Asia Zo,Layla Mynxx in 'Reality Kings' - Tug team (Happy Tugs)

Another customer came in for a massage. Asia began the sensual rubdown and soon offered the customer the upgraded option of having a second girl help out. Of course, he welcomed it, and Miko came in with a helping hand. They began rubbing his legs and worked their way to his cock. They explained that or an extra tip, they could go all the way. Asia and Miko sucked that cock at the same time, and it was epic. Then they took turns riding his face and cock in an insane threesome. The ladies finished up by stroking his cock until they got every last drop of man juice out. Another happy customer has the Happy Tugs special!

Released : February 21st, 2015
Tags : 2girlBJ, Asian, Blowjob, Bodyoil, Handjob, Pussy-licking, Shaved, Short (petite), Skinny, Straight, Threesome
Male Models : Richie Calhoun

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Layla Mynxx in 'Rubbing miko'

Layla Mynxx - Rubbing miko

Miko stopped by the Cum Fiesta house to get her hungry Asian pussy fucked. She came looking for a big dick and a huge load to swallow. Lucky for her Tyler was more than capable of fulfilling her needs. Miko's tight pink pussy was incredible, and Tyler loved it. He pounded it like a wild man and made Miko speak Chinese, as she orgasmed over and over again. Watch this hot sexy Asian take a big dick and jizz load.

Layla Mynxx in 'Hands of dai'

Layla Mynxx - Hands of dai

We had another hot hot Asian beauty for you this week named Miko. This cutie was all smiles and really happy to get right to giving a sensual rubdown. Miko was pretty quick to find her customers cock and see if he'd like a little rub and tug action. He was all about it, and after some a big cash tip upfront, Miko went right to work on him. Don't miss this pro showing this guy what a real happy ending is like.

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Mr. Caesar seemed a bit shy at first when the girl's asked if he wanted to get fucked up the ass, but soon enough he was ready to go... And the three girl's gave him all they had. Kiki shoved it in deep as he sucked & stoked Lucky & Asia and as the girl's passed him around we could see this wasn't Mr. Caesar's first time to the Strap On Rodeo.

Asia Zo in 'Experienced porn slut Asia Zo tries bondage for the first time, brutal drooling deepthroat on BBC!'

Asia Zo - Experienced porn slut Asia Zo tries bondage for the first time, brutal drooling deepthroat on BBC!

Don't let those innocent looks fool you, Asia Zo has been around the block a few times. But while this tiny 4'11 fuckdoll might of had her full of LA porn dick, today is a little different. Today she gets the full Sexuallybroken experience in her very first bondage shoot. Something tells us she is going to be remembering today for a very long time to come.The bondage is clean and simple, rendering Asia completely immobile while totally comfortable. She is planted on the floor, legs spread wide and her thin arms cranked behind her. A blindfold cuts off her vision and a black ballgag wedged between those lips reminds her of her purpose in life. She should always have something between those lips. When we apply a vibrator her eager pussy betrays her on the spot, releasing a gushing orgasm almost instantly. Well. You don't say? This should be fun...We remove the black ballgag and replace it with black cock. The blindfold still keeps her in darkness as we train out that throat. She takes every inch without a whimper. Time to step up the pace. We remove the blindfold and add a second dick as Asia wallows in a puddle of her own cum. This is the sort of pet any one would be happy to have on tap, that cute face calls for the cock.In a sexual overload, we add back in the vibrator and a little breathplay. The bondage, the multiple squirting orgasms, the dick dizziness, the blindfold and deepthroat all conbine to blast Asia into another dimension. Gentlemen, I think we have just created another bondage lover...

Asia Zo in 'She Gives Me Asian Fever 2'

Asia Zo - She Gives Me Asian Fever 2

Feeling a little yellow and a nice tiny Asian like Asia Zo, can cure our fever. She peels off her shorts and gives us a peek of her little pussy before she sucked our pole. As we squeezed our cock inside we got extra hard in that tight hole. We fucked Asia hard all day and rewarded her cute face full of cum.

Asia Zo in 'and Marco Banderas in Naughty Athletics'

Asia Zo - Naughty Athletics

Asia Zo was training and pulled a muscle in her leg so her personal trainer began a deep tissue massage. It doesn't take long for her leg to be feeling better and her trainer to start rubbing a little further up her thigh. And after he's finished rubbing her down, Asia begins rubbing him below the belt and pulling his love muscle!!!