Marie Leone in 'Reality Kings' - Dose of ds (Bignaturals)

Kat was in awe, as she followed Marie and her big, natural G's around. Getting aroused by her looks, Marie couldn't contain her lovely tits for long, and soon, they popped out of her swimsuit for us to see. Cody came by and offers to oil up Marie's huge tits. The oil glistened off her dark skin and nipples and amplified her tits even more. This type of chance might only come once in a lifetime, so what did Cody do, he titty fucked those big juggs. Cody didn't stop there though and proceeded to insert his cock into Marie's mouth and tight pussy. As he climaxed, Cody shoots up towards those tits and easily hit his target.

Released : December 4th, 2013
Tags : 1on1, Blowjob, Bodyoil, Cum-tits, Ebony, Glasses, Masturbation, Outside, Pool, Shaved, Straight
Male Models : Cody Sky

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Marie Leone in 'Gateway to Hooter Heaven'

Marie Leone - Gateway to Hooter Heaven

In this Bonus photo set, Marie Leone shows off her big girls in a garden the same day she posed for her poolside bikini shoot. In the Bonus video, she tit-chats with the studio manager. How would Marie spend a million dollars if she hit the lottery? "If you had asked me that question a couple of years ago, I would have said that I would build a place that everyone I know was welcome to live in and grow. Now, I don't know. Maybe do the same thing I wanted to do but with a little twist. It would be a place for swingers and whoever wanted to have safe fun. This place will also have an adult store to shop and a food court or lounge for everybody to get together." That's a nice vision. Marie has gotten a lot friskier since she became a model at SCORE. Hopefully Marie would stock SCORE Group products like the Splat Mat in that store!

Marie Leone in 'Bikini Buster'

Marie Leone - Bikini Buster

Go to the beach and try to find a cute girl built like Marie Leone. Wearing a bikini. Not so easy? You won't have to search because SCORELAND brings Marie to you. "Since shooting for SCORE, people notice me more," Marie tells us. "I have old crushes writing me on Twitter or texting me. Truthfully, I don't want anything to do with them since I was invisible to them in school. I also have fans now. I never thought I would have fans. I didn't even think it was possible. I have people who became my friends because of SCORE.

Marie Leone in 'Busting In The New Babe'

Marie Leone - Busting In The New Babe

As soon as the incredible Marie Leone takes her huge tits out of her bra, Tony can't wait to help Marie undress. In a flash, she's on her knees sucking his pole and tucking it between her massive melons. Her tits are awesome for tit-fucking. She took to hardcore like she's been practicing in front of a mirror at home for this. Their first position is reverse cowgirl. Lubricated by her saliva, his rod stuffs her teen taco. Marie isn't a dirty talker when she fucks but you'll see right away that this chick really likes to get fucked hard. Marie loves getting talked dirty to by her bed buddies but she says "I don't talk dirty because I do not curse. Funny, huh? Look at me doing porn and I can't say fuck worth a damn!" We hope Marie doesn't forget her friends at The SCORE Group and rings us up again. She must take another hot ride and go for a dirty drive.

Marie Leone in 'Maid For Anal'

Marie Leone - Maid For Anal

New Discovery Marie Leone is only 19-years-old. She's kinda amazin'. Someone up there must like The SCORE Group for sending Marie our way. Marie's body and big boobs turn heads everywhere she goes. Born in California, Marie likes cars and works in a car shop. Her sister introduced her to cars and Marie's been hooked on fast and furious wheels ever since. As mentioned in her New Discovery pictorial, Marie's hooters are 42-inches and she usually wears a 34J-cup bra! Keep in mind she's 5'2" tall. "My boobs began to develop when I turned 14 but before then I was extremely flat-chested and skinny," Marie said. Her growth spurt must have flummoxed everyone; teachers, family, doctors, you name 'em. By the time Marie was in 8th grade, she had bigger tits than her teachers! "I always wear a bra when I go out," Marie says.