Julie Skyhigh in 'Reality Kings' - Weekend fun (Mike's Apartment)

Julie came to Mike's apartment from Belgium. She liked to travel, but didn't have enough money to travel often. But what she did have was a smoking hot body, a sweet pink pussy, and a beautiful face. Julie did what she could with what she had at her disposal. She'd found out a while ago that dudes would let her stay places for free if they could get a taste of that sweet Belgium waffle. Since she loved sex, she was down. Watch this beauty from Belgium work for her rent and cum several times!

Released : December 17th, 2014
Tags : 1on1, Blowjob, Brunette, Doggystyle, Facial, Handjob, Masturbation, Pussy-licking, Shaved, Skinny, Straight, Tanlines
Male Models : Choky Ice

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Julie Skyhigh in 'Trio treat'

Julie Skyhigh - Trio treat

When we first saw the girls, they were in the bedroom together trying on different sexy lingerie outfits while the guys were spying on them from the doorway. The fellas were listening to the girls, and one of them said she was ready to fuck. Aylin, Diore and Julie were so hot that you couldn't blame him when Choky barged in. He found all three of them ready to go, and they began to suck his cock together. The ladies took turns getting their pussies drilled. He creamed in one of the girl's mouths, and she spit the man juice into the next girl's mouth, and she passed it on to the third who swallowed it all down.

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Julie Skyhigh in 'She Needs Some Sugar'

Julie Skyhigh - She Needs Some Sugar

Julie's the new neighbor next door, and she kinda fancies the man living down the hall. But, when she asks for a little sugar, he does not quite get the hint. So, she has to try different methods to get his attention... Sometimes a woman simply cannot be denied. It gets really hot in the apartment, and these two bring the temperature to its peak. As Julie gets everything she desires, she may need to also borrow a handkerchief to wipe something off her glasses...

Julie Skyhigh in 'My Kingdom Come'

Julie Skyhigh - My Kingdom Come

When the French Maid arrives, it's like a vision of a queen. Almost like a royal servant, our maid gets to work dressing up for the job. But when she finds a few naughty glass toys at the house, curiosity gets the better of the princess, and she has to taste and try. Once the heat is on, she needs it from the apartment owner as soon as possible. He's not one to complain, and happy to help out, all inside that sweet butt.

Julie Skyhigh in 'Anal Workout'

Julie Skyhigh - Anal Workout

Julie is in a kinky mood, she desires a good anal session. So she adorns her best lingerie to entice her guy towards another kind of workout. She wraps her mouth around his massive cock, making it nice and hard. He gets her beautiful ass ready before taking her balls deep. The rhythm ramps up and up as she fingers her pussy while he pumps away at her, she stops counting her orgasms well before he unloads.

Julie Skyhigh in 'Black Snake Oil 02'

Julie Skyhigh - Black Snake Oil 02

In the opening shot, we see black stud Mickey Mod eating the shaved pussy of sultry brunette-next-door Julie Skyhigh, who's breathing hard with her eyes closed. They share a pussy-flavored kiss and then they're fucking; she adds a vibe and cums, blushing and then howling. Julie sucks big black cock pussy-to-mouth. Mickey fingers her holes and heavily greases her pussy, boobs and ass. A slick, doggie-style butt fuck -- lubed with thick oil and girl cream -- leaves Julie wailing. She takes more sodomy, masturbating hard. He pours more viscous oil in her crack as he plows her rectum, and Julie visibly loves getting her butt porked. Mickey creams her grease-sodden, satisfied ass.

Julie Skyhigh in 'Taking no Chances'

Julie Skyhigh - Taking no Chances

July Skylight doesn't take chances. When she wants to fuck, she really puts all the effort in to seduce her partner. Look at that shamelessly sexy lingerie of hers. It doesn't leave anything to the fantasy... but her actions are even more convincing. After all, offering that tight asshole is an offer on its own right.

Julie Skyhigh in 'Summer Vibes'

Julie Skyhigh - Summer Vibes

It is summer and Julie left behind all those needless clothes and all the unnecessary inhibitions. She decides to go with the vibe and enjoys summer the best way she can. If that means an exciting anal session with not one but two guys, so be it.

Julie Skyhigh in 'Sexy Babe'

Julie Skyhigh - Sexy Babe

When Hungarian coed Julie Skyhigh is feeling horny, she doesn't hold anything back. Fondling her tits and ass usually leads to her peeling off her clothes. Once she's naked, Julie doesn't waste a moment before turning to her magic wand vibrator to press against her super sensitive slit to give her the climax she craves.

Julie Skyhigh in 'Hot Orgasm'

Julie Skyhigh - Hot Orgasm

Julie Skyhigh is a 24 year old hottie with a juicy body that you're going to love! Her tight ass looks great in a pair of pantie, but it looks even better when she's naked. Once she peels off her clothes, there's no stopping this cum crazed coed from giving her creamy slit a horny pussy fingering.

Julie Skyhigh in 'Girl And Her Toys'

Julie Skyhigh - Girl And Her Toys

Brunette babe Julie Skyhigh can't wait to get out of her shirt and panties so that she can play with her bouncing tits and her creamy bald pussy. When her magic fingers aren't enough to satisfy her tight fuck hole, she turns to a plastic dildo that brings her to pleasure town!

Julie Skyhigh in 'Fingering Fun'

Julie Skyhigh - Fingering Fun

Hot Hungarian Julie Skyhigh loves to grope her medium boobs and play with her diamond hard nipples. This cock craving babe is all about exploring her sexuality, whether it is pushing a finger deep into her tight little anus or fondling her slick clit and juicy fuck hole to work herself into an orgasmic frenzy.

Julie Skyhigh in 'Barely Dressed'

Julie Skyhigh - Barely Dressed

Sometimes even pantyhose can dress a woman... and undress her at the same time. It would be hard to tell if Julie is half-dressed or half nude, but it is sure that she looks absolutely gorgeous in her pantyhose while she pleases her wet pussy in front of the mirror until she collapses, with a satisfied smile on her face.

Julie Skyhigh in ' Sky-high Pleasures'

Julie Skyhigh - Sky-high Pleasures

Julie looks so sweet... and she looks even sweater with a big juicy cock in her mouth, don't you agree? Toby took Julie to the top many times today, making her cum again and again before he showered her with his plentiful load. We stood on the sideline and recorded it all.