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Tegan in 'Touching tegan'

Tegan - Touching tegan

Last week while at the shop, I got a call from a girl named Tegan that needed help getting her car started. I was in for a surprise when I got there and saw how hot she was. The car was dead, and I had to get it back to the shop to repair. That wasn't going to work for her though since she needed the car asap, so I propositioned her to hook me up, so I could hook her up. Turned out to be perfect since Tegan was down for some action and right in front of her house. She led me right up to her room, took her clothes off, and got right work on me. This blond hottie had some serious deep-throating skills, as she jammed my cock down her mouth. Then Tegan had her sweet pussy pounded and was moaning the whole time in ecstasy. I left her a nice hot load all over her face and she loved it, super hot!

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Tegan in 'Shit! Not Again!'

Tegan - Shit! Not Again!

Ryan's gotten ANOTHER girl pregnant! Blame Kelly for making Ryan cum in the girls pussy the last time they fucked. Tegan's one hot milf with juicy tits that will make your dick rock hard and want to jam every piece of your shaft into her deep pussy, and that's exactly what Ryan did while Kelly made her eat her pussy. With these tw...