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Brook Ultra in 'Ultra hot'

Brook Ultra - Ultra hot

Brook was working on a photo shoot with Levi that I was supposed to be shooting. I showed up late and saw that they where well into it, so I hung back to check her and her giant knockers out. Turned out Brook was going to use the money from the shoot to send her kid off to camp instead of the trip she was planning for herself. Levi got to talking to her and convinced her to do an extra scene, so she could get the extra cash to go on her trip. Brook hesitated at first cause because she didn't want anyone finding out, but the MILF hunter was too persistent for her. He assured her no one would ever find out, so they started fooling around and her clothes came off. That's when I popped up and scared them silly. They had no idea that I'd been spying on them. Brook was totally into it by this point and was down to get dirty. Don't miss this hot ass MILF getting nailed nice and hard. It was awesome!

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Brook Ultra in '- Blacks On Blondes'

Brook Ultra - Blacks On Blondes

Spoiler Alert: This is Brook Ultra's first time ever taking a black dick straight up her ass! We begin our update with Rob and Brook taking a leisurely stroll in the park. And before you know it, Brook's slutty ways finds her sucking down Rob's meaty python. Her white pussy is ripe for the pickings right before her ass feels its first black cock. The busty slut ride's Rob's rod right up her ass until his balls are nestled against her clit. Brook's first interracial anal scene ends when Rob deposits his goo in the appropriate place.

Brook Ultra in 'Inked Angels 04'

Brook Ultra - Inked Angels 04

Voluptuous, longhaired beauty Brook Ultra's string dress can't contain her 30GG curves or conceal her elaborate tattoos. She loves body art and the sensation of the needle, and Brook wears a leash because she likes being dominated. Heavily inked, hugely hung Clover turns Brook on with his tats; she says getting spanked makes her wet. They kiss and make out. Clover tugs Brook's leash as he eats pussy and porks her doggie-style; Brook sucks his giant prick pussy-to-mouth and laps balls. He fucks her colossal jugs and she takes a skin-slammin' cock ride. Clover hog-ties Brook to fuck her face, nail her cunt and spray messy cum. With her face semen-streaked, the tattooed slut cleans cock orally and declares, 'I'm a bad girl.'

Brook Ultra in 'Lex's Breast Fest 04'

Brook Ultra - Lex's Breast Fest 04

Hot, impressively stacked Brook Ultra's string hooker dress won't contain her hard, round, 30GG fun bags. African-American pornographer Lexington Steele puts the tattooed brunette in a big boob movie immediately. He massages those melons, and his massive meat plows her caressing knockers in a titty fuck. She loves screwing Lex on her back. When she straddles him he mashes her bouncing boobies. After some pussy-to-mouth cocksucking, a doggie-style boning makes her whimper, whisper and spread for Lex. She rides his thick rod, her tits bumping his face. Brook kneels for a blow job/hand job/ball lapping finale and squeezes her tits together; Lex strokes semen into her cleavage and sexy Brook cleans him orally.

Brook Ultra in 'Gaping Butthole Afternoon'

Brook Ultra - Gaping Butthole Afternoon

If this anal sex pictorial and video with pro-cock Carlos are any indication of how much sex heat Brook Ultra has in her beautiful bod, she could dive into a pool and turn the water into steam. Deep-throating, ass and pussy fingering, clit licking, fucking and anal, boob-splattering and cum swallowing are on their to-do list. "I like a guy to tease me a little bit but then fuck the shit out of me really, really hard," Brook said and that's exactly what happens in this ultra-horny SCORELAND scene. If newcomer Brook seemed quiet and laid back, seeing this scene will change that perception. So how often does Brook have sex? "When I shoot porn or if I have a boyfriend. My favorite position is doggie." In the video, Carlos fucks Brook in doggie, then spits in her butthole and moves his cock from Brook's pussy to her butthole in a sensational scene. "I do enjoy anal sex. I never did until I got into porn and now I actually enjoy it.".

Brook Ultra in 'A Study In Brook'

Brook Ultra - A Study In Brook

Brook Ultra likes being fucked from behind best, especially when she is being controlled, restrained and bossed around. "That's why I like hog-ties best, because your arms are in back of you and your legs are up to your wrist and they fuck the shit out of you and you can't do anything about it." So when Brook says she's tied-up, she really means tied-up. However, Brook likes nice-nice when it comes to her tits. So tit-slapping is not her thing. (That's something that mainly porn guys do to girls.) Maybe a fuck buddy lightly tapping her tits with his cock is okay. "A guy can bite my nipples a little but not too hard. Be gentle." Brook likes everyday activities too. "I like to dance. I like to go to the beach. I like to hang out and do normal stuff.

Brook Ultra in 'Hot amateur fucks and then swallows'

Brook Ultra - Hot amateur fucks and then swallows

Meet Brook. She's a hot piece of ass with gigantic size G tits, thick DSLs and a willingness to fuck anywhere, anytime. We love a chick like her cuz she's they type to make Bang Bros fans very happy. She sucks dick like you expect a hot piece of ass like that should. She fucks in every position possible and does a spectacular job at that. All I can say is watch this movie!

Brook Ultra in 'Ultra Sex'

Brook Ultra - Ultra Sex

Brook Ultra is a tiny, shapely girl with an unstoppable body and a beautiful face. She's a submissive girl and likes men to control her during sex. She gets off on being tied up or restrained with bondage devices. Brook gives Tony D. a private strip-dance. It's the perfect way to move into a hot fuck. Brook is a sexy stripper and sticks her big boobs and behind in Tony's face. The sight of Brook's hot cookie and perky nipples alone is swelling. Dance over, she takes his rigid tool and tenderly sucks it, then gets on her back so Tony can lick her shaved cunt. Now Brook is prepared for his meat-missile to invade her wet silo.

Brook Ultra in 'South Beach Hot Body'

Brook Ultra - South Beach Hot Body

Brook Ultra at the beach. Brook jogging and working out. Brook sightseeing. It's an Ultra fest with new SCORELAND arrival Brook Ultra bringing her slim-and-stacked hotness to South Beach in Miami. Enjoy the candid shots and see the bonus video of Brook around town and at the beach. Watch Brook run in boob bouncing slow motion. She has all the right moves. And check out Brook's photo spread and video at the SCORE studio where she bares every beautiful inch.

Brook Ultra in 'Ultra Girl 2'

Brook Ultra - Ultra Girl 2

Slim and stacked and sexy, Brook Ultra is all that. The video version of this pictorial also features extremely horny and lengthy pussy and anal toy masturbation. Brook's outfit and her pasty/tassel nipple covers is an eye-opener too. "You are more than a 10, you are a 20," was a flirt-line a guy said to Brook once. She thought about dancing but didn't like the atmosphere of the strip clubs and decided to try photo and web-cam modeling instead. The brunette bikini beauty enjoys kinky sex mixed with B&D--one of Brook's favorite fantasies is "to have sex in the rain on top of a car," which sounds like a scene from a Zalman King movie on late night cable TV. In addition to this pictorial and video today, there's a second video and set of Brook doing all kinds of things around Miami Beach. Good times! Tune in June 20th when Brook's first hardcore scene debuts.

Brook Ultra in 'Ultra Girl'

Brook Ultra - Ultra Girl

It's Brook Ultra's first time at SCORELAND and the slim-and-stacked, hazel-eyed brunette is ready to reveal every inch of her hot bod. Brook likes to box, write poetry and train at the gym. Her body is fit and tight and that makes her big boobs look even bigger. Brook likes to dress in tight clothing also and she's a lingerie lover. She must have a store's worth of sexy lingerie and bras in her closet. "I'm very flexible and I can twerk upside down in a handstand position," says Ultra Girl. That must be something to see. She enjoys bondage and discipline (as a submissive) and talks about her fetishes in her video chat. Brook's voice is very seductive as she talks about sex while she's tickling her pink taco. Please welcome Brook Ultra to SCORELAND and make her feel right at home.

Brook Ultra in 'Busty Dominatrix Receives Creampie In Her Dungeon'

Brook Ultra - Busty Dominatrix Receives Creampie In Her Dungeon

Got to love a sexy lady in a leather dominatrix outfit. Brook Ultra looks dynamite! She has the perfect curves for that outfit. Brook Ultra was here to get dominated. She loves to role play and she loves to be told what to do when it comes to sex. In this update you're going to see something that you sure going to love. Brook Ultra crawls on her knees and begs for the dick. Sucking dick through the cage in between metal bars and getting fucked while wearing the suit. No worries there's a zipper where her pussy is. no need to explain anymore. Come and witness this for yourself. Enjoy!