sleeping on the sidewalk and lures him back to her fuck pad with a trail of dollar bills, getting him naked and sucking his cock, his toes, even licking his asshole! This babe has a fetish for the filthiest guys and the filthiest fucking, and she loves every second as Nacho chokes and spanks her while he fucks her deep, until she squirts in his mouth and he jizzes in hers! ...Read More


Shona River - Dirty Wet Feet

Shona River - Dirty Wet Feet

19th August - Shona is watering the rose garden, tiptoeing around in her sexy sheer nighty. Her feet are getting dirty, then wet, then dirty again, true to the best of summer days. Clark comes up to her and wraps his arms around her, catering to her adorable tootsies. They decide to unfurl right there, taking the cool day in and teasing solid orgasms out of each other. ...Read More
Shona River - Weekend Sodomy

Shona River - Weekend Sodomy

7th August - Blonde teen Shona River wants to make the best out of her weekend. After listening to some music and a sunbathing she feels ready for the main course: a complete and absolute session of sodomy with her hung lover Toby. ...Read More
Shona River - Sensual Summer

Shona River - Sensual Summer

24th August - Sexy babes Liv Revamped, Shelley Bliss and Shona River are enjoying a nice outdoor shower together. These gorgeous girls feel each other's body and quickly shut the water off to continue the fun! Once dried up from the shower, they get each other wet, this time from pussy licking and anal toys! You won't want to miss this scene! ...Read More

Shona River - Come Fuck Me

Shona River - Come Fuck Me

29th April - After Shona River plays with her nice big dildo and tastes her sweet juices. Slutty Shona offers her juicy pussy for her boyfriend Dean. She spreads her pussy open for his throbbing cock to pound her tight hole. Shona moans with the sheer pleasure of his hard cock fucking her. Dean explodes with a cumshot all over her sexy ass. ...Read More
Shona River - Love and Freedom

Shona River - Love and Freedom

25th August - Beautiful blonde Shona River spends a romantic anal moment with her man Alberto Blanco. The pretty babe takes his big hard dick deep in her throat right before he fucks her tight butt hole. ...Read More
Shona River - Bar Tender Serves Something Hard

Shona River - Bar Tender Serves Something Hard

25th August - Shona was waiting to meet her man in the lounge, but ended up getting way more than she expected. One look at Toby, the dapper bar tender, made her want to have the young man tending to her every need. A clandestine POV encounter behind the bar becomes a full-blown sex scene with Shona begging for more. ...Read More