Carrie Brooks in 'Reality Kings' - Oh caroline (Cum Fiesta)

Carrie Brooks joins us this week for the CumFiesta party. Her friend told her about us. Word of mouth is definitely the best advertisement. There is a sex joke in there somewhere. Any how, this hot little 20 year old has nice body. My favorite part was her booty, especially in them shorts she had on. It's the kinda round butt you get caught looking at in the mall then your girl punches your shoulder when she catches you looking. But i'd be lying if I didn't say her tits are really a close second. Great handful size and shape. Can I change my pick? Watch her in this update and let us know what you say is her best ass-et.

Released : October 13th, 2015
Tags : 1on1, Blowjob, Brunette, Doggystyle, Facial, Hotpants, Latin, Masturbation, Piercings, Pussy-licking, Straight, Tattoo
Male Models : Peter Green

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The busty beauty Carrie Brooks, comes by ready to fuck. She tells us that she likes it hard while teasing us with her great big tits. She gives a great blowjob until she gets the guy ready. We see her getting fucked hard on various positions until she takes his load and cleans it of the floor.

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Got another maid coming my way. This time I have a sexy maid coming over to clean the house and damn she's hot. Once Carolin walked through the door, I had to get her naked asap, I want to see those big tits and that fat ass. Yea buddy! I'm sure she needs the money. Let's see if she's willing to get down a dirty. We shall see.

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BANG 18!!!! Get them while they're young!!! Carrie Brooks is hot lil chick who loves to get fucked. She also seems to get turned on by books, so she couldn't resist a Library fuck session. Our boy Sean shows her ahas good and pounds her all over that motherfucking library. Enjoy!!

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Bang Casting mothafuckas! We breaking in fresh new talent... and fresh new pussy! Carrie Brooks is an up and cummer that loves to guzzle cock and get fucked, so she figured she minus well do it for cash! This petite babe has got a perfect ass and she is down to get hardcore nasty in front of the camera. That's what's up!

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Guess what time it is, Skeeters? Time for another submission tape! This time we dug into our archives to show you guys one of our favorite submissions ever, Carrie Brooks! Shes a big fan of the site and decided it was time for her to join the Team! We loved her black shorts and matching bra and especially loved the way she treats a dick in her mouth! We were floored when we saw just how hard she likes to get fucked on camera and how eager she is to get plowed in different positions - she loves sex! Her ass looks like it doubles in size while shes fucking on tape and it was just asking for a splash of sticky man-juice. Her pussy was so tight though, that it swallowed up all of the cum he left inside of her instead and kept it for itself! Holy shit, what a girl!

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Carrie Brooks - Cock Gobbling Carrie

18 year old, mixed race beauty, Carrie Brooks is here to show us if she has what it takes to join the Team! This former waitress, calendar girl and track star wanted to branch out of the food service biz and explore her other talents - sucking the cock and fucking on camera! This pocket sized babe was ready to get down and dirty after letting us know what she likes in bed and what position makes her cum the hardest, and we were ready to deliver! Carrie has an amazing set of perky tits and an impeccable round booty, thanks to her Puerto Rican side, that she knows how to work up and down a meat pole. In the end, she takes a massive load of sticky man juice all up in her mouth and she swallowed the entire mess! She even let us know that this was the HARDEST shes ever been fucked in her life! And we got it on tape. Another job well done!

Carrie Brooks in 'Just For You'

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Have you wanted to know what it would be like to fuck lean, mean, teen Carrie Brooks? Then, look no further than our latest installment of POV Life! Watch as Carrie seductively strips and shows off her perky young ass and tits just for you. She loves sucking man meat and looking right up you to make sure shes doing a good job. The way her ass shakes, and her boobs jiggle, while getting railed is poetic and a good skeet shower is just what Carrie likes best after a hardcore fuck session. Especially all over her stomach and snatch!