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Natasha Malkova in 'Naughty natasha'

Natasha Malkova - Naughty natasha

Malena was giving Natasha a yoga lesson. They were looking very hot in those tiny short. They were in the middle of the session when Malena began undressing Natasha so they could stretch better. Soon after, they were making out and feeling up each others luscious bodies. They licked each others pussies and Malena finger fucked Natasha nicely. It was a great yoga session.

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Natasha Malkova in 'Cafe au Lait'

Natasha Malkova - Cafe au Lait

Join Natasha Malkova for a sultry afternoon luxuriating in bed. She's cleared her schedule completely, so she has all the time in the world to have a little solo fun doing whatever she wants. Don't be shy admiring the thick curves of Natasha's plump butt as she rolls onto her stomach, and the sweet lips of her pussy as she slides a finger between them to fondle her clit.

Mandy Sky in 'Move Your Body'

Mandy Sky - Move Your Body

Natasha Malkova received a visit from a special friend who knows her every intimate desire inside and out. She laid out a blanket by the pool so when Mandy Sky arrived, they could have sex right there on the deck. Natasha started by kissing and licking Mandy's neck, then they quickly collapsed into a pile of throbbing, erotic energy. Sneak a peek at the unbridled sensuality between these two curvaceous starlets, and let their lesbian pussy-licking, finger-banging, and 69-ing seduce you with sheer eroticism.

Natasha Malkova in 'Cleaning Day'

Natasha Malkova - Cleaning Day

Petite teen Natasha Malkova, woke up this morning in the mood for some tunes and cleaning. The kitchen was almost perfect except for a couple of dishes to go into the dishwasher. She grabs the feather duster and gets to work on the rest of the house, dancing whole time to one of her favorite songs.Cleaning and dancing go so well together that they make Natasha's panties vibrate with excitement. What should appear while she's arranging the couch but her trusty pink dildo! After making sure she's all alone she gets to work on the third thing on her to do list, a little self exploration! What teen doesn't pray for a couple minutes a day to run her fingers along her soft perky breasts, and down her nice flat tummy to her favorite pleasure zones.Natasha day dreams of a real cock in her mouth while she licks her trusty toy, getting it nice and slick to enter her tight shaved pussy. Natasha gets better at hitting the right spots deep within herself with every session she gets to be alone with her little pink dick. Just when she thought the pleasure couldn't get any better, she finds the perfect position that allows her to hit her favorite spot, releasing wave after wave of what seem like electrical orgasms. After she finishes with her innocent little exploration she makes sure clean up after herself, putting her trusty pink dildo back in it's hiding spot.

Natasha Malkova in 'A Little Deeper'

Natasha Malkova - A Little Deeper

Smokey Clarinets, Louisiana jazz, black stripes, china doll skin contrasted against charcoal leather and a throaty honey blonde babe, getting her nipples tongued and her cleft savored. What's not to love This scene has it all a 60s retro feel, oral play and cum sparkled breasts. Nicely lit and edited too. A very tasteful piece of Babes B'G erotica

Natasha Malkova in 'Polka Dots'

Natasha Malkova - Polka Dots

Sweet, full lipped, auburn haired Natasha has a classic apple bottom and pale rose nipples that look deliciously sensuous.

Mandy Sky in 'Sensual Tandem'

Mandy Sky - Sensual Tandem

Wild, wet, hot, and steamy. These are just a few words that can be used to describe this first time pairing between Mandy and Natasha.

Natasha Malkova in 'Just The Tip'

Natasha Malkova - Just The Tip

Natasha and her lover share an intimate moment of deliberate and intense passion away from the bedroom.

Natasha Malkova in 'One Rainy Day'

Natasha Malkova - One Rainy Day

Rainy days, they don't often come when we want them to, such is the case for Natasha Malkova. After pouring herself a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning, she peeks outside, only to be met with grey clouds and a spring rain shower. Determined to make the best of it, Natasha curls up with her favorite romance novel and begins to read. Soon though, the heated tale has her unconsciously stroking her breasts, wishing the main character was doing it to her. Soft brown nipples peak out from behind her nightie as she caresses her breast. Soon though, her fingers travel lower, down to her little lace panties. She's not surprised to find them already soaked through with her sweet womanly dew. Drawing them aside she slowly runs a finger up and down her wet little slit. Her teen pussy aching with the same desire the characters have in their book. Natasha can't stand it any more, she slides her panties off and begins toying with her aching clit and her sweet little hole. Between the book and her eager fingers, she soon cums, her quivering pink pussy lips matching her full luscious ones on her face as she moans in pleasure. Mmm, fantasy worlds can sure beat the real one on a rainy day. A bit of erotica for Natasha goes a long way to beat the grey.

Cassie Laine in 'Surprise Encounter Pt 2'

Cassie Laine - Surprise Encounter Pt 2

When brunette babe Cassie Laine rose for the morning and pleasured herself in the shower, she had no idea that her lover Natasha Malkova was awake and horny, too! Natasha joins Cassie in the bathroom just as her lover turns off the water, and quickly invites herself into the wet shower stall.Cassie and Natasha exchange lingering, passionate kisses as Cassie presses her woman against the wall and cups her hand against the heat of her woman's shaved mound. When she feels that Natasha is wet and eager, Cassie drops to her knees. She plants a sweet kiss on her woman's tender flesh before running her tongue through her woman's juicy slit and then settling into an erotic suckling rhythm. Enjoying the pleasurable assault, Natasha leans back against the shower and whimpers her approval. As Cassie's licks grow more insistent, Natasha gradually shifts so that she is sitting on the bench that Cassie has so recently masturbated on.As she massages her lover's sensitive clit with her fingers and tongue, Cassie is inspired to send her woman over the edge in the same way that she made herself cum. She snags the showerhead and turns it on to the pulsing setting that she enjoyed. After making sure the water is warm, she directs the spray at Natasha's tender flesh. Within seconds, Natasha has plunged over the edge into incredible pleasure.The lovers kiss as the shower sprays on and wets Natasha down. Gradually, Natasha uses her talented tongue and gentle touches to seduce her lover until Cassie is once again horny and eager for another climax.Kneeling on the bench with her ass in the air, Cassie gasps as Natasha directs the spray at her sensitive slit. Alternating between the pulsing spray and her gentle tongue, Natasha quickly brings her woman to her second orgasm of the morning.

Natasha Malkova in 'and Alan Stafford in My Sisters Hot Friend'

Natasha Malkova - My Sisters Hot Friend

Natasha Malkova visits her girlfriend at her house only to find her friend out running errands and her brother Alan bandaging himself. She learns he was trying to do tricks on his bike and ended up getting injured instead. Despite his tomfoolery, the sexy brunette is impressed by her friend's brother ... so much that she decides she wants to ride him and his hard cock!

Natasha Malkova in 'Hardcore'

Natasha Malkova - Hardcore

Natasha Malkova is a California girl who is totally into making out with other girls. This brunette beauty is lucky enough to pair up with a female lover who can't keep her hands or her mouth off of Natasha, and the results are hot as hell! Watch as Natasha's woman licks and massages her lover everywhere before taking a vibrator to her wet needy pussy. The girls finish things off by indulging in some hot 69 action.