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Milana Blanc in 'Sexy sucker'

Milana Blanc - Sexy sucker

I truly have to say there's nothing sexier than a blonde Russian. And this was especially the case with Milana Blanc. Milana was so fucking hot and innocent. She barely spoke english and could barely translate what we were saying. But she did know one thing and that was getting a bargain! So I guess Milana wasn't as innocent as she seemed. After agreeing to the special MikesApartment deal to stay for 4 days it was Milana's turn to pay us back. And what better way than a cock in her mouth.

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Milana Blanc in 'Toy Orgasm'

Milana Blanc - Toy Orgasm

19 year old Milana Blanc has never tried a Rabbit vibrator before, but today she's going to give it a go for your pleasure! Don't miss her sighs of joy as she presses the tip of the toy to her tight nipples before spreading her legs and experiencing all of the ecstasy the vibrator can provide.

Milana Blanc in 'Pool Side'

Milana Blanc - Pool Side

Juicy cutie Milana Blanc finds herself by the pool. The horny Russian knows that someone could come by at any moment, but that doesn't stop her from playing with her bouncing tits and rock hard nipples, or from pulling aside her thong so that she can work her creamy pussy to orgasmic bliss with the help of a small vibrator.

Milana Blanc in 'Picture Perfect'

Milana Blanc - Picture Perfect

Blonde babe Milana Blanc loves to take pictures of herself right before she masturbates. Even though she's outdoors at the moment, the potential for exhibitionism doesn't stop this tight teen from getting naked and feeling up her perky medium boobs and lush bald pussy until she is moaning with excitement.

Milana Blanc in 'Blonde Show Off'

Milana Blanc - Blonde Show Off

Teen dream Milana Blanc can't wait to let you enjoy her medium boobs and her smooth bald twat that is always dripping in anticipation of getting fucked. After flipping up her skirt to give her silky slit and exploratory touch, the horny coed gets naked ASAP for an enjoyable pussy fingering.

Milana Blanc in 'Skinny Dip'

Milana Blanc - Skinny Dip

Milana Blanc is in full seduction mode when she climbs out of the pool where she's been skinny dipping and struts over to Thomas Stone. She is totally in charge as she pulls out his dick for a moist blowjob, but she certainly doesn't protest when he turns the tables and buries his face in the sweet folds of her bald pussy. Thomas eventually replaces his mouth with his magic fingers, pushing two digits deep into Milana's creamy snatch before replacing them with his rock hard cock. The couple enjoys some languorous spooning sex before Milana climbs onto Thomas's lap and rides him like the stud he is!After giving Milana a doggy style pussy pounding to bring her over the edge one last time, Thomas frantically speeds up his strokes to reach the pinnacle of his own pleasure. When he's right on the edge he pulls out, aiming his fuck stick so that he covers Milana's ass in hot sticky cum.