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Aria Salazar in 'Ass of aria'

Aria Salazar - Ass of aria

Aria is getting tutored but isnt in the mood to study. She would much rather engage in some extracurricular activity. With her plump tits and chocolaty sweet ass it doesnt take long to persuade Mike, her tutor, to ditch the books. After one kiss he is all in and starts rubbing her tits and pussy. Mike wants a closer look at that amazing ass of hers so he tells Aria to sit on his face. While sitting and looking at his lap all she can think about is a cock in her mouth and soon enough she gets just that. Then Aria puts her ass to the test as she rides and gets pounded to climax. But Mike can only keep up so long before covering Arias pretty face with cum. In the end he has to admit this was much better than studying.

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Aria Salazar in 'Hot Butter Toffee'

Aria Salazar - Hot Butter Toffee

Aria's booked the day off work, and she can't wait to get a moment all to herself to tease her fingertips over her caramel-colored skin. It feels like it's been ages since she sent a hand down south to play with her flawless pussy. Aria's preparing a little something sweet for you, a sensual solo performance that's definitely too hot to handle.

Aria Salazar in 'Home Alone'

Aria Salazar - Home Alone

Cherry Black hair, olive skin, almond eyes and full lips; Aria Salazar is undisputedly a gorgeous woman. No less, for the fact that she is long limbed, has a perfectly round rear end and beautiful 34C dusky tipped breasts that just beg to be nuzzled. A body that would make most women cheerfully commit homicide for. Her lower lips every bit as pouty as her top ones almost swallow her probing fingers. And on top of all that is her dazzling smile. Frankly if we looked this hot we'd play with ourselves for hours too. What else can we say Gorgeous, sexy as hell and a killer smile, makes Aria a perfect Babes model.

Aria Salazar in 'Slutty And Sluttier 18'

Aria Salazar - Slutty And Sluttier 18

Slender, exotic teen Aria Salazar wears nothing but high-heeled pumps, a lacy bra and panties, teasing the camera with her plump, adorable ass and perfect, all-natural boobs. This caramel-colored cutie spreads her thighs and lets director Manuel Ferrara bury his face in her shaved pussy, then wraps her big lips around the director's enormous cock to suck him lovingly. Aria straddles Manuel and rides his uncut meat pole; he rails her juicy slot in several positions until his massive member explodes in orgasm, feeding the stunning young brunette a messy mouthful of creamy goodness.

Aria Salazar in '- Glory Hole Initiations'

Aria Salazar - Glory Hole Initiations

We have a feeling that Aria Salazar has never, ever gotten her hands dirty. A beautiful and busy afternoon finds Aria Salazar at the mercy of her bodily functions, and the only resort is for her to use this vile bathroom. The walls are disgusting and the toilet looks as if it hasn't seen a cleaning in the longest time. Aria's not a happy camper and the arrival of two anonymous white cocks is the only sunshine in her cloudy day. Aria's initial hesitation disappears as quickly as her clothing, and the ebony beauty rests her knees on the rancid floor. The gloryhole fully comes alive when Aria Salazar goes back and forth between holes and sucks the life out of both anonymous white guys. If our story ended here then it would be the stuff of legends. However, Aria Salazar is about to become a white cock icon by bending over and going raw on both lucky white guys. Aria's perky and perfect tits giggle and shake as her fuck hole samples both white cocks until they blast all over her. The verdict? Aria Salazar is now over her fear of dirty places and dirty deeds.