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Brooke Wylde in 'Breast rich'

Brooke Wylde - Breast rich

Brooke invited fellow big natural hottie Jessica to her place for an afternoon of titty rubbing, smacking and licking. The girls sensually kissed and then slowly revealed their massive tits before showering together. They lathered their boobs and had some fun pressing them against each other. They also bounced and jiggled them before going into the hot tub where Mr. Strokes joined them. He had the pleasure of titty fucking both of the girls before going into the living room for an unforgettable threesome.

Noelle Easton in 'Naughty nattys'

Noelle Easton - Naughty nattys

Noellee and Jessica have equally enormous, natural and firm tits that were constantly slipping out of their swimsuits. Which was a good thing because we got a glimpse of their hard nipples before the big reveal. After the pleasantries, the girls sensually unleashed their mega melons, and they didn't disappoint. Noellee and Jessica slowly massaged, caressed and licked each others fun bags before inviting Chris to join in on the action. He immediately doused both of the girls with baby oil and titty fucked them. Soon after the ladies slobbed on his Schlong, Chris relentlessly stroked both their slits before he shot his load all over their pretty faces.

Jessica Roberts in 'Breast to chest'

Jessica Roberts - Breast to chest

Levi and the crew were waiting patiently for Jessica to get dressed, but after a few minutes, their imagination got the best of them. The silently approached the bathroom door and watched her through a small opening. They got a glimpse of her enormous boobs and then rushed inside to get a closer look. Jessica was startled but welcomed the guys with a boob slap to the face. She was wearing a white t-shirt, so naturally, Levi asked her to get into the shower and then sprayed her massive melons. Her hard nipples and perfect areolas were completely visible from underneath her wet-T. Watching Jessica bounce and shake her wet tits was a memorable sight, but Levi wasn't done. He took Jessica into the living room where he oiled up her bazumbas and stroked them with his cock. Levi also stroked her tight pussy in multiple positions but ultimately returned to titty-fucking her and blasted his load all over her mega boobs.

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Jessica Roberts in 'Rub Her Right, Then Pound Her'

Jessica Roberts - Rub Her Right, Then Pound Her

Jessica Roberts needs a good, relaxing massage. She knows an operator who has magic hands, and whenever she's spending some quality time at his massage spa for ladies only, she always takes advantage of the specials, such as Stiffy Saturday. Dressed in denim cut-offs and a tight, orange top with a front zipper, the same kind of outfit she probably distracts the Chicago White Sox with when they play home games at U.S. Cellular Field, Jessica heads over to his shop. Jessica says her most favorite thing in the world is a big, hard cock. She has come (and will cum) to the right place. Tony will be rubbing her in all the hot spots. He slowly undresses her, enjoying the sight and scent of her voluptuously curvy, soft body. Stretched out on his table, his hands explore Jessica's smooth skin. It's the fastest massage on record as he heads south to finger and tongue Jessica's moist pussy before feeding her the horn.

Jessica Roberts in 'Creampie For A Busty Sweater Girl'

Jessica Roberts - Creampie For A Busty Sweater Girl

Jessica Roberts makes the perfect sweater girl in this well-shot pictorial that matches her video scene. Her big, natural tits jut out like the headlights on a vintage Cadillac. Tony goes nuts looking at Jessica looking at herself. They stand in front of the mirror together and admire her chest in the sweater. It's too much to handle so he undresses Jessica and kneels to orally worship her big boobs. Jessica gets on the bed so he can suck on her nipples and lick her Chicago cookie-box. Jessica gets a grip on Tony's prick and sticks it between her mid-western hills. Who says the mid-west is flat? Of course, this is not true. Jessica proves it. In hot photos 36 and 37, Jessica blows Tony with her pussy and butthole to the camera.

Jessica Roberts in 'Curves and Cups'

Jessica Roberts - Curves and Cups

Guess who's making a rare double-debut in February '14 SCORE and Voluptuous magazines.. Jessica Roberts, to no great surprise, had bigger tits than her teachers in school. "In high school, all the boys loved me and all the girls hated me," Jessica remembered. "I was a good girl. I got good grades." We grade the Chicago brunette with an A and we don't mean A-cups. She is a man's woman. She shoots hoops and likes to party at sports bars and watch the game with the guys. When Jessica walks into a sports bar wearing shorts and a tank top, every head in the place spins to check out her stacked rack and bouncing big tits. "I love sports especially basketball," says Jessica who used to work at Under Armour before she got into big-boob modeling following a suggestion from a guy she knows. "I was born in Illinois and I still live there, so I'm a big Chicago Bulls fan.

Jessica Roberts in 'Big Natural G Size Tits'

Jessica Roberts - Big Natural G Size Tits

Tit fans everywhere stop what you're doing right this fucking second! Close every other window in your browser, turn off all the lights in your house and zero in on Jessica's HUGE tits! This girl tits are G's!!!! Yes you're eyes are not fooling you I said G's! They are HUGE and not only that, they sag perfectly legit and if you're a tit lover man get the roll of paper towels ready because I guarantee you will be fantasizing about these!

Jessica Roberts in 'Stacked Brunette's Hardcore Bust-Out'

Jessica Roberts - Stacked Brunette's Hardcore Bust-Out

It seemed like only yesterday that Jessica Roberts debuted as a "Campus Cop" ready to bust you up in her first SCORELAND video. Actually, it was almost yesterday, give or take a few days. Now big-boobed Jessica's a good-girl-next-door ready to turn bad girl with the big bone in no time at all. Ready to give her all and sexabrate in a hot and heavy-duty hook-up with SCORE regular JMac. This laid-back babe will really get laid-back. If only all the big-boobed girls from Chicago were this eager to sow the wild oats like she does. Jessica talked with SCORE's editor in the models' dressing room about her upcoming pipe-laying plans after having fucked in the photo set portion of this scene. (This brief chat is in the opener of the video.) A girl of few words and many laughs (she has a great sense of humor), Jessica just couldn't get the word "fuck" out of her mouth during their chat. "Sex" is the word she uses. She also uses her hands to describe cock size.

Jessica Roberts in 'Campus Cop'

Jessica Roberts - Campus Cop

Meet Jessica Roberts, New Discovery. That's Officer Jessica Roberts to you. This very arresting brunette originally from Chicago will bust you up! Jessica will club you senseless with her 43-inches of fun right here in her security office! 43 inches is certainly armed and dangerous in our playbook. What kind of special talents does Jessica have? We see many already. "I can lick my own nipples," Jessica says. That alone means a lot at SCORELAND. Is she a good cop or a bad cop? Is she assertive or passive? "I can be both. It depends on the guy I'm with and his personality." Either way, you can count on a good frisking. When she's not making suspects squeal and beg for mercy, Jessica likes watching comedies, working out, and arts and crafts. She loves posing for pictures anytime, anyplace.