Ashley Aleigh in 'Reality Kings' - Thirsty (Round and Brown)

I was expecting to hear a twerk track with some heavy 808s but Ashley Aleigh's ass made me forget all about that. Thirsty you say? I'd love to quench my thirst with her pussy juice running down my tongue. Her body really is that of natural perfection, a great handful of titties and a nice round ass, just the way I like them, TIGHT! I'd follow her anywhere, no amount of water would be able to satisfy my thirst!

Released : May 7th, 2019
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Male Models : Damon Dice

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Ashley Aleigh in 'Ashley Makes It Easy'

Ashley Aleigh - Ashley Makes It Easy

I love walking down by the marina. Seems there is always a hot chick hanging out enjoying the view. Today was no exception. Ashley was just chilling on her visit from Miami. Man, was she sexy! I was so happy that she gave me her number. I returned the favor and gave her a nice facial…

Ashley Aleigh in 'Extra Wet Slut Takes It Deep'

Ashley Aleigh - Extra Wet Slut Takes It Deep

Ashley Aleigh is a tall, dark, smooth, ebony beauty who does porn for one reason…she loves to get fucked. This freaky, horny babe has a tight, wet chocolate pussy that grips like no other. Her juices, soft ass bounces up and down as she takes the dick deep and moans with pleasure. She has real, genuine, powerful orgasms all night until she drains all the cum out of this dick onto and inside her amazing fuck hole.

Ashley Aleigh in 'Chasing Pussy to her Home'

Ashley Aleigh - Chasing Pussy to her Home

Ashley Aleigh was riding her bike through the neighborhood. Her skirt was flying high exposing her butt. She noticed her neighbor Jonathan Jordan staring at her. So she looked extra sexy biking past him. He got the hint and started to run

Ashley Aleigh in 'How To Get His Attention'

Ashley Aleigh - How To Get His Attention

Jonathan Jordan is having a tough day working from home, he's making a lot of mistakes and is starting to get worried that he'll be getting fired. Ashley Aleigh is here to help...sorta. She comes downstairs and asks for some help on her

Ashley Aleigh in 'Stepsister's Oily Ass'

Ashley Aleigh - Stepsister's Oily Ass

Today we have the gorgeous Ashley Aleigh stop by to check out the pool. Her step brother Leo is hanging around and she bothers him to get him to put oil on her back. What a bummer. When he starts to apply it Ashley asks him to rub her ass with it. But wait, what about mom?! She isn't even there so why not? He gets convinced to do it even though that's his step sister. She wants him to add even more oil, just so she can have a good even tan. All that oil...all that ass... It makes me want to jack off! But that doesn't last long as Ashley gets turned on and wants him to go deeper. So she forces her step brother to eat her ass and then massage her tits. She definitely gets horny and wants him to cum inside the house. Once they go inside, she couldn't keep it together any longer as she gets right on her knees to start sucking Leo up. It doesn't take long for Leo to get comfortable and start fucking the shit out of his step sister. Watch Ashley get her ass drilled, have her boobs bouncing up and down while riding, and see her get fucked upside down. This is one hell of a step family.

Ashley Aleigh in 'and April Snow - Blacks On Blondes'

Ashley Aleigh - Blacks On Blondes

Ashley catches the red headed snow bunny April coming onto her man Isiah. April apologizes but it's just not good enough. Ashley wants to teach her a lesson: If you're going to go after another woman's boyfriend, be ready to bring it. And be ready to fuck them both. The three of them go back to Ashley and Isiah's place and Ashley makes sure April can suck Isiah the right way. The snow bunny is surprisingly good at it and confesses that it's her first time being with not only a black man but also a black woman. The three of them create a delicious oreo and in the end, Ashley makes sure to dump her creampie all over April's pretty face.

Ashley Aleigh in 'Fuck Me Now'

Ashley Aleigh - Fuck Me Now

As she cleans, all of the evidence that he was there only brings Ashley back to the memory of the many ways he's fucked her.

Ashley Aleigh in 'Sleepover Surprise'

Ashley Aleigh - Sleepover Surprise

Scott Nails' daughter is home from college and has her friend Ashley Aleigh over for a movie night. Scott wants to make the most of his time with his daughter so he joins them on the couch. His daughter might not be crazy about Scott sitting with them, but Ashley sure doesn't mind! The sexy and sneaky teen strokes Scott's cock under a blanket, stunning him, but he doesn't want to get in any trouble with his daughter so he heads to the bedroom, much to Ashley's disappointment. That doesn't stop Ashley from sneaking into Scott's bedroom however, finishing what she started as she sucks his cock and has him fuck her tight teen pussy!

Aryana Adin in 'I Fucked My Stepmom's New Boyfriend'

Aryana Adin - I Fucked My Stepmom's New Boyfriend

Ashley comes into the kitchen and finds her stepmom Aryana hugging Rob, her new boyfriend, Ashley is horny and she likes Rob so while she hugs her mom, she asks Rob to please fuck her. He is shocked, Aryana has to take a call and steps to the back, then Ashley continues seducing Rob, she flirts, rubs his cock until he decides to fuck her right there before Aryana finishes her call, but they get caught. For Ashley and Rob surprise Aryana decides to join them, so Robs gets a double bj then they move to the leaving room where Rob pounds Ashley and Aryana switching them back and forward in different positions until he cums all over their faces.

Ashley Aleigh in '- Gloryhole Initiations'

Ashley Aleigh - Gloryhole Initiations

Our trusty adult book store clerk has started dating super hot chocolate bunny, Ashley. She wanted the 'VIP' tour of where he works. Of course he's going to show her around, especially all the cool toys and videos. Ashley is more far more interested in the booth. Our video store clerk tells her he has to get some work done in the back office and that she should look around, but 'stay out of trouble'. Well, that's not Ashley's style. She's way too curious. Doesn't take long for her to get naked and pleasure herself to the video playing in the booth. That perfect wet pussy is aching! Before she knows it....2 big white dicks appear through the walls! Curiosity took her this far...why not! She grabs both of those dicks and works them with her Lucious lips and soft hands. But her pussy is still aching for more! She wants those throbbing dicks inside her and pushes that juicy ass against the holes to give each dick a go at it. She finishes both cocks off in her mouth and lets the loads drool from her juicy lips. This girl is a keeper!

Ashley Aleigh in '- We Fuck Black Girls'

Ashley Aleigh - We Fuck Black Girls

James and Ashley have a wedding dress measuring appointment. Jamescomes over to get Ashley's updated measurements since she's gone witha new designer. James measures her and decides the clothes must comeoff to get the most accurate numbers! He marvels at her body. Hermeasurements are almost cartoon-like! The perfect handful of tit, ateeny tiny waist, wide hips, and a very delectable ass. James can'tbelieve her- Ashley has a coke bottle body. It's too perfect. He tsktsks at her bra and convinces her that it is just too altering andthat every millimeter counts. She removes it and while he has tape inhand, he drops it to measure with his hands. He finds this method muchmore accurate. Ashley is surprised he's not gay, and gives in to his hands feeling her in all the spots. Cheating is well worth the risk at this point!Soon enough, she finds herself fucking someone else before her bigday.

Ashley Aleigh in 'Dark Divas 4'

Ashley Aleigh - Dark Divas 4

Ashley Aleigh is absolutely stunning. Perfect skin, perfect body and she is willing to show Jason Brown what she wants. She wants to ride that big thick cock!