Reality Kings 'Friends with benefits' starring Abby Cross (Photo 105)

Abby Cross,Charlotte Stokely in 'Reality Kings' - Friends with benefits (We Live Together)

Abby Cross was getting ready for lingerie night when Charlotte Stokely got there and had a new sexier outfit for her to try on. They got changed into their sexy see through outfits and it was not long until they were kissing and licking each others pussies. They sat on each others faces and it was a another great day.

Released : December 24th, 2015
Tags : 1on1, Asslick, Blonde, Brunette, Lesbian, Lingerie, Pussy-licking, Shaved, Skinny, Tanlines, Trimmed, White

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Abby Cross in 'Kissing cross'

Abby Cross - Kissing cross

Abby Cross came from Austin Texas to be on First Time Auditions. She had fucked the whole basketball team in high school and she likes average dick sizes of 8 - 9 inches. She told us a lot more about her sexual preferences but once she started to talk about the re-chargeable magic vibrator she couldn't help and started masturbating. Slowly her long golden fingernails slid down her tight pussy. Would a male performer join her? You always get what you wish for. Bruce Venture walked into frame and pulled down his pants. First he licked her pussy and examined it with his fingers. Abby had a really deep throat as she managed to swallow all of Bruce's manhood. Then she hopped on and was riding him wildly in both directions. Quick blowjob before the doggy style. Another blowjob before the missionary. And finally a very long blowjob until he couldn't hold it and came in her mouth.

Ruby Sparx in 'Rubbing ruby'

Ruby Sparx - Rubbing ruby

We have two hot California beach cuties for you this week. Ruby and Charlotte started the day at the beach then went home to hang out after some sun bathing. Charlotte was all over Ruby and kept touching her. Ruby was shy since she had never been with a girl but she soon got into it. These two hotties went to town on each other. Ruby picked up how to eat pussy real quick and had Charlotte moaning louder every moment. Dont miss out , this one is hot!!!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sweet cherie'

Charlotte Stokely - Sweet cherie

Cherie Deville was excited about her husband coming back from his trip, but he called and told her he was not coming for another day. She got some new lingerie for her husband, but Cherie decided to wear it for her step daughter, Charlotte Stokely. Cherie changed into the lingerie and displayed the outfit to Charlotte. A short time later, they were kissing and undressing each other. They licked each others pussies and did some hot tribbing together. It was another great day of living together.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Pussy care'

Charlotte Stokely - Pussy care

Charlotte Stokely and Kenna had a workout session together and they immediately realized how it was simultaneously a great AND horrible idea. Great idea because they just ended up taking off all their workout clothes and licked each other down. Horrible idea because they really didn't get much exercise out of it. They definitely burned some calories when they heated things up but they were basically a huge distraction for each other. Something tells me they will definitely workout together again and they'll probably make a habit of it.

Zoey Monroe in 'Something delicious'

Zoey Monroe - Something delicious

Charlotte and Zoey got together to get their workout on. They start with some stretches that show off how flexible they are, as well as their sexy curves from beneath their tight skimpy outfits. The stretches get their engines running and these two beautiful blonde babes are ready to get their sweat on. After some basic exercises they both are finding it hard to concentrate as both their bodies contort and extent to accent their tits, ass, and pussies. They start the cool down stretch and things get a little more intimate as Zoey begins to suck on Charlotte's toes. The layers get peeled away and two plump juicy asses come to light. Then they take turns chowing down on each other dripping wet pussies while nibbling on each others nipples. A few times back and forth and some 69 leaves these girls spent and they fall back in each others arms.

Abigail Mac in 'Bare ladies'

Abigail Mac - Bare ladies

Abby was staying over at Abigail's place while getting over some guy she'd been seeing. Abigail was taking a bath and got to thinking about Abby being so hot and cute. She started touching herself and soon went in all the way and started finger blasting her wet pussy. She came out after and saw Abby hanging around looking bummed, so they started talking. Abby told her she was not being satisfied by her man, then Abigail confessed to her that she was just masturbating to her. This got her turned on, and they both got into a make out session. This soon turned into some full-blown pussy eating once the clothes started slipping off. These two where not shy about driving their tongues down each others tight assholes. You don't want to miss a moment of this hot girl on girl action, this one's a classic!

Abby Cross in 'Clit click'

Abby Cross - Clit click

The girls were celebrating Christmas and unwrapping their presents. They got each other sexy lingerie, and it wasn't long until they thanked each other for their gifts with some kisses. Being true to the gracious holidays, they girls gave each others their bodies wholly as gifts. In no time, they were licking each others pussies and assholes. It was a fun filled celebration like no other on We Live Together. Even though they were naughty, they had a really Merry Christmas!

Aurielee Summers in 'Stoked summer'

Aurielee Summers - Stoked summer

Malena is taking half-naked pictures of Aurielee, a sexy brunette, with a nice plump ass, and two juicy tits. While she poses in sexy positions Charlotte, a thin, pretty, and ambitious blond, comes by and jumps into the photo shoot. As the girls undress things start to get hot. Charlotte starts to take Malenas pants off and tells her to take a picture of her eating her pussy. Malena isnt going to argue with this and next thing we know all three girls are on the floor caressing each other. As things progress and the juices start flowing Malena moves this party to the bed where they can further explore. The girls move their tongues and fingers across each others bodies bringing as much pleasure as possible. After it is evident that each girl has cum correctly the trio lay back in the bed, still in each others arms.

Abby Cross in 'Lessons in love'

Abby Cross - Lessons in love

With the Father gone on business for a couple of days, the step mommy could finally get to play with her step son. She was so excited after all the times she caught him spying on her, she could show him everything with out any chance of the husband finding out. She was ironing some stuff and looking irresistible when Xander came in to tell her about his day. When she found out about his interviews and new her chance of getting him naked was right then. She undressed him while saying that his clothes needed to be ironed. She started jerking him off and kissing him before he could get passed the initial shock of being naked in front of her. One thing lead to another and Xander was fucking her doggie style. That is when Abby came in because he totally forgot she was coming over. Step Mom Foxx took control and calmed her down. Abby was intrigued as much as she was upset. Xander got a 3 some most of us dream about. He fucked them both as they tongue teased each other. They bent over together and he took turns filling them up from behind. After some good old fucking they both got on their knees to finish him off the best way a girl can.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Tone and moan'

Charlotte Stokely - Tone and moan

Charllotte and Malena have access to an empty gym to workout. They decide to workout in their underwear to stay more comfortable. This is quite the treat to any onlooker, being that both girls have tight, petite bodies along with nice curves. They start on the treadmill where we get to see gorgeous asses bounce as they walk. As they are squatting Malena spots Charllotte extra close and suggests she do some squats without her underwear. Being the fun loving blond she is Charllotte goes with it. Malena spots her by the ass this time and it drives Charllotte wild. They then start kissing and before long Malena goes down on Charlotte. Then Malena gets on a piece of exercise equipment to give Charllotte easy access to her pussy. But it doesnt stop here. Malena gives Charllotte a little more by eating her ass next. Both girls get quite the workout having had their tongues and pussies well exercised.

Abby Cross in 'Getting it good'

Abby Cross - Getting it good

Abby is home alone and horny. Her boyfriend Chris happens to stop over. He isnt sure about them messing around in her room, having never done so before. She proudly announces that she is 18 and can do whatever she wants. One thing she wants in particular is to be fucked by Chris. She sticks her ass in his face giving him no more time for questions or hesitation. Chris has no choice but to give Abby what she wants. He eats her tasty, teen pussy and ass, getting her nice and wet. Then she chokes on his dick as she covers it in saliva. Chris cant wait to fuck her tight, little pussy. This fuck session puts both of them in a state of awe. Abby asks to have her face covered in his cum and Chris gladly complies.

Scenes from other sites featuring Abby Cross,Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely in 'I Use Full Balls To Redefine Abnormal'

Charlotte Stokely - I Use Full Balls To Redefine Abnormal

You'll never actually feel normal unless you've been edging, that's the real you and those are completely normal feelings. <br><br> At this point I don't even think you deserve to cum. Are you fucking your hand or a plastic toy? <br><br> Losers live different lives than others and that's why I'm here. I'm here to show you how to live the life of a loser the right way. <br><br> You'll finally feel like your exactly where you need to be and its all because of me. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Orgasm Control, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Ass Fetish, Latex Fetish, Blue Balls Fetish, Edging Fetish, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Femdom.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Load Up The Cart Fetish'

Charlotte Stokely - Load Up The Cart Fetish

I know you and your hard dick have edged so much and you're needing a new fetish... a new spin on things... a new edging game... <br><br> I want you to moan about how I'm the one fucking you up like this and giving you a new fetish, maybe even moan “I don't have enough money to pay for all these” and right before you're about to cum I want you to pull your hands away... <br><br> It would be a shame if I made you click complete purchase just as you were about to cum and make you pull your hands away huh? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Orgasm Control, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Ass Fetish, Pantyhose Fetish, Loser Porn, Edging Fetish, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Addiction Fee Fuck Over'

Charlotte Stokely - Addiction Fee Fuck Over

You're addicted to loser porn and that's why you're paying an addiction fee… I came up with it specifically for people like you. <br><br> At this point I might as well just run you dry… These fees are gonna add up. I think you're better off just sending me all your cash now. <br><br> I bet being an ass licker turns you on even more than being addicted to porn. <br><br> Maybe if you send me a tribute thanking me for making you addicted I will consider letting you have an orgasm. You can start by saying how grateful you are to have found someone like me.. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Fishnets, Orgasm Control, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Ass Fetish, Twerking, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Femdom, Human Wallet, Human ATM.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Oops Did I Make Ur Dick Lust Worse'

Charlotte Stokely - Oops Did I Make Ur Dick Lust Worse

My my my, is that gay porn? Well, I didn't know you liked to jerk off to big fat veiny dicks in your face. What on earth am I gonna do with you??? <br><br> Would you consider yourself more of a ball licker or a dick licker??? Never mind... I'm sure it's just a phase. <br><br> I found this in your room... Are you sure you wouldn't really just prefer watching a me suck it??? Here watch... <br><br> Now tell me, do my pretty legs make u wanna drop to your knees suck a dick? <br><br> Does a hot ass like this make you feel straight or does it make you wanna obey some demands to go balls deep in on mans dick? <br><br> I mean, it'd be a shame if this little intervention made you even more gay... and addicted jerking off to even more gay porn, huh? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Make Me Bi, Taboo, Ass Fetish Leg Fetish, Masturbation Humiliation, Gay Humiliation, Dildo Sucking, Female Masturbation.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Foot Gagging Perv'

Charlotte Stokely - Foot Gagging Perv

My videos have turned you into a foot gagging perv and there's no going back now haha... <br><br> Since you clearly enjoy gagging yourself while you fuck your hand you're gonna have to send me an email thanking me... <br><br> I want everyone to know that I'm the person who broke down your little brain until you are nothing but a foot perv... <br><br> Go on perv, start writing that email to me telling me how dedicated you are hahah... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Gagging, Foot Fetish, Foot Humiliation, Foot Slave Training, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Female Domination, Femdom.

Charlotte Stokely in 'No Escape Contract'

Charlotte Stokely - No Escape Contract

You constantly watch my videos and think about what it would be like to be my slave and now you finally get the chance so don't fuck it up alright? <br><br> Ill have you strip your clothes and sit naked on the floor so I can step on your balls haha… <br><br> Ill repeat that over and over until your brain connects your balls being stepped on with pleasure haha… <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Ball Stomping, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Latex Fetish, Submissive, Slave Training, Female Domination, Femdom, Female Supremacy, Beatdowns, Fishnet Fetish, Loser Porn

Charlotte Stokely in 'Label Your Cum Tissues'

Charlotte Stokely - Label Your Cum Tissues

Its pretty pathetic that you come here as often as you do. You come to rub your dick over and over again until you cum all over yourself like a teenage boy! <br><br> You're the literal definition of a loser! <br><br> It takes a real pervert to stroke to pretty girls online instead of getting REAL pussy like a REAL man… <br><br> Now show me how a perverted loser cums! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Masturbation, Masturbation Humiliation, Female Domination, Femdom, Brat Girls, Rejection, Sexual Rejection, Orgasm Control

Charlotte Stokely in 'Lets Talk About Your Destruction'

Charlotte Stokely - Lets Talk About Your Destruction

Everyone knows that Goddesses like me are superior… <br><br> It's like a game of cat and mouse, I'm the big bad cat and your the teeny little mouse who tries not to get squeezed under my feet haha… <br><br> I'm sure all my internet followers would love to watch me beat you up... <br><br> I'm sure all my internet followers would love to watch me beat you up <br><br> Well lets not waste any time… get on your knees pussy! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Latex Fetish, Latex boots, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom, Female Supremacy, Beatdowns, Shoe &amp; Boots Worship, Wimp Humiliation, Loser Porn

Charlotte Stokely in 'Card Holding Is the New Keyholding'

Charlotte Stokely - Card Holding Is the New Keyholding

When I have your chastity keys I have some fun dangling them in front of your fuckin face and ask u stuff like “how stupid are u willing to be for me right now” <br><br> Instead of me taking the time to FaceTime you and dangle the keys... you can just check my instagram and see how much fun I'm having without you. <br><br> You could be the forgotten locked up reject that only exists to pay for my stuff... <br><br> Now thank me for fucking you over like this and get busy on getting me that card! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Human Wallet, Human ATM, Used, Chastity, Female Domination, Femdom, Findom, Humiliation, Rejection, Submissive, Slave Training

Charlotte Stokely in 'Pink Ribbon For Your Cock'

Charlotte Stokely - Pink Ribbon For Your Cock

What's a pink ribbon boy? Well you see some guys like you crave to let go of their manhood and let a goddess like me take over... <br><br> I own your dick and that is why you'll never take off that ribbon. <br><br> If I feel like you deserve it I'll get you new ribbons and maybe some bows. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Sissy Training, Sissy Slut, Feminization, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Submissive, Slave Training, Female Domination, Femdom, Female Supremacy, Loser Porn.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sent To Queer Camp'

Charlotte Stokely - Sent To Queer Camp

Shush young man... don't you sass me... your filthy rich step-dad married me and that makes me your new stepmom... <br><br> I'm sending you to gay camp... you're gonna be indoctrinated into being a total fuckin flamer! Hahahaha <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Make Me Bi, Step-Mom Fetish, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Gay Humiliation, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom, Cum Eating Instruction, CEI, Foot Fetish, Rejection

Charlotte Stokely in 'Seeing Dicks Everywhere'

Charlotte Stokely - Seeing Dicks Everywhere

So you think you have a fetish for long sexy legs? Do you like touching yourself while looking at sexy legs? <br><br> Just relax and let your mind go blank while you answer these sexy questions, ok darling? <br><br> Listen to video for more.... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Make Me Bi, Legs Fetish, Pantyhose/Stockings, Female Domination, Femdom, Submissive, Slave Training, Gooner, Gooning.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sissy Cuck Project'

Charlotte Stokely - Sissy Cuck Project

Yea so, now that you've agreed to be my sissy project in order to hang around me... oh and that includes acting like you enjoy domination from guys, sweetie. Your gonna have to be totally obedient. <br><br> Now get your tiny dick out and show me how grateful you are to serve me and my man. <br><br> Now we all know what you really want... I'm showing this to fuckin everyone... so that everyone knows what I fuckin did to you! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckold, Sissy Training, House Bitch, House Cleaning, Ass Fetish, Leotard Fetish, Loser Symbol, Humiliation, Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Toilet Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Special Relationship Video 3'

Charlotte Stokely - Special Relationship Video 3

Go on... stroke it... wank and get stupid for me...I'm so glad we're in this relationship together... Only I understand how special you are... how stupid your blue balls make you... <br><br> It's super important that our relationship keeps growing and making you more stupid for me so before you're allowed to cum I want you to keep your stupid dick nice and hard and send me anther $200 right now... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Garter &amp; Stockings, Submissive, Slave Training, Masturbation Encouragement, Financial Domination, Findom, Wanker, Humiliation, Human Wallet, Gooning, Gooner.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Moan And Squeal'

Charlotte Stokely - Moan And Squeal

All you're life you've been denied the pleasure of moaning like a girl. <br><br> I'm gonna free you from that prison and you'll be rolling your eyes and moving your hips as you stroke and stare and stroke your way to a whole new world. <br><br> Thrust and squeal Moan as u lick your lips Stroke and thrust... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Workout Clothes, Sissy Training, Masturbation Encouragement, Pantyhose/Stockings, Masturbation Instruction, Humiliation, Sissy, Ass Fetish, CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, Gooning, Gooner.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Ill Be The Center Of Your Blue Balled Life'

Charlotte Stokely - Ill Be The Center Of Your Blue Balled Life

It's your biggest dream to be totally enslaved... owned... used and laughed at... <br><br> Not only do you wanna be enslaved and edge all alone to my videos... but you might add a second component to the idea of being owned where I spend my time talking to you, laughing at you and basically knowing u exist. <br><br> You'll come home after working for me all day... you'll get the cheapest frozen dinner or combo meal and edge till you pass out... and repeat! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Female Domination, Findom, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Submissive, Slave Training, Humiliation, Edging Games, Orgasm Denial, Financial Domination, Findom, Goddess Worship, Loser Porn, Leg Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Cross Leg Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Drop And Stroke As I Walk In'

Charlotte Stokely - Drop And Stroke As I Walk In

I love your goon face... you just dropped your pants and started stroking as soon as you saw me! I swear, it's such a compliment when guys get their dicks hard for me... <br><br> Do me a favor... can you blow your load all over my stockings when your ready cuz I'd really like to show my friends how excited you were to stroke for me... <br><br> I'm putting you in the corner either way... my friends will get a kick outta the look on your face when you watch someone else paint my stockings with loads and loads of cum, haha <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Submissive, Slave Training, Humiliation. Public Humiliation, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Pantyhose/Stockings, Financial Domination, Findom, Human Wallet, Brat Girls.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cruel Bride 5'

Charlotte Stokely - Cruel Bride 5

You said you wanted to discuss it... let's discuss it.. I don't remember giving you permission to talk... take your pants down! <br><br> You act like talking to me like “a big boy” wasn't gonna get your food cut in half... that's not gonna help with your hunger, now is it? <br><br> I'm clearly gonna have to give you the beating of a lifetime. Go on... stroke... stroke and prove to me that you're grateful for the time I'm taking to permanently remove the part of yourself that you hate. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, Female Domination, Femdom, Findom, Beatdowns, Submissive, Slave Training, Whipping, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Slave Tasks, Brat Girls, Mean Wife.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cheerleading Cuck'

Charlotte Stokely - Cheerleading Cuck

Ya know that cheerleader fantasy you told me about... I'd like to do a twist on it. <br><br> I never actually said who's gonna be doing the cheering, haha <br><br> Oh, did you get thrown off by seeing me in this cute little cheer outfit? <br><br> Yea see... this in MY fantasy... and what I'd really like to see is for YOU to be a cheerleader for my ex. He'll be here in a little bit to fuck my brains out while you watch... actually while you stroke and WHILE YOU CHEER! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckolding, Pantyhose, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Masturbation Humiliation, Sexual Rejection.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Where This Relationship Is Going'

Charlotte Stokely - Where This Relationship Is Going

Based on your open computer I'd say the videos I found on there have a lot to say about our relationship... <br><br> I mean these videos really focused on every hole being filled by strong dominant men that just loved using their bitches as fuck toys... <br><br> Since you like that kinda relationship so much... I think it's about time we make this happen for you, haha <br><br> You need so squeal with delight as you lick their manly balls and... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckolding, Make Me Bi, Gay Humiliation, Encouraged Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Pantyhose

Charlotte Stokely in 'Competition For Face Sitting Losers'

Charlotte Stokely - Competition For Face Sitting Losers

Hey loser, today is your lucky day. You've been chosen to take part in the Face sitting loser competition. You look like the type who likes to get his face shoved into a pantyhose covered ass.  <br><br> You're clearly very pathetic, deprived of any sexual interaction and you crave being humiliated so that makes you the PERFECT candidate for the competition. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Ass Fetish, Humiliation, Loser Porn, Public Humiliation, Ass Worship, Pantyhose, Stockings

Charlotte Stokely in 'Weakening You On The Edge 2'

Charlotte Stokely - Weakening You On The Edge 2

You can't get off without my humiliation, so you might as well accept it and embrace what a pathetic little loser you are. I want you to watch my lips as I call you a loser. <br><br> Keep stroking that cock slave. But don't you dare think about cumming. This is not a chance for you to blow your loser load, slave. This is a mind-fucking session where you stroke your cock to me calling you a loser. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Edging Games, Lip Gloss, Lipstick Fetish, Mesmerize, Special Effects, Music, Echo, Masturbation Humiliation Encouragement, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Humiliation, Orgasm Denial, Tease And Denial, Goddess Worship, Beta Male Training, Small Tits.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Weakening You On The Edge 1'

Charlotte Stokely - Weakening You On The Edge 1

All day, I want you to constantly be reminded of me and how much I own you. Your swollen, full, aching balls will be a constant reminder of how I own that pathetic, loser cock of yours. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Edging Games, Mesmerize, Special Effects, Music, Echo, Masturbation Encouragement, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Humiliation, Orgasm Denial, Tease And Denial, Goddess Worship, Beta Male Training.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cuck Sitter Face Sitting Humiliation'

Charlotte Stokely - Cuck Sitter Face Sitting Humiliation

Hey cuck, its been a minute since your wife has ordered me over to take care of ya but I've heard she has a VERY important date tonight. But don't worry, I'm just here to make sure you're being a very good cuck. <br><br> I also promised to make this super humiliating for you. I'm gonna make you the loser who fights for air LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckold, Humiliation, Ass Fetish, Latex Leggings, Rejection, Sexual Rejection, Human Furniture, Latex Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Stroke And Spend At The Strip Club'

Charlotte Stokely - Stroke And Spend At The Strip Club

Maybe I should explain the rules, you're allowed to take your pants off and uh, you're definitely allowed to jerk off while I talk dirty to you. <br><br> I spotted you as you came in and called dibs on you. You look like the type that I could drain every dollar from. <br><br> I'm gonna use you to put on a little stroking lesson show on stage later. <br><br> I'm gonna have the cashier girls come on stage with the credit card machine and they are gonna empty your pockets while the other dancers all cheer! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Masturbation Instruction Encouragement, Lingerie, Stripper Heels, Humiliation.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Special Relationship Video 2'

Charlotte Stokely - Special Relationship Video 2

Awe, there's my special boy... I'm so glad your back for more stroking and more devotion. <br><br> Some people might say I'm just encouraging you to stay at home and jerk off to me just to drain you and destroy you... but you can just say “I'm in a special relationship “. <br><br> Special relationship videos are the only way to have your best orgasms from now on. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Pantyhose, Legs, JOI, Edging, Jerk Off Instruction.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Special Relationship Video 1'

Charlotte Stokely - Special Relationship Video 1

A series of new videos for ya that really recognizes the fact that you wanna dedicate yourself to me. <br><br> Our first topic is: “Why it's important that you only orgasm to my videos “ <br><br> No matter what else on the internet turns you on... you'll always switch over to me when it's time to cum... because we have suck a special relationship. <br><br> It's quite an intimate relationship we have here... and I know scary it can be to lose it... that's why you'll keep buying all the videos in this series... cuz you'll be scared that if you skip one, I might permanently ignore you. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Human ATM, FLR, Female Led Relationship, Masturbation Encouragement, Pantyhose, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Edging Games, Upskirt, Velvet.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Virgin Beta Denied And Dehumanized'

Charlotte Stokely - Virgin Beta Denied And Dehumanized

You did it again didn't you? You some how got it in your head that you're a man?…. Like a real alpha man. Well I guess that means we'll just have to go through your dehumanization process again. <br><br> Just strip naked and with your boner sticking straight out. Ya I know it's embarrassing…. It's gotta be fucking humiliating, that's the only way.  <br><br> Only worthless subhuman trash are okay with being so vulnerable…. How else will I use you as my foot stool? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Beta Male Training, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Female Domination, Femdom, Submissive/ Slave Training, Gooning, Gooner, Masturbation Encouragement, Rejection.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Owned On The First Date'

Charlotte Stokely - Owned On The First Date

I just really wanted to thank you for dating me and putting up with a relationship held together by mostly humiliation, rejection and your bank account. <br><br> Just know that even though you're ugly and you're never allowed to touch me, I'll always stick with you no matter how depressed you get, ok sweetie? <br><br> Oh and I want you to know that I'm totally OK with you satisfying your physical urges to fuck your hand while your all alone. <br><br> I think most of our dates would satisfy you way more if they were imaginary... I mean, completely imaginary... like you could be jerking your cock while watching a video of me and sending me cash. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Rejection, Ignore Fetish, Beta Male, Masturbation Encouragement, Lollipop, Weight Humiliation.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Evolution Made You A Foot Loser'

Charlotte Stokely - Evolution Made You A Foot Loser

The world created you from its leftover scraps… and you're lucky you at least got that! Which is why its time you give me all you have. <br><br> I guess your loser dick has finally started to point you in the right direction. Lay it all at my feet. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Edging Games, Financial Domination, Findom, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Humiliation.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Double Draining Dream Come True'

Charlotte Stokely - Double Draining Dream Come True

Isn't this what you always dreamed about? A relationship that will last forever with a beautiful girl that's way outta your league?  <br><br> We both want the same thing… you send me a crippling amount of money every week and I'll rub it in your pathetic face! We can consider it sex….The best sex of your loser life! A draining for all you got…. Mmhmm and you can start by whipping out your boner... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Leg Fetish, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Stockings, Pantyhose, Latex Dress.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cuck Edging Secrets'

Charlotte Stokely - Cuck Edging Secrets

All that begging and pleading… “please sir, may I be let outta my cage”… “I've been such a good little cuck” for nothing. You shoulda known he was gonna use your uncaged boner against you. I bet you feel pretty stupid, huh? <br><br> He made you edge and edge and blurt out every weakness you have and now look at you! You never got to empty your pathetic load and now your locked back up AND your wearing that ridiculous outfit! LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckold, Humiliation, Beta Male, Chastity, Loser Porn, Foot Fetish, Orgasm Denial, Crossdressing, Made To Crossdress, Alpha Male, Beta Humiliation, Slave Tasks, Latex, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cuck Condom Chewer'

Charlotte Stokely - Cuck Condom Chewer

What'd you think? Did you enjoy that my little cucky? What did you think about my date, hot guy right? Did you like him? <br><br> Why don't you just go clean up the cummy condoms we left for you on the floor. <br><br> I'll make sure to give you a long list of chores to do this week too. How you feelin, broken yet? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckolding, CEI, Cum Eating Instructions, Shiny Fetish, Latex Leggings, Humiliation, Make Me Bi.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cash Is The Cure'

Charlotte Stokely - Cash Is The Cure

I've come up with a break thru that's just perfect for you... but the first thing is you gotta reach the acceptance stage... you gotta accept that no one wants you and you're better off alone masturbating to unattainable cold hearted women. <br><br> You've spun around and around on the hamster wheel of life and I'm showing you the cure! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Masturbation Encouragement, Findom, JOI, Legs, Pantyhose Stockings, Rejection, Beta Male, Humiliation, Gooner, Gooning, Office Domination.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Broke And Broken By My Foot Video'

Charlotte Stokely - Broke And Broken By My Foot Video

You should honestly be thanking me for screwing you up.... if it weren't for this video and my pantyhose'd feet you'd never be able to reach this amount of ecstasy... you'd be stuck stroking for hours.... edging.... and your balls begging to get a release. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Fetish, Pantyhose Stockings, Findom, Financial Domination, JOI, Jerk Of Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, Goddess Worship.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Tiny Foot Cuck'

Charlotte Stokely - Tiny Foot Cuck

I heard you are a little shoe sniffer? Is that true? <br><br> I just got done getting fucked! by a real man... not a little wimp like you! <br><br> I can see how hard your dick is getting... if you can even call that a dick... hahaha! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Submissive/Slave Training, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Female Domination, Femdom, Foot Slave Training, Smelling Feet, Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Cuckolding, Foot Fetish, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Pantyhose Fetish, Latex Fetish, Footjob.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Thats An Order'

Charlotte Stokely - Thats An Order

Look who it is… Another basic beta boy… sucks to be you I suppose. At least you have me! <br><br> I know all about the naughty things you do… sniffing any pair of dirty underwear you can find… <br><br> Its time you actually start taking orders from a real person... Lets ruin your life so I can make more money hahaha. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Submissive/Slave Training, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Female Domination, Femdom, Latex Fetish, Beta Bitch Boy, Beta Humiliation, Orgasm Control, Instructions, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Toilet Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Lottery Loser'

Charlotte Stokely - Lottery Loser

I know I haven't made any effort to see your or talk to you really besides those few times you paid me too meet you in a hotel. <br><br> Not gonna lie that was pretty fun but other than that I got really bored of you so I didn't see any reason to contact you. <br><br> Since you're gonna be able to afford having me humiliate you everyday now I might as well move in... <br><br> Since you're obviously fuckin gay you should have no problem going to bed in lingerie every night right? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Submissive/Slave Training, Lingerie, Female Domination, Femdom, Masturbation Encouragement, Financial Domination, Findom, Wimp Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Leg Fetish, Encouraged Crossdressing, Make Me Bi, Pantyhose Fetish, Beta Humiliation.

Charlotte Stokely in 'It Turns Me On When He Beats You'

Charlotte Stokely - It Turns Me On When He Beats You

You did a good job… a real good job… you did everything he said! You took that brutal beating from him… my pussy's so wet just thinking about it. <br><br> He's coming back now sweetie… are you gonna be a good boy for me? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Submissive/Slave Training, Cuck, Bully, Wimp Humiliation, Beatdowns, Female Domination, Femdom, Masturbation Encouragement, POV, Brat Girls, Female Supremacy, Sissy.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Fear And Pleasure'

Charlotte Stokely - Fear And Pleasure

You spend every chance you get sitting there in the same spot you always do jerking off to me calling you a wimpy sissy and wonder why you crave to be an enslaved loser... <br><br> Loser.... that's what you are and that's all you'll ever be, loser! <br><br> Every video you watch..... every tribute you send and every stroke of your dick brings you closer and closer to being a complete fucking loser haha.... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Boot Fetish, Latex Fetish, Female Domination, Femdom, Submissive/Slave Training, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Sissy, Beta Humiliation, Loser Porn.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Defeat Is Funny'

Charlotte Stokely - Defeat Is Funny

Welcome to Americas favorite new game show called “DEFEAT IS FUNNY!” <br><br> One of these contestants is going home with “zero self respect&quot; <br><br> Question number one goes to the potential cum dumpster on the right... What does cum taste like? <br><br> A. Pineapple <br><br> B. Bleach <br><br> C. Total defeat <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Cum Eating Instruction, CEI, Make Me Bi, Female Domination, Femdom, Submissive/ Slave Training, Public Humiliation, Game Show Fantasy, Goddess Worship, Rejection.

Charlotte Stokely in 'ShoeTard'

Charlotte Stokely - ShoeTard

The more you deny it, the more I know it's true... that's what liars and **** do... they lick shoes and then lie about it... you're a textbook “shoetard”. <br><br> See all these shoes... yea... these are some of my sexiest high heels... mmm yea... so I'm gonna need you to take your pants off right now and show me exactly how hard you get for them... drop em! <br><br> I'm gonna have to get some pictures of you jerking off on my shoe for your profile pics... mmm yea... maybe a few videos of you licking your **** goo off of them when your done. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Shoe Fetish, Masturbation Encouragement, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Humiliation, Taboo, StemMom, StepSister, Masturbation Instructions.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Defeated Piece Of Meat'

Charlotte Stokely - Defeated Piece Of Meat

So you're a fan? You think I'm really pretty… it's more than that? Don't lie, you're obsessed with me. <br><br> I'm gonna tell you exactly how much your weekly tribute will be… how many clips to buy… and how you'll be used like you've always imagined! <br><br> Hard cocks don't lie and I need the truth to find out just how broken you really are… <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Shoe Fetish, Foot Slave Training, Female Domination, Femdom, Submissive/ Slave Training, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Leg Fetish, Goddess Worship, Financial Domination, Findom.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Why U Need Jerk Buddies'

Charlotte Stokely - Why U Need Jerk Buddies

You're good at gooning for hours and hours but... I think you could spend even more time with your dick in your hand for me... <br><br> If you had enough beta boy friends, you could have a different dick in your hand every day. <br><br> You'll be encouraging your buddies to fall in love with me as you play your entire folder of my videos... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Female Domination, Femdom, Make Me Bi, Humiliation, Beta Humiliation, Gooner, Gooning

Charlotte Stokely in 'What Does Total Destruction Look Like'

Charlotte Stokely - What Does Total Destruction Look Like

What does total destruction look like? <br><br> Well, I'm pretty sure it looks like “pictures of you licking a toilet” right after you send me a tribute to blast it all over the internet. <br><br> You wanna be my fucked over idiot? <br><br> Everyone wants to know that you edged to an unattainable girls videos... <br><br> I'm gonna need you to look straight into the camera and lick your lips like a whore and thank me for making you lick up all that dried yellow juice off the rim. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Toilet Humiliation, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom, Toilet Slavery, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Pantyhose/Stockings Fetish, Legs Fetish, Middle Finger, Shiny Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Plugged At The Snobby Party'

Charlotte Stokely - Plugged At The Snobby Party

You just paid me $500 to order you into the bathroom to shove a remote controlled butt plug up your ass... <br><br> Did you get it all the way up there for me? <br><br> Well don't look at me, stupid... I don't have your remote... I gave it to my boyfriend right after I took your cash and sent you to the bathroom! Haha <br><br> Are you into fluffing my man or being ignored and sent on errands? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Butt Plug Fetish, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom, Cuckolding, Submissive, Slave Training, Bully, Humiliation.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Up In Smoke 2'

Charlotte Stokely - Up In Smoke 2

Gimmie all your money, loser. You just can't help but become enchanted as you watch my perfectly red lips exhale this thick smoke. Stroke your cock while you fall deeper and deeper in love with me. Tribute time! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Smoking, Lipstick Fetish, Brat Girls, Goddess Worship, Mesmerize, Jerk Off Encouragement, Echo, Music.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Pay Pig At The Club'

Charlotte Stokely - Pay Pig At The Club

I can spend my whole night walking around the club trying drain losers cash into my bank account and you think I'm gonna be gentle? <br><br> Well since you like humiliation so much, how about I make you cum in your pants... how bout I grind on your dick till your begging for multiple trips to the ATM machine? <br><br> I want everyone to see what a filthy little piggy you are! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Financial Domination, Findom, Financial Humiliation, Piggy, Wallet Draining, Submissive/ Slave Training, Strippers, POV, Female Supremacy

Charlotte Stokely in 'Paraded Around'

Charlotte Stokely - Paraded Around

You got paraded around in full sissy attire in front of everyone. <br><br> I'm the one that ordered a whole box of these pink locking sissy collars for the Villa. <br><br> News flash, sissy... you're broken... I heard she had more plans for you this afternoon too, sissy... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Sissy Slut, Female Domination, Femdom, Sissy Training, Collar, Submissive, Slave Training, Sissy Bitch, Feminization, Make Me Bi, Ass Fetish, Latex Leggings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Little Windows Into What You Need'

Charlotte Stokely - Little Windows Into What You Need

Stop pretending to be a man... or if you gotta wear a man costume at work, at least you can be a ruined little whore for me at home... <br><br> Now that we got that all cleared up... would you like to start earning cash for me as a cross dresser on a cam site or would you like to enter into a sissy cuck porn career... <br><br> If you really embrace your new life, I'm sure you'll occasionally cum in your pants when you hear that everyone's talking about you behind your back... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckold, Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Submissive Male, Slave Training, Sissy Training, Bully.

Charlotte Stokely in 'I Enjoy Shrinking You Darling'

Charlotte Stokely - I Enjoy Shrinking You Darling

My minimum is one year... one year in chastity to start. By then you'll have lost inches off your length and end up with a width the size of my thumb. <br><br> The pain of trying to bed time in it... the painful morning wood. <br><br> I love getting a losers hopes up and taking the cage off... only to see him learn he can never get it hard again! Hahahaha <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Chastity, Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Small Penis Worship, Female Domination, Femdom, Submissive, Slave Training, Humiliation, Brat Girls, Boot Worship

Charlotte Stokely in 'I Cant Believe I Married A Cuck'

Charlotte Stokely - I Cant Believe I Married A Cuck

Oh so I'm married to a cuck now? I “thought” I married a normal polite young man that would provide for me and respect my alone time... but apparently you've been misinterpreting that as some kind of kinky relationship. <br><br> Have you been jerking off to the fact that I never let you touch me... <br><br> Just cuz your dick is small and useless doesn't mean I'm not entitled to a close friend, like an EX to do what we always did anyways... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckolding, Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Female Domination, Femdom, Masturbation Humiliation, Humiliation, Marriage Fantasy, Butt Plug, Brat Girls.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Easy Mean Chastity Solution'

Charlotte Stokely - Easy Mean Chastity Solution

I know how desperately you need a really cruel lock up... I know how much you need a super bitchy girl to lock your dick up and laugh at you... <br><br> How long have you jerked off to this really mean lock up? <br><br> And even if you maxed out your card you can probably apply for an increase right through your banking app. <br><br> Don't you dare cum... order those customs right now... keep that Cock hard the whole time... order it, order it... order it! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Chastity, Latex Fetish, Legs Fetish, Humiliation, Submissive/Slave Training, Financial Slavery, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Financial Humiliation, Key Holder, Licking Fetish, Wallet Draining

Charlotte Stokely in 'Solosexual Spectacle'

Charlotte Stokely - Solosexual Spectacle

Now that I've turned you into a solosexual hand hamper, it's time to let people know about it. It's time to get laughed at. I fucking broke you and you're gonna tell them that you've gone from being their part time jerk off to MY full time stay at home hand humper. <br><br> I turned you from a part time stroker to a two hour edging pay pig that needs my expensive smirk to cum. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Financial Domination, Findom, Pay Pig, Humiliation, Female Domination, Fem Dom, Mind Fuck, Latex Fetish, Bunny Fetish, Stockings, Pantyhose.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Reset Your Release Date When He Rails Me'

Charlotte Stokely - Reset Your Release Date When He Rails Me

I know it's cruel... a little sickening... but I think it's only fair that every time I get railed, you should feel super fucked over... <br><br> You DO realize that he fucks me, like, everyday, right? <br><br> I hope he keeps you locked up forever... I hope he makes you wear an even smaller cage... <br><br> You deserve everything that's about to happen to you! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Rejection, Sexual Rejection, Chastity, Cuckolding, Brat Girls, Humiliation, Bully, Mean Girls, Keyholder, Financial Domination, Financial Cuckolding.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Solosexual Simp'

Charlotte Stokely - Solosexual Simp

It's so much better now that you've given up, right? No more wasting time going out. No more seeing hot girls and trying to talk to them. It's so much easier to just give up. It's so much easier to date me.. well, I mean, my videos. <br><br> It's super important to me to clarify that you're dating my videos as a pay piggy, a fan who worships me. I am conditioning you to accept your life as my personal piggy bank. A pathetic hand humping piggy. Oink oink! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Pay Piggy, Financial Domination, Findom, Human ATM, Mind Fuck, Female Domination, Fem Dom, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Humiliation, Stockings, Pantyhose, Foot Fetish, Glove Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Just Lay There'

Charlotte Stokely - Just Lay There

I'll put the huge butt plugs in your ass for you... and all you gotta do is lay there while the party guests use your holes... <br><br> I love the respect it shows a man to stay soft during his pounding... <br><br> You'll be perfect little piece of fuck meat just laying there with your awaiting asshole arched up in the air for the party guests... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Latex Glove Fetish, Make Me Bi, Slave Training, Used, Butt Plug, Female Supremacy, Encouraged Gay, Encouraged Anal, Bully.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Dumping The Foot Slut'

Charlotte Stokely - Dumping The Foot Slut

Let's be honest here.... look at you and look at me, we would just never work. <br><br> I was interested in what it was like dating some weirdo with a foot fetish but you're just too pathetic. <br><br> Face it loser, a girl like me with the perfect face and perfect feet deserves someone better than you. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Sexual Rejection, Rejection, Latex Fetish, Female Supremacy, Shoe Fetish, Loser Porn, SPH, Small Penis Humiliation, Fem Dom, Female Domination.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Does Stroking Lead To Serving'

Charlotte Stokely - Does Stroking Lead To Serving

You want to be a weak little slave to someone like me don't ya? <br><br> I can help you train your brain to be the little servant slave you always wanted to be but once I do that you'll never want to do anything else again haha... <br><br> Of course in order for me to keep giving you what your brain craves, you have to give me what I want..... and what I want is for you to buy more of my videos so I can kick you in the balls! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Submissive/Slave Training, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Supremacy, Lingerie Fetish, Humiliation, Mean Girls, Slave Tasks, Ball Busting, Shoe Fetish, Legs Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Daily Pegging Is Mandatory'

Charlotte Stokely - Daily Pegging Is Mandatory

Daily pegging is mandatory. Accept that or get out right now. <br><br> You're the one that need to be destroyed by a hot girl to get off... so don't blame me for destroying your asshole... <br><br> I'm gonna get some great fuckin video if you trying to convince me to just let you worship my boots or whatever... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Dildo, Pegging Fantasy, Make Me Bi, Latex Fetish, Female Supremacy, Humiliation, Female Domination, Femdom, Encouraged Bi, Slave Training, Butt Plugs.

Charlotte Stokely in 'A Creamy Condition For Ur Release'

Charlotte Stokely - A Creamy Condition For Ur Release

Sure I'll unlock you... wanna stroke too? <br><br> There's just one little teeny tiny catch.... you gotta do it on cam while my guy friends blow loads in your face. <br><br> After 5 hours of you jiggling your locked cage and plowing your ass with huge dildos, I'll unlock you for 30 seconds... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Chastity, Submissive/ Slave Training, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Supremacy, Make Me Bi, Webcam Fetish, Humiliation, Keyholder, Legs Fetish

Charlotte Stokely in 'Stroke Buddy Bait'

Charlotte Stokely - Stroke Buddy Bait

Oh I know your not gay, sweetie, but I think it's gonna be good for you have a stroke buddy... someone that likes gooner porn just as much as you do... <br><br> I mean, you know how much I'd laugh and humiliate you if you ever turned totally gay... <br><br> I really want you to flirt with the super devastating humiliation of blowing a stroke buddy. <br><br> Lick your lips and say “it'd be so mean if she turned us both into cock suckers!” <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Dildo, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Legs Fetish, Pantyhose/Stocking, Make Me Bi, Bi Humiliation, Gay Humiliation, Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Submissive, Slave Training, Loser Porn, Gooning, Gooner

Charlotte Stokely in 'Still Bullied For Lunch Money'

Charlotte Stokely - Still Bullied For Lunch Money

I bet ya liked getting bullied in school huh? Who knew all the bullying woulda turned you into a fantasy school girl porn addict haha.... <br><br> I bet ya didn't know that all the teasing and humiliation would turn ya into a submissive little sissy for a hot girl to step all over you do you? <br><br> Once a loser always a loser and if you agree to this you'll be my loser forever haha.... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Sissy Training, School Uniform, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Financial Humiliation, Ass Fetish, Miniskirt Fetish, School Girl Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Spinning The Cucks Wheels'

Charlotte Stokely - Spinning The Cucks Wheels

Did ya ever end up getting that bigger butt plug from Amazon? <br><br> Oh good, he's coming over to watch the game tonight, right? Are ya gonna be a good little loser and put it in now or cheat and wait till he gets here? <br><br> Well, a bets a bet.. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckolding, Humiliation, Sissy Training, Butt Plug, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Bully, Female Domination, Femdom, Cuckold, Cuck, Latex Dress, Legs Fetish, Cell Phone Call

Charlotte Stokely in 'Shots Of Loser Loads'

Charlotte Stokely - Shots Of Loser Loads

I know we haven't had much time together lately and you know how much I would like to spend more time humiliating you hun, but face it you're just not at the top of my list of priorities right now. <br><br> You see I have a life too so I don't have time for a load chugging homo like you haha.... <br><br> A load drinking homo like yourself needs to be seen by everybody and I wanna see the look of disgust on everyone's face when they see you slurp down your own load haha... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cum Eating Instruction, CEI, Edging Game, Submissive, Slave Training, Humiliation, Cum Play, Female Domination, Femdom, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Shiny Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Licking Fetish, Middle Finger, Loser Porn, Loser Sign.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Nut Guzzling Brain Damage'

Charlotte Stokely - Nut Guzzling Brain Damage

Well today is the day that I'm gonna permanently mess up your brain haha... You'll never look at regular pleasure the same after this. <br><br> I want you to know that these videos have purpose and that purpose is to make sure you're entirely covered in your own load by the end haha... <br><br> I no longer want you to use a tissue or towel to wipe away your load.... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Latex Fetish, Boot Fetish, Boob Massage, Cum Eating Instructions, CEI, Miniskirt Fetish, Orgasm Control, Female Domination, Femdom.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Needing Cuck Clips To Cum'

Charlotte Stokely - Needing Cuck Clips To Cum

It's funny isn't it? That you you were stroking yourself to another one of my fetish videos and now you find yourself needing the cuck humiliation. <br><br> Don't worry I'll make sure to humiliate you real good, and there's nothing more humiliating than being a hot girls sissy servant haha.... <br><br> I'll have you dress up like a cuck homo for me more times than you can count. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckold, Humiliation, Submissive, Slave Training, Cuck, Encouraged Crossdressing, Make Me Bi, Cum Eating Instruction, CEI, Nude Fetish, Small Tits Fetish, Nipples, Latex Dress, Latex Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Foot Fetish, Sissy Training

Charlotte Stokely in 'Intimate Morning Conditioning'

Charlotte Stokely - Intimate Morning Conditioning

You're always so stupid for me when your hard... And I just love the mornings when I catch you with a hard dick... <br><br> cuz it's so perfect for breaking you down... you'll dedicate more of your life to me with every stroke... <br><br> Live that dream and give it all to me.. Another hundred... Another $500... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Edging Games, Failed Orgasms, Female Domination, Femdom, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Middle Finger Fetish, Lingerie

Charlotte Stokely in 'Goon Pig Poses'

Charlotte Stokely - Goon Pig Poses

Porn is sooo good for you... it feels good... it never lets you down... stroke for me gooner. <br><br> Are you dedicated to being my goon pig exclusively or do ya need to maybe start off the night with me taunting you... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Humiliation, Latex Ass, Ass Fetish, Latex Fetish, Latex Pants, Middle Finger, Loser Porn, Shoe Fetish, Foot Fetish, Gooner, Gooning

Charlotte Stokely in 'Perv Slime'

Charlotte Stokely - Perv Slime

Don't be too insulted… it's only fair I call your loads “perv slime”… it's the best I can do for a gooner that no one wants and it's exactly what you deserve. <br><br> If I were making this video for a real man I'd call it “thick ropes of manliness” or “destroy me with your jerk jizz” But not you… oh no no no… <br><br> You're my “stay at home” hand humper… and you need me to call your Perv Slime exactly what it is cuz you need to feel like a fucked over jerk-a-holic… right, gooner? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Handjob, Gooning, Gooner, Masturbation Encouragement, Rejection, Sexual Rejection, Gloves, Glove Fetish, JOI, Female Domination, Femdom, Loser Porn, Humiliation, POV, Middle Finger, Small Tits, Perky Tits.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Kissless Sexless Garbage'

Charlotte Stokely - Kissless Sexless Garbage

Take your useless, unwanted, joke of a dick out and start strokin it for me. I want your dumb dick hard for me while I make it even worse… <br><br> I want the credit for the brain damage… the life sentence of solitude… the endless hours dating a video screen and flushing your goon garbage down the fucking toilet. I bet you wish they knew that you can't even have a sad lonely orgasm without thinking of my feet in your face… <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Fetish, Mind Fuck, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Rejection, Sexual Rejection, Loser Porn, Humiliation, Shoe Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Hard While I Praise Him'

Charlotte Stokely - Hard While I Praise Him

I insist you get hard while I talk about how manly my boyfriend is. <br><br> Good simp… stroke it while I dismiss all the nice things you do for me and go on and on about my dream boy! <br><br> We can show him how hard your dick gets thinking about how hot his manly feet are, right? I'll reach down and squeeze the tip of his massive dick and kiss him while you're down there kissing his manly feet! Haha <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Fetish, Beta Male Training, Simp, Beta Humiliation, Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Rejection, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, JOI, Nipple, Stockings, Pantyhose.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cum Stained Brain'

Charlotte Stokely - Cum Stained Brain

Stay in all day and cum stain your brain! Do it for me, gooner! Open wide, tongue out and cum stain your brain. Uh uh uh. <br><br> You want me to fuck you over, right? You want me to be a bitch about this, right? Mmm yes… isn't it hot that I know I'm fucking you up, uh uh uh… isn't it hot that I'm a greedy bitch that's making you need “hand pussy”. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Mind Fuck, Female Domination, Femdom, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Cum Eating Instruction, CEI, Encouraged Cum Eating, Fishnets, Shoe Fetish, Latex Skirt, Financial Domination, Findom.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Asshole Eaters Anonymous'

Charlotte Stokely - Asshole Eaters Anonymous

Welcome to Asshole Eaters Anonymous. You've got a problem with jerking off to videos of girls showing their ass. A girl could really take advantage of that and immediately shove her ass in your face. You'd be reduced to a whimpering little asshole eater with his dick and wallet out. <br><br> How about you open up to me about how it feels to be on your knees with your face buried in the butt cheeks of a hot girl that's laughing at you while she's maxing your credit card. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Ass Fetish, Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Female Domination, Femdom, Mean Girls, Brat Girls, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'No Downside To Debt'

Charlotte Stokely - No Downside To Debt

I don't see a downside… no matter how much you can possibly spend on my videos… it's still less than having a wife or girlfriend… and every cent you send ME, you send while you stroke your rock hard cock... it's way better. <br><br> And here you are… uh uh uh… cause you know I'm gonna make it hurt… uh uh uh… I'm gonna get a tribute outta you. And now here you are… feeling good… and rock hard. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Loser Porn, Female Domination, Femdom, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Kisses, Shoe Fetish, Foot Fetish, Encouraged CEI, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'My Manipulating Mind Powers'

Charlotte Stokely - My Manipulating Mind Powers

I'll tell you a secret… I DO HAVE magic powers… it's called “years of draining losers”… haha! Are you jerking it? Tell me this is what you wanted! <br><br> Say it… say, “yes I admit it… I knew you'd fuck me”, “I knew you'd make me edge and drain the fuck outta me”… uh uh uh… Mmmm keep going loser… say, “I need more brain damage and you're the girl that can REALLY give it to me good!” Uh uh uh… <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Edging, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Loser Porn, Ass Fetish, Middle Finger, Mind Fuck, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Financial Domination, Findom, Shiny Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Known As Mr Leaker'

Charlotte Stokely - Known As Mr Leaker

Hmm, yea, I see the wet spot… how often does your dick twitch and leak in your pants like that? I see… and all that edging I prescribed you hasn't helped? Oh, it made it worse? Well, I told you that it might feel frustrating at first… but you need to keep going with it… <br><br> I need to supervise your leaks… I gotta talk you through it while you stroke. I know it seems backwards but you gotta get it through your head… you're only allowed ruined orgasms or none at all. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Ruined Orgasms, Orgasm Denial, Edging Games, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Small Tits, Financial Domination, Findom, Stockings, Pantyhose.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Giving Me Your Nuts'

Charlotte Stokely - Giving Me Your Nuts

Cause I got you by the balls… that's what you want… you WANT my magic powers to reach through this video and grab you by the nuts… mmm yea… <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Female Domination, Femdom, Latex, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Plap Plap Plap'

Charlotte Stokely - Plap Plap Plap

Mmm, I just love the sound of a dildo slapping a gooners useless balls… plap plap plap… I mean, you could just use your hand to make it less bi-sexual if you wanna… but you gotta plap in the most defeating way possible… mmm, plap plap plap… <br><br> It's like “next level joi”… “next level gooning” and you need a new low, huh loser??? It's kinda dangerous to watch this… you're gonna need hours of plapping now... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Plapping, Ball Slapping, Ball Smacking, Ball Busting, Dildo, Sheer Catsuit, Female Domination, Femdom, Loser Porn.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Paycheck Punishment For Pumps'

Charlotte Stokely - Paycheck Punishment For Pumps

You would think docking your pay would have been enough of a punishment... I told you what I was going to do to you if I ever caught you peeking at my high heels in the office again… welp, I guess you asked for it. <br><br> We might as well get this over with… pants off!… On your knees… this is costing you an entire paycheck… <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Financial Domination, Findom, Shoe Fetish, Foot Fetish, Office Domination, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Gooning, Gooner, Masturbation Encouragement, Stockings, Pantyhose.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Admitting You Need This'

Charlotte Stokely - Admitting You Need This

You and your hard dick need to admit it… admit you want me to be the fucked up coping mechanism you need… uh uh uh… <br><br> Admit that you want it to be super fucked up. Oh, and I will make you pay, darling… and you'll be thanking me for it! Haha <br><br> Once I've got you admitting you need this, you'll never stop… you'll need this face… this voice… this magic spell that makes your dick feel this fuckin good... Mmm yea… is your credit card handy? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Mesmerize, Ass Fetish, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Shoe Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Video Date Breakthrough'

Charlotte Stokely - Video Date Breakthrough

I am changing your mind and redefining what dating means to you. I'm your magical crush and you are my little jerking off fan. Don't say watch my videos. Say you date my videos. <br><br> This is your new sex life and love life, are you ready to be fucked? I obviously mean mind fucked LOL So now squeal in ecstasy because this is permanent... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Mind Fuck, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Jerk Off Encouragement, Female Domination, Femdom, Shiny Fetish, Findom, Stockings, Pantyhose.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Up The Laughter Level'

Charlotte Stokely - Up The Laughter Level

Am I laughing at you enough? <br><br> Ask your rock hard dick if it feels good to be running towards some tasks in this video that are gonna get you laughed at a whole lot more. <br><br> You need to be a laughed at like a little fuckin clown… a simp… a servant… a jester… cuz you're broken and it's time to be the joke that you were meant to be. <br><br> Write “clown” on the hand you're jerking off with… you're gonna send me a tribute and a note saying you did it... hoping it'll make me laugh... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Financial Domination, Findom, Ass Fetish, Loser Porn, Gooning, Gooner, Brat Girl, Female Domination, Femdom, Shiny Leggings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'The Burn Of Beginning Findom'

Charlotte Stokely - The Burn Of Beginning Findom

You're just not the kinda guy any girl would wanna have sex with. Have you tried financial domination? <br><br> I'm sure all the rejection you've faced probably turned you into a guy who needs to be used. <br><br> Why don't you pull out your lame excuse of a cock and start stroking while I open up your bank app on your phone. I'll occasionally look up and laugh at your stroking. I'll even throw in a few kisses to reinforce the idea that you want this. It's all YOU deserve LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Financial Domination, Findom, Masturbation Encouragement, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Ass Fetish, Gooning, Gooner, Kisses, Sexual Rejection, Brat Girl, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Simp On Display'

Charlotte Stokely - Simp On Display

Is a “secret simp” really a simp at all? I mean, why the secrecy… you're never gonna feel totally broken if you hide it. So there's a new rule, I want you to wear a t-shirt that says &quot;ask me who I simp for&quot;. <br><br> If I'm awesome enough to have simps, then I deserve to get the credit for it. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Kisses, Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Ass Fetish, Loser Porn, Female Domination, Femdom, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Pump Puppet'

Charlotte Stokely - Pump Puppet

So what? You're here for another edging session because you realized it's what you need? <br><br> Mmm ya, I figured. It's not gonna be easy for a stroker like you to let go of an edging session. It's like your desperate cock craves my manipulative words. <br><br> I guess it's a good thing I enjoy bullying the fuck outta you then, huh? LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Orgasm Denial, Ruined Orgasm, Edging, Ass Fetish, Humiliation.

Charlotte Stokely in 'No Cum Clown'

Charlotte Stokely - No Cum Clown

You're sitting there watching this video thinking, “hmm, I wonder if she's gonna let me cum.” Not one person wants you to cum. LOL <br><br> Your gonna need full balls to actually do all the humiliating stuff in my videos. You're going to crave being known as the beta that doesn't deserve to cum. <br><br> You now identify as a “no cum clown” mmm yea. Won't that feel good, loser? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Orgasm Denial, Tease &amp; Denial, Rejection, Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Shoe Fetish, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Leg Fetish, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Mr Cum Pants'

Charlotte Stokely - Mr Cum Pants

Instant boners are funny… making a simp cum in his pants is funny… it's all the perfect way to show everyone how pretty I am and how easy it is to trigger a simp. <br><br> I'll do it to you effortlessly and be a smug entitled bitch about it. I can use you… I can humiliate you in front of my friends. That's all I really need to prove my point… that I can easily do this to you. Charlotte Stokely Categories: Humiliation, Chasity, Orgasm Control, Brat Girl, Female Domination, Femdom, Made To Cum, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Go Sissy One Year For Me'

Charlotte Stokely - Go Sissy One Year For Me

The more you act like a man the further you are from your true self. Why don't you put on some permanent acrylic nails so when you jerk off you can imagine it's a girl giving you a hand job. <br><br> It'll be so funny, you won't even remember what's it like to be with out them. I have some skirts and dresses you can try on too... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Gooner, Gooning, Made To Crossdress, Crossdresser, Crossdressing, Encouraged Crossdressing, Feminization, Sissification, Sissy Training, Masturbation Encouragement, Humiliation, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Worsen Your Lust For Losing'

Charlotte Stokely - Worsen Your Lust For Losing

Fucking loser, did you rush home from work? Skip out on hanging out with your friends just so you could come see what sexy fucking outfit I'm wearing today? <br><br> Does it make your pathetic little dick twitch when I tell you how easy it is to put you in your place? A real man wouldn't even consider buying this clip, but not you. You're a weak fucking loser who NEEDS this clip. LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Loser Porn, Humiliation, Ruined Orgasm, Tease &amp; Denial, Financial Domination, Rejection, Sexual Rejection, Findom, Ass Fetish, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Mean Girls, Nudity, Pantyhose.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sheer Foot Pleasure'

Charlotte Stokely - Sheer Foot Pleasure

You would do anything for my feet, wouldn't you? Do you want them closer to your face? I'll have them pressed them up against your face till you can't even fucking breathe anymore. <br><br> Take off your pants and stroke to my feet... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Fetish, Footjob POV, Cum Countdown, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Lingerie, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Training Your Holes 2'

Charlotte Stokely - Training Your Holes 2

Congratulations on passing round one, your dick sucking training. Very impressive, you're a natural. Yeah, but there's another hole that you need to fill in your position. Are you ready? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Encouraged Bi, Ass Fetish, Anal Instruction, Submissive/Slave Training, Goddess Worship, Female Domination, Femdom, Dildos, Lingerie, Stockings, Garter Belt.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Training Your Holes 1'

Charlotte Stokely - Training Your Holes 1

You want to be useful? You want to be used? You want to be degraded? Well, listen up, you fucking pathetic loser. <br><br> There is no fucking way you could serve me without having a little bit of training first. Are you up for some training? Now unzip your pants and pull out your cock and start stroking. <br><br> We're going to train you on how to make money. You ready? Start by licking your lips. Do it like a slutty little whore. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Submissive/Slave Training, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Lingerie, Goddess Worship, Blowjob Instructions, Dildos, Make Me Bi, Encouraged Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Female Domination, Femdom.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cum For Cash Cruelty'

Charlotte Stokely - Cum For Cash Cruelty

Your junk is dying to be stroked. But it only feels good if you're going to send... are you going to send me a tribute? Otherwise, none of this feels worth it, does it? <br><br> You need me to take control, don't you? Stroking just isn't enough. You need me to take control of your dick and your bank account. You need me to demand that you send me all your cash. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Fetish, Ass Fetish, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Domination, Femdom, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Nudity.

Charlotte Stokely in 'A Boot To The Beta Brain'

Charlotte Stokely - A Boot To The Beta Brain

You wanna stroke you boner while you send me a tribute after every one of my videos. Don't deny, just send. Send and send and send until you release your pathetic load all over yourself haha. <br><br> Mmm ya stroke faster and get prepared to send me that tribute so you can finish. You won't be as satisfied if you don't. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Jerk Off Instructions, JOI, Beta Male Training, Female Domination, Fem Dom, Shoe Fetish, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Latex Boots, Latex Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Stay And Pay Date'

Charlotte Stokely - Stay And Pay Date

He loser, I'm going out to the bars again with my girlfriends and you're gonna be funding my entire girls night. All the girls are gonna come home with me so that means plenty more heels for you to lick clean! Don't worry they're all super hot and super mean. <br><br> Anyways, just have your phone on stand by to send me the money whenever I send you a text. Lets practice for tonight cause if you don't send me the money when I ask, there's gonna be some serious repercussion  <br><br> I know you're probably gonna be stroking like a pathetic loser while I'm gone so it's good that you're doing it now. The trick is to stroke WHILE you send to really reinforce the idea that all you'll ever be is a wimp LOL.  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Shoe Fetish, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Lipstick Fetish, Lip Gloss, Loser Porn, Beta Male Training, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Rejection, Sexual Rejection.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Smallest Gameshow'

Charlotte Stokely - Smallest Gameshow

“The Worlds Smallest Penis” gameshow is back in town and I might've put your name down as a final contestant. Awe don't look so sad. <br><br> Look if I don't send these pictures in to solidify your positioning in the contest, then you have to agree to be my slave for another month! So do we have a deal? <br><br> I get to make you do whatever I want, do ya know what that means? It means you're gonna participate in the “world smallest penis” contest anyways. LOL <br><br> Now stroke your wiener while I send in these submission photos. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: SPH, Small Penis Humiliation, Blackmail Fantasy, Humiliation, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Gooning, Gooner, Masturbation Encouragement, Slave Training, Brat Girls, Fem Dom, Female Domination.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Pump For The Pantyhose Boss'

Charlotte Stokely - Pump For The Pantyhose Boss

I notice the way you stare at my legs as I'm passing by your office. Oh and uh, I might've caught you on video stroking to my feet <br><br> I'm not so sure the CEO of this company would find that appealing for his top boss…. It's such a shame that you'd willingly throw away your career for my perfect legs.  <br><br> It would be such a shame if those videos I have were to leak….. huh? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Blackmail Fantasy, Findom, Financial Domination, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Legs Fetish, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'My Man Gets Serviced'

Charlotte Stokely - My Man Gets Serviced

My alpha knows all about the videos I make... he actually gave me the idea for this video... yea, he wanted me to really rub it in your face... he wanted me to show you what he's getting and your not, loser... <br><br> That's right... we both want you to suffer. I want you to stay my rejected cuckold little jerk off loser! <br><br> Oh but he did have one more idea that I forgot to mention. He wanted me to order you to put your cum rag in your mouth after you blew your fuckin load to all this rejection! Hahaha <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cuckold, Cuckolding, Rejection, Sexual Rejection, Humiliation, Beta Male, CEI, Cum Eating Instructions, Encouraged Cum Eating, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Ass Fetish, Tit Fetish, Costumes, Pantyhose.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Inside My Sneaker'

Charlotte Stokely - Inside My Sneaker

Are you staring at my sneakers? Are you stroking and hoping that I'll step all over you while wearing them? Are you hoping that I've been wearing them all day long and my feet are extra, extra sweaty? Are you hoping for the chance to get to kiss the bottom of my dirty, dirty sneakers? Oops. Did that make your little dick twitch? Charlotte Stokely Categories: Shoe Fetish, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Foot Fetish, Humiliation, Sexual Rejection, Loser Porn, Sock Fetish, Beta Male, Brat Girls, Small Penis Humiliation, SPH.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Ignored House Bitch'

Charlotte Stokely - Ignored House Bitch

I shouldn't even know you fuckin exist until I need my shoes cleaned or need cash for a new purse. The moment I snap my fingers to make you exist again, I expect you to show up in a slutty little maid outfit. Oh and did I mention you were gonna be the slave In charge of drinks and entertaining my guests? Well you are…. So I hope you're ready for a long night of humiliation. Charlotte Stokely Categories: Slave Training, Made To Crossdress, Humiliation, FinDom, Financial Domination, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Legs Fetish, Toilet Fetish, Slave Tasks, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Date My Video Tonight'

Charlotte Stokely - Date My Video Tonight

You love scrolling through my clip store... just hoping one or two of my outfits will make you spend spend spend on me... <br><br> I guess being a defeated failure has the benefit of embracing a life of dating my videos. Now stroke for me gooner! <br><br> And what's a good titty tease without some Bitchy wallet draining, right? We'll see at the end of this clip if I want to let you cum. LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Orgasm Denial, Edging Games, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Brat Girls, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Humiliation, Ass Fetish, Tit Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cant Stop Sending'

Charlotte Stokely - Cant Stop Sending

Well, you're here so I guess that means your Plan to be faithful to your girl and stop stroking to porn didn't work huh? You'll never be satisfied with out your LOSER porn! LOL <br><br> Why don't you do what you do best and pull out your cock to stroke while I tell you how worthless of a boyfriend you are. <br><br> Stroke to always being a loser….. stroke to sending me money…. Stroke to feeling so fuckin good…. Stroke to being a pathetic loser….. and stroke to the beauty of relapse. LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Loser Porn, Homewrecking, Latex, Ass Fetish, Shoe Fetish.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Fantasize In Your Head'

Charlotte Stokely - Fantasize In Your Head

Ya know I'm not making this video to relieve you from your blue balls right? No this video is meant to make it worse... you need endless denial and an increasing amount of shame and I'm gonna give you all of that.  You're life has no worth and your the laughing stock of every conversation and you can't even admit it. So go on loser, I want you to say it, say “I'm the biggest gooner loser!”  Isn't this the best sex of your life? The best part is it's all in you're little head! It's like a never ending fantasy of my rejection and denial. Who knows, maybe you'll even finish in your head and finally unload all the built up goo... yea right! haha Charlotte Stokely Categories: Tease And Denial, Rejection, Sexual Rejection, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Goon, Loser Porn, Humiliation, Public Humiliation, Orgasm Denial, Ass Fetish, Latex.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Fucked And Rebuilt'

Charlotte Stokely - Fucked And Rebuilt

You need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Full brain washing, full makeover and definitely full fuckover! <br><br> We've been humiliating and trashing losers for so long it's so easy now. The first part is super easy. You just sit there and jerkoff while I get u to admit you want it, sounds fun, right? <br><br> If you were here in person, I'd be recording you jerk off for me. I'd have you edging and giving you failed orgasms over and over again as you begged me for your new life. <br><br> You'd probably love it if I convinced you to send in your little confessional video begging me to rewire you… rebuild you… ruin you… say it… say it… ruin me! Ruin me! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Mind Fuck, Edging, Edging Games, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Fem Dom, Findom, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Brat Girls, Latex, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Destructive Foot Session'

Charlotte Stokely - Destructive Foot Session

Get ready for your real-time session... the foot session that destroys you... the foot session that finally leaves you wiped out at my feet. Your face will be right here... against my feet... your helpless dick will be harder than its ever been and you'll be begging me to totally destroy you! Hahahaha It's gonna be a prolonged destruction. I'll make you kneel there, with your face pressed up against my feet, with one hand holding a pile of your credit cards. All your hard work has led up to a single moment at my feet where you'll be destroyed by a goddess till your used up, destroyed and then you'll be discarded. Charlotte Stokely Categories: Foot Fetish, Findom, Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Beta Male Training, Female Domination, Fem Dom, Mind Fuck, Satin, Latex.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Expensive Squealing Sessions'

Charlotte Stokely - Expensive Squealing Sessions

You know I love it when your on your back… stroking like a slut. Keep going… the best part is that I'm destroying your brain at the same time as I'm destroying your wallet! Haha <br><br> Lick your lips like a total whore while you stroke it, homo! Say it loud… &quot;MEN MEN MEN… I just love big strong men!&quot; uh uh uh. <br><br> I'm gonna put that pretty little mouth of yours to work for me. I'm gonna spend every penny that your whore mouth is gonna make me. <br><br> Train your brain to make money for me, whore! You're my cum slut. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Make Me Bi, Findom, Financial Domination, Encouraged Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Femdom, Female Domination, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Humiliation, Legs Fetish, Pantyhose, Stockings, Latex, Owned, Ownership.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cumming Fee'

Charlotte Stokely - Cumming Fee

You can't stand the fact that other guys buy my videos at this price, because then that'll mean they have something you don't, huh?  <br><br> You say you get angry and mad at my prices but you're actually very turned on by the fact that I can be so cruel and mean and you'll still want to spend all your money on me! <br><br> Next time you want to skip out on buying my videos I want ya to come back to this video and imagine me grabbing you by your boner and squeezing until you give in and buy it. <br><br> Sounds hot right? I bet that turns you on huh? Look at you you're so hard, start stroking. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Fem Dom, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, Legs Fetish, Upskirt, Shoe Fetish, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Beatdown For Me'

Charlotte Stokely - Beatdown For Me

I usually don't talk to useless guys I don't even like, but there is one way you could keep talking to me. <br><br> I wouldn't even involve you but see, I wanna date this guy and I told him I'd only date him if he was a bully to the wimps that like me. See where I'm going with this? <br><br> Unfortunately for you, I gave him your number. You better be a good little punching bag or I'll fuckin block you! <br><br> I'll let u take your pants off while he beats you. I'll be right there laughing as you jerk off. Maybe you'll develop a sick association between your orgasms and getting beatings from men. LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Beatdowns, Bully, Loser, Wimp, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Humiliation, Sexual Rejection, Rejection, Foot Fetish, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Weak Office Beta'

Charlotte Stokely - Weak Office Beta

All we'd have to do is walk around your office in our little skirts and bam! You'd have a rock hard boner. You'd be so distracted you wouldn't even know if my girlfriend reached right into your pocket and took all your cash. Since you get the luxury of looking at us walk back and forth and bend over all day long I'm sure you wouldn't mind us taking all your money from you. I might just have you lying face up so I could use your face as a stool while I deposit your check into my bank account. Yeah, you'll be my ass servant haha! Charlotte Stokely Categories: Ass Fetish, Humiliation, Findom, Financial Domination, Femdom, Female Domination, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Legs Fetish, Loser, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Bullied At Home'

Charlotte Stokely - Bullied At Home

Oh hi darling, I'm just getting a head start in breakfast. <br><br> What's that around your neck? I know it's a collar... What's it say? “f*****?” Oh my god, did your step-brother lock that on you? <br><br> Sorry hon, but you're the one that got caught with sissy porn on your phone... And we had every right to make you become a sissy maid around here... <br><br> Your step-sisters are taking you to get your ears pierced this afternoon after school... <br><br> Now go upstairs and tell your step-brother to bring me the key to the homo collar and I'll have him swap it out for your pink one... <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Sissy Training, Sissification, Sissy Maid, Feminization, Encouraged Crossdressing, Made To Crossdress, Make Me Bi, Humiliation, Sissy, Sissy Fantasy, Sissy Humiliation, Slave Training, Taboo, Bitch Step-sister, Mean Step-Mom, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Triggering Is Fun'

Charlotte Stokely - Triggering Is Fun

I can trigger you with a picture of my patent leather boots or silently apply lipstick! But even if I use certain words, it triggers you. It's like your brain damaged, it's fuckin funny! <br><br> Do you think I'd have a slave come over and worship my boots and just take the cash without intending to make the fetish even more brain damaging? I'd turn you into a boot licking clown! A fucking clown! Haha <br><br> You'll find yourself falling deeper and deeper into the humiliating little trigger ploy I set for you. It's not just a video, no. You love the fact that I'm going to do this to you. <br><br> Oopsie… looks like I might have triggered you into needing this, huh? Oh well, I guess your fucked. Mmm yea… fucked fucked fucked, muah! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Mind Fuck, Findom, Financial Domination, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, JOI Encouragement, Boot Fetish, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Humiliation, Submissive/Slave Training, Slave Tasks, Beta Male Training, Brat Girls, Latex Boots, Latex.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Rock Hard Rock Bottom'

Charlotte Stokely - Rock Hard Rock Bottom

Your biggest worship puddle awaits at the bottom of an empty bank account. You might not be able to feed yourself or pay bills, but you'll be fine. You'll be alive and most importantly, you'll be put in your place. <br><br> It's time to get wrecked because you ARE actually an inferior stupid little bitch that needs to serve women and getting wrecked is what you desperately need. <br><br> Rock bottom makes you rock hard because you need to see the fleeting look of “fuck you” on a girls face. I'll wreck you again and again, muah! Because rock bottom and rock hard is what you need now. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Mind Fuck, Female Supremacy, Femdom, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Boots Fetish, Latex.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Incurable Goon Session'

Charlotte Stokely - Incurable Goon Session

So you're here in hopes that you can recover from being a raging gooner? You get a raging boner when you see a nice pair of leggings covered in smooth silky stocking.  <br><br> We can't cure you but the only treatment available right now is letting you stroke to porn that reinforces your gooner lifestyle, anything else will just leave you unsatisfied.  <br><br> Oh but don't worry, there may be no hope for you but I can definitely teach you how to fully dive into a world that was meant for a gooner like you. <br><br> Stroke faster, mmm ya just like that. It feels so good too goon. Oops and now you're squirting! This is the life of a gooner. LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Made To Cum, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Legs Fetish, Foot Fetish, Femdom, Female Domination, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Actual Defeat'

Charlotte Stokely - Actual Defeat

I'm gonna take away the idea that sending me tributes was just something you did for fun. I wanna get you to the point that I'm able to get you to cave in “on command&quot; and in front of my friends! <br><br> I'm gonna show them how I kept making it worse for you while laughing in your face about it. How's that feel, huh weakling? I made you my defeated little bitch! <br><br> Pay me bitch, fuckin pay me! You asked for it, now pay! You wanted to be a fuckin example? I'm gonna make you an example! Pay me, cause you need to be my little bitch, right bitch? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Public Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Brat Girls, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Femdom, Female Domination, Latex.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Ever Renewed Thrill'

Charlotte Stokely - Ever Renewed Thrill

If you threw enough cash at me, I'd fuck you over and not only make you feel THIS good forever, but I'd help you get to the NEXT level and enslave you. <br><br> The possibility is real cuz you got the cash in your account, in your retirement fund. lol Mmm, you'll feel like a fucked little bitch 24/7. <br><br> That's what you want right? You want this feeling to last forever? The feeling is never gonna end cause blackmail is permanent sweetheart, it's fuckin forever! Muah! <br><br> Just make sure your first blackmail tribute is fuckin huge OK?? Cuz you need the full treatment. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Submissive/Slave Training, Slave Tasks, Mind Fuck, Humiliation, Blackmail Fantasy, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Clubbing Heel Licker'

Charlotte Stokely - Clubbing Heel Licker

I wore these heels to the club and was walking around thinking of all the stuff I wanna step in so I could watch you lick it off hahaha. <br><br> Tell me how delicious this dirt looks, mmm lick lick lick! Go on loser tell me <br><br> I know you're already rock solid so take out your boner and start stroking it right now. <br><br> Awww look at you stroking away like some desperate shoe licker.... are you about to finish to my shoes, you shoe wanker? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Shoe Fetish, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Sexual Rejection, Legs, Pantyhose, Stockings, Heels, Latex.

Charlotte Stokely in 'The Bitchy Gurl You Cant Have'

Charlotte Stokely - The Bitchy Gurl You Cant Have

Hello loser, I knew I'd see you here again. You're too addicted to a snobby entitled girl you want but, you'll never be able to have so you stroke and stroke and buy more videos. <br><br> Well you could be stroking to me for an eternity and that still won't make you any closer to me… but it will make you more addicted so keep on stroking that pathetic thing in your pants. <br><br> I absolutely love watching how stupid you look while stroking to my kisses but, I think it's time you cream yourself, so let me give ya a count down with some sarcastic kisses. LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Tease and Denial, Sexual Rejection, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Brat Girls, Made To Cum, Cum Countdown, Ass Fetish, Latex Leggings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Heel To Toe Shoe Licking Cleanse'

Charlotte Stokely - Heel To Toe Shoe Licking Cleanse

Ya know wearing heels to the club is a lot less fun when you don't have someone to lick them clean when you come back home. My ex boyfriend was amazing at that. <br><br> Wait really? You'd do that for me? But I have to let you know that he used to like me to be super mean to him when I do it so I'd have to do the same to you. <br><br> I want your tongue to be so sore you can't eat for a week! LOL. It shouldn't matter that your in pain as long as your pleasing me. <br><br> Oopsies, is that a boner I see? Did I accidentally just give you a knew fetish? LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Shoe Fetish, Shoe &amp; Boot Worship, Goddess Worship, Shoe Worship, Humiliation, Submissive/Slave Training, Slave Tasks, Brat Girls, Beta Male Training, Femdom, Female Domination.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Necessary Elusive Escalation'

Charlotte Stokely - Necessary Elusive Escalation

Let's add something to your usual list of fetishes.  <br><br> I'm a real bitch and that's why I'm making this innocent little pantyhose video cost you a $500 cum tax and making you lick up ur mess too! <br><br> You can add cum eating to that list, like “sprinkles on top” of any foot fetish or pantyhose humiliation video... and you'll feel like you got “extra destroyed&quot;. <br><br> Yea, send that cash like a good little pantyhose pay piggie and don't forget to scrape up ur mess with your card and lick it clean for me to, you filthy cum slut, haha. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: CEI, Cum Eating Instructions, Findom, Financial Domination, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Foot Fetish Utilization'

Charlotte Stokely - Foot Fetish Utilization

I could easily just show up and shove my feet in your face and get you to do whatever I want. A boy with a fetish as weak as yours is really easily manipulated. <br><br> It doesn't take much to get into your brain and fuck you over completely... part of you is already fucked up which is why you're here am I right? <br><br> I bet you even wanna stroke to my feet right now huh foot loser? Well go ahead.... whip out your dick and start stroking.... You'll forever be my foot loser after you cum... mmm ya my feet will officially own your dick. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Fetish, Made To Cum, Cum Countdown, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Your Cum Is Garbage'

Charlotte Stokely - Your Cum Is Garbage

One of your biggest wishes is to live out your fantasy of being my permanent slave and I want nothing more than to help you get exactly that. <br><br> I'm gonna turn your mind into pure trash who's only one thought is to listen to what I tell you haha... <br><br> I'm gonna train your brain to always think of you as trash.... your trash brain and your trash seed, everything about you is just absolute trash so you better get used to it. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Mind Fuck, Submissive/Slave Training, Foot Fetish, Femdom, Female Domination, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Cum Countdown, Beta Male Training, Loser.

Charlotte Stokely in 'No Wife Equals No Worries'

Charlotte Stokely - No Wife Equals No Worries

You make all this money and it all goes to waste when you spend it on your wife. You could be doing a lot smarter things with it like sending it to the people who make you feel good. <br><br> She doesn't satisfy you and I do, so I deserve to be the one who gets all the cash AND watch you cream yourself. <br><br> No wife equals no worries right? So maybe it's about time that you ditch her for me and get to indulge in me completely. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Home Wrecker, Foot Fetish, Femdom, Female Domination, Mind Fuck, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Stockings, Pantyhose, Latex.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Boot Licking Bitch'

Charlotte Stokely - Boot Licking Bitch

This is a good first session, once your down there licking my boots your gonna get hard as a rock and start blurting out all your sick and hilarious taboos, haha. <br><br> Awww... I didn't see you down there, did I accidentally crush your ding dong? I bet you'd just love it if I stood on your dick and forgot all about you down there huh??? <br><br> You totally deserve it. You're a boot licker... you're nothing. I intend to use these boots to tear you down completely... so uh... do ya still wanna lick my boots? Huh Mr. Nothing??? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Shoe Fetish, Boot Fetish, Mind Fuck, Ballbusting, Beta Male Training, Beta Male, Latex Boots.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Breath In Sissy'

Charlotte Stokely - Breath In Sissy

I'd ask how your sissy clit feels against those panties but I guess that chastity cage is kinda in the way, huh? <br><br> We gotta show off those sissy tits so that you can impress lots of boy who wanna pound ur sweet little sissy holes. <br><br> Now I want u to take a deep breath and relax for me... ahhhh that's it. This could get very very addicting for slutty little sissies... uh uh. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Sissification, Sissy Training, Humiliation, Crossdressing, Made To Crossdress, Foot Fetish, Legs, Bisexual Encouragement, Make Me Bi, Encouraged Bi, Latex, Stockings, Pantyhose.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Crowning The Butt Princess'

Charlotte Stokely - Crowning The Butt Princess

What could be more humiliating then going out with me and my girls hm? Of course you're gonna be crossed dressed. I even have this adorable princess crown for you. <br><br> I thought a crown is fitting if you're gonna be my new anal Princess haha! That means we're gonna have to have a little crowning ceremony for ya! <br><br> If you're gonna be a good anal princess you'll learn to stretch your asshole like one too. Of course we'll have men there. Did you really think we'd have a ceremony with a butt plug and a dildo? Those were just for practice. LOL <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Sissification, Sissy Training, Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Crossdresser, Crossdressing, Made To Crossdress, Butt Plug, Dildo, Latex.

Charlotte Stokely in 'After I Take It All'

Charlotte Stokely - After I Take It All

You wanted to see what it'd really be like if you caved into ur deep desire to max out all ur cards for me. I really hope your paychecks are enough, I really do. <br><br> Well you're gonna send it bitch… all of it. If u send it before u blow ur load right now, the orgasm will be 10,000 times greater than sending it after. <br><br> The most important thing is that you feel fuckin defeated cause I did it to u. My FULLY defeated peasant. <br><br> Heather Highborne <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Mind Fuck, Femdom, Female Domination, Beta Male Training, Edging Games, Latex, Pantyhose, Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Steel Pantyhose Sandwich'

Charlotte Stokely - Steel Pantyhose Sandwich

We're gonna have a simp locked up in a steel chastity cage and do cute little short videos of his fuckin cock twitching desperately in his tight restricted little cage. <br><br> We wanna get a close up of your twitching caged dick between those pantyhose while your given the chance to beg for another month. <br><br> After having sent tribute after tribute, isn't this what you wanted? It'll be pantyhose sandwich after pantyhose sandwich. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Chastity, Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation, Public Humiliation, Brat Girls, Ass Fetish, Mind Fuck, CEI, Cum Eating Instructions, Findom, Financial Domination, Stockings, Pantyhose, Pantyhose Fetish, Legs

Charlotte Stokely in 'Soft For Her Hard For Me'

Charlotte Stokely - Soft For Her Hard For Me

I'm a million times better than her when I roll out of bed. Thinking you'll EVER get hard for her again is ridiculously stupid, haha.  <br><br> I really wanna get you to believe that you deserve to have sex with me. Someone that really triggers you someone that really gets you. She's nothing compared to a single video. So go on and tell her the truth. <br><br> Destroy your pathetic little life for me and send me an enormous tribute, ok? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Mind Fuck, Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Goddess Worship, Beta Male, Beta Male Training, Shoe Fetish, Foot Fetish, Latex, Fishnets

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cucked Party Clown'

Charlotte Stokely - Cucked Party Clown

I gotta admit, I didn't think you'd go thru with it. I mean, when you agreed to wear whatever costume got delivered to your door… I thought you'd just jerk off to the idea and chicken out. <br><br> But I guess having you in a steel chastity cage makes it a little tough to jerk off huh??? Now I can truthfully say that I helped with your gay fuckin cuck clown costume. <br><br> We'll all watch and laugh as the man that gets to fuck me, chucks pies in your face, how's that sound? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Cukolding, Humiliation, Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Beta Male, Beta Male Training, Public Humiliation, Chastity, Maid Fetish, Costumes, Pantyhose, Stockings

Charlotte Stokely in 'Questioned While Hard'

Charlotte Stokely - Questioned While Hard

I need you to be hard while I'm asking you some questions because hard dicks don't lie. I mean I'm so pretty. We both know how lucky you are that I'm talking to you right now. <br><br> Anyways, it's just to see if you're into what I'm into. Just to see if you're honest with me. To see if you stay hard, stay stroking, and maybe even pick up the pace.  <br><br> You know, this isn't manipulative at all. But you'd be my dumb little jerkoff boy, and I forgot to mention, I just love turning guys that want to date me into my personal peasants. You'd be okay with that right? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Masturbation Encouragement, Gooning, Gooner, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Jerk Off Encouragement, Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship, Beta Male Training, Beta Male, Slave Training, Shoe Fetish, Stockings, Pantyhose, Legs.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Your New Loser Record'

Charlotte Stokely - Your New Loser Record

Ya know records were meant to be broken right? And like right now you're only in second place for the most times someone has ever creamed themselves to my videos…. It's kind of pathetic that you're not number one.  <br><br> If you can jizz you're pants 3 times within this video then you'll be crowded the number 1 LOSER. Give me a big sticky load! Spray that loser load! Oopsies and now you're finishing all over yourself LOL. <br><br> Goddess Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Masturbation Encouragement, Masturbation, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Gooner, Gooning, Ass Fetish, Loser, Wimp, Beta Male, Made To Cum, Masturbation Games, Latex

Charlotte Stokely in 'Unavoidable Home Wrecking'

Charlotte Stokely - Unavoidable Home Wrecking

Face it loser, you're just not satisfied with your life anymore why else are you buying my clips more frequently?  I bet your girlfriend isn't even satisfying you anymore huh?  And you're orgasms would obviously be 10x better once you're able to goon for me alllll day long. Spending all your money on me while you goon is the highlight of your day and nothing makes you happier so why not make it permanent?  Charlotte Stokely Categories: Findom, Financial Domination, Gooning, Gooner, Masturbation Encouragement, Masturbation, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Goddess Worship, Nylons, Stockings

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sock Tea Cafe'

Charlotte Stokely - Sock Tea Cafe

Welcome to foot freak cafe…  <br><br> Yea, that's right bitch… sock fuckin tea… that's today's special… and since u like playing dumb I'm gonna haul your idiot ass up there in the window and your gonna get a personal addition to your tea… mmm yea… I'm gonna make u gag on my fuckin socks while u thank me for it!!! <br><br> How's it feel, foot bitch… of course they're laughing… you just got to drink sock tea on public display in the store window! Haha <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Fetish, Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Public Humiliation, Sock Smelling, Stockings

Charlotte Stokely in 'No Hiding This Humiliation'

Charlotte Stokely - No Hiding This Humiliation

Awe, still in the hiding phase? <br><br> Well part of the fun is risking more.  <br><br> I hope ur enjoying your private dress up time and these videos… cuz the joke is that you'll be sending me incriminating pictures soon… you NEED to send them.  <br><br> I'll have u begging me to assign u a super girly haircut… a curly new perm… or a cute little angled bob… something to show off those dangly earrings that I'll make u get! Muah! <br><br> Let's just make sure your savings is gone before I toss u aside… make sure you send huge tributes along with your sissy pictures, ok idiot? <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Sissy Training, Feminization, Crossdressing, Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Slave Tasks, Assignments, Pantyhose Stockings, Nylons.  

Charlotte Stokely in 'Jerk For Your Bullies'

Charlotte Stokely - Jerk For Your Bullies

Sweetie, I know you hate your bullies because they say and do hurtful things but just think about how much you're gonna love jerking off to these memories for years!  <br><br> And I may not be able to stop them from being mean but I could definitely show you how to enjoy it a little more. Why don't you start by taking your pants off….. yes like right now! <br><br> Mmhmmm just like that and now slowly start stroking for me…. I want you to think about all the mean things they do to you while you stroke.  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Taboo, Step-Mom, Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Encourage Bi, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Masturbation Humiliation, Masturbation Instructions, Beta Male, Glove Fetish, Wimp, Nerd Humiliation, Bullies, Bully, Upskirt, Pantyhose, Nylon, Stockings

Charlotte Stokely in 'Good Boy Gooning'

Charlotte Stokely - Good Boy Gooning

You were never meant to be a real man… a gooner life is more your style and I can tell because you've been such a good boy. You're my perfect little gooner boy.  <br><br> Be a good boy and let it alll out. Doesn't that feel so good. This is why you stroke to me. This is why you'll never stop. Now you're my permanent gooner.   <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Edging, Masturbation Encouragement, Humiliation, Latex Catsuit.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Drip For The Cuck Sitter'

Charlotte Stokely - Drip For The Cuck Sitter

I'm gonna run you dry and deny your balls of any ounce of cum.  <br><br> Are ya ready for a long night of dripping and slipping?  <br><br> She's probably not even thinking twice about her pathetic husband at home. I would know because I've also been with him before. He's so great in bed.  <br><br> Look at it all drip to the floor where it belongs….. a nice big puddle of goo on showcase for when she gets back from her date.  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Cuckolding, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Humiliation Encouragement, Tease And Denial, Orgasm Denial, Ruined Orgasms, Edging, Sexual Rejection, Legs, Pantyhose Stockings, Nylons, Latex, Gloves Fetish.   

Charlotte Stokely in 'Destroyed Entertainment'

Charlotte Stokely - Destroyed Entertainment

I hope you know that means you're gonna look like a fool In front of some of the hottest girls here. It's gonna be so funny when we're all laughing and pointing at you while the guys beat you up lol!  <br><br> Oh no! Did you pop a boner already? That's so embarrassing, all I've done is do your make up and your already hard. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Sissy Training, Feminization, Crossdressing, Humiliation, Make Me Bi, Encouraged Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Brat Girls, Pantyhose Latex, Wimp Nerd Bully, Beta Male Training. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Paying For Puddles'

Charlotte Stokely - Paying For Puddles

Think of it as a pay per puddle. Sure you'll look pathetic but that's the best part. It'll get you to reinforce the idea. <br><br> I don't care if we're in public, or at a restaurant or even taking a walk in the park you'll make the biggest and expensive puddle every damn time.  <br><br> And we'll just giggle as we watch that stupid orgasms face! <br><br> Your pathetic…… you're a loser….. this is what you're destined to do and you're SO lucky that you have me to make it worse for you.  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: JOI, Financial Domination, Findom, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Humiliation Encouragement, Gooner, Gooning, Simo, Beta Male Training, Loser Symbol, Cum Countdown, Rejection, Pantyhose Stockings, Nylons, Legs, Boots Booties, Ankle Boots, Latex PVC Vinyl Patent Leather Boots. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'My Humiliating Rules'

Charlotte Stokely - My Humiliating Rules

Honestly you should just learn to blurt out really humiliating stuff in ways that will sabotage you. Sure you might be scared at first but eventually you'll just be saying it to every random hot girl you see.   <br><br> I'm gonna suggest that we just practice here at my place. Yes, kneel down! <br><br> You could say something like “wouldn't it be humiliating if you made me pay for your shoes and you stomped on my balls with them?”  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Shoe Fetish, Legs, Pantyhose Stockings Nylons Garters, Shoe Dangling, Cuban Heel, Fully Fashioned Hosiery, Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Rejection, Beta Male Training, Simp. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Gooning Edge-Cation'

Charlotte Stokely - Gooning Edge-Cation

This is strictly edging. Strictly stroking your pathetic thing to my videos while I laugh in your face and smother you in complete humiliation.  <br><br> It doesn't matter if you didn't tell your work you were gonna take the weekend off. I'm sure if you tell them that it's a VERY important emergency that you just couldn't get away from they'll understand.   <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Edging Games, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Humiliation, Financial Domination, Findom, Gooner Gooning, Simp, Beta Male Training, Tease And Denial, Sexual Rejection, Orgasm Denial, Ruined Orgasms, Tasks, Assignments. Latex, Pantyhose Stockings, Nylons, Glamour Gowns, Goddess Worship. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Foot Cuck FootStool'

Charlotte Stokely - Foot Cuck FootStool

Mmm don't u wish you cloud see my new pedicure… but uh… all I get is soles, haha. <br><br> How bout I keep foot slapping ya til ur tiny dick shrinks another inch… oops, here comes another slap… oops, and another! <br><br> How bout a foot smear… mmm yes… u fuckin love when I'm grinding it in. <br><br> Let's see if your tiny dick gets hard for it… lay down door mat! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Foot Fetish, Humiliation, Wrinkled Soles, SPH, Small Penis Humiliation, Rejection, Human furniture, Foot Stool, Doormat, Trampling POV, Cuckolding, Lingerie, Garters, Bare Feet. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'DND Femdom'

Charlotte Stokely - DND Femdom

There is a white creamy waterfall in the distance.  <br><br> You hear music and voices thru the trees saying “spray me, spray me, spray me!”  <br><br> I will now take away your powers including the ability to get a hard on!! You will never be erect again!!! There is only one way out of this!!! You must suck your own dick!  <br><br> Yesssssss keep coming in your mouth. Feel your punishment shooting down your throat and swallow. And your powers will return! <br><br> But the only food you'll be able to conjure is gallons of your own glistening cum… and the only way you'll be able to eat it is to point ur dick at ur own fuckin face and open ur mouth like a hungry little cum whore! <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Cum Eating Instructions, CEI, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Humiliation, Role Playing Games, Cum Countdown, Latex, Pantyhose Stockings Nylons.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cash Out Your Dignity'

Charlotte Stokely - Cash Out Your Dignity

You're handing over your ego with every swipe of your card and basically any aspect or quality that you think makes you a man is actually being obliterated by me. <br><br> It's an obvious choice you e made by how fast your stroking your hard boner. <br><br> Every drip is another manly aspect leaving your body. You can kiss your manhood goodbye and embrace the life of being a pay pig.  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, Thigh High Boot Worship, Fishnets, Leotard Fetish, Ass Fetish, Beta Male Training, Gooner Gooning. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Dress You Up For A Bully'

Charlotte Stokely - Dress You Up For A Bully

A lot of people think my step-brother is pretty hot but what they don't know is he's also a jerk... Help me get back at him by dressing up as a girl and letting him pound you in front of me and my friends!  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Sissy Training, Sissification, Feminization, Crossdressing, Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Encouraged Bi, Humiliation, Brat Girls, Fishnets, School Outfit, Costumes, Uniforms, Bully Simp, Beta Male. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cum Eaters Sink Even Lower'

Charlotte Stokely - Cum Eaters Sink Even Lower

Saying you wanna suck my boyfriends cum out of me doesn't define you as less of a man... The fact that you want to eat any cum AT ALL makes you less of a man, haha!  <br><br> It's a shame really, you'll never be able to have a normal Sex life ever again. You're doomed to watching video after video of me humiliating you. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Cum Eating Instructions, CEI, Cuckold, Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Encouraged Bi, Humiliation, JOI, Jerk Off Humiliation. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Biggest Folder Bitch'

Charlotte Stokely - Biggest Folder Bitch

I hope my entitlement turns you on. Here's a video that locks you in!  <br><br> That's what the best orgasms are all about, right? Impregnating the best mate... finding the superior partner... and giving everything...  <br><br> The thing you need to cum is finding the girl who wins... the girl who's superior... the girl who's name you scream as you swear give me everything... every bit of you... thrust and convulse as you admit I own you and that I win!  <br><br> That's why you need to give make me your biggest collection of videos and pictures!  <br><br> Fill your cart with my superiority, now!  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Financial Domination, Findom, Goddess Worship, Latex PVC Vinyl, Catsuit, Masturbation Encouragement.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Degrading Dinners'

Charlotte Stokely - Degrading Dinners

We can lots of these dinner time chats... just like I'm there with you.  <br><br> You've completely given up on being a gentle lover as well as the alpha that gets rough with her... that's why your here... you're here to listen to reason... to listen to my advice. <br><br> Oh and let's just get you used to ur new place at my feet right now.  <br><br> You're a peasant that's not worthy of using furniture without permission... not worthy of eye contact without permission... not worthy of speaking without permission. Get Used to it.  <br><br> Write my name on a big fat baked potato and hump it for me. Then get busy making me a shrine!  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Humiliation, Beta Male Training, Mind Fuck, Sheer Topless, Latex Leggings, Goddess Worship, Sexual Rejection. Pantyhose Feet, Stockings, Nylons. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Worship Puddle Picture Perv'

Charlotte Stokely - Worship Puddle Picture Perv

I see you liking all my Instagram pictures!  <br><br> Aren't you gonna show me how good you are at makin worship puddles? <br><br> Ooo I have another idea! What if I were to scoop up your worship puddle and make you eat it for me?  Thats just perfect… Let me check the camera to make sure its a clear shot on your face. Don't worry about leftovers, I can scrape them up and smear them on your face after. <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Cum Countdown, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Humiliation, Cum Eating instructions, CEI, Latex PVC Vinyl Leather, Goddess Worship, Brat Girls. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cuck Competition Party'

Charlotte Stokely - Cuck Competition Party

Hey loser… aren't u glad I invited u to the party?  <br><br> Humiliating outfit, Cuck written on your forehead, Spankings, by a man while we laugh... oh and cum eating and ass eating too!  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Cuckolding, Humiliation, Cum Eating instructions, CEI, Domestic Servitude, Financial Domination, Findom, Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Encouraged Bi, Body Writing.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Secret Spraying'

Charlotte Stokely - Secret Spraying

We need to have a little talk step-bro...  <br><br> I've been on your phone and know what turns you on... My Pantyyhose! <br><br> I think we're in for a very orgasmic summer, haha.  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Taboo, Pantyhose Stockings Nylons, Legs, Ass Fetish, Nylon Feet, Masturbation Encouragement. 

Charlotte Stokely in 'Pathetic Proposal'

Charlotte Stokely - Pathetic Proposal

If you ever propose to me... I want you to do it this way: <br><br> First Kneel... it's traditional... <br><br> Second... I want you to hand me a giant dildo and beg me to smear it all over your face the whole time you babbling about wanting to marry me... <br><br> Third... I want you jerking off your tiny dick the whole time I'm smearing dick around your face. <br><br> Here, let's practice that for 5 minutes and then I want you to slip the tip of the dick in your ass while you await my answer.  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely <br><br> Categories: Rejection, Humiliation, Make Me Bi, Bisexual Encouragement, Encouraged Bi, Dildos, Latex, Financial Domination, Findom, Cuckolding, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Gay Humiliation.  

Charlotte Stokely in 'If You Deny Your Keyholder'

Charlotte Stokely - If You Deny Your Keyholder

Don't defy your key holder... <br><br> Or you'll end up with even more humiliating chores... more humiliating pictures... that leads to even more blackmail-fantasy and more tributes. <br><br> Categories: Blackmail-Fantasy, Chastity, Financial Domination, Findom, Humiliation, Fishnets, Legs, Latex, Tease And Denial, Sexual Rejection, Leotard Fetish, Bodysuit.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Tits To Rule Your Life'

Charlotte Stokely - Tits To Rule Your Life

They're so perfect, so round, and now you're wondering what they look like underneath this.. if you're a good boy and drop your pants, and stroke your cock I might just let you. <br><br> You'd probably think it was better than actual pussy. <br><br> So stroke it titty boy! Show me all that glistening cum you have for my perfect tits. <br><br> MY tits are gonna ruin your life forever LOL!  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Topless, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Masturbation Encouragement, Humiliation, Boots, Latex Leggings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Nothing But An Fool'

Charlotte Stokely - Nothing But An Fool

You watch my humiliation videos over and over again but still can't seem to let go of your manhood completely huh? Now stroke your dick faster loser.... I'm gonna bring you all the way to your destruction and make you a weak fool permanently. Charlotte Stokely Categories: Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Gooner, Gooning, Cum Countdown, Boots, Ankle Booties, Beta Male Training, Fishnets.

Jamie Michelle in 'Flames'

Jamie Michelle - Flames

Jamie and charlotte are good friends - but that wasn't always the case. They met as lovers, drifted apart, started families, and then reconnected years later.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Cream For The Cum Controler'

Charlotte Stokely - Cream For The Cum Controler

The absolutely BEST part is that when Im sitting here with a dildo in my hand you can pretend it's yours. Mmmm ya I can stroke and lick and tease it all day while you sit there and imagine what it would feel like if it was your dick. <br><br> Right now I'm the controller of all your Orgasms…. You'll only cum when I say you can…. You can call me the cum controller. <br><br> You're making such a fucking mess! I guess that means I'll go have some fun with this dildo myself... bye bye loser!  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Jerk Off Instruction, Feet JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Orgasm Control. Garters, Stockings, Pantyhose, Nylon Feet, Dildo Footjob, Gooner Gooning.  

Charlotte Stokely in 'Delicious Progress'

Charlotte Stokely - Delicious Progress

You just love it that I've taken your little submissive tendencies… and thrown in all kinds of extra added kinks… implanted them into your brain… oops! <br><br> I suck you in with this bitchy face… this outfit… the very fact that I'm superior to u… and then I throw in some destructive “idea starters” for u to obsess over! <br><br> And you'll taste your fuckin cum for me right fuckin now!  <br><br> Charlotte Stokely  <br><br> Categories: Cum Eating Instructions, CEI, Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship, Brat Girls, Latex, Pantyhose Stockings, Legs, Cum Countdown, Financial Domination, Findom.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Maid Of Honor Wars'

Charlotte Stokely - Maid Of Honor Wars

A bride a few short weeks away fromgetting married is still having a hard time picking which one of her two besties deserve the important maid of honor spot. She decides to use her bachelorette party night to put her friends to the ultimate test. Which one is truly her best friend and how far will they go to prove it? after some naughty back and forth action, she makes the ultimate decision.

Abby Cross in 'fucking in the living room with her tattoos'

Abby Cross - fucking in the living room with her tattoos

College girls Hayden Bell and Abby Cross have recruited Giovanni to help them study for their exams, and they tell him they'll give him free drinks at the bar they work at. Giovanni says it's not necessary, so the blonde and brunette duo take it upon themselves to thank him another way -- with a threesome! The study session ends with a nice facial for the female students, which will definitely help them get a good grade!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Co-ed Charlotte Stokely fucking in the desk with her tattoos'

Charlotte Stokely - Co-ed Charlotte Stokely fucking in the desk with her tattoos

Charlotte Stokely is unimpressed with Professor Lawrence's teaching skills, so she figures the only way she can get an A is to experience some of his other skills and show him her dick sucking skills.

Charlotte Stokely in 'fucking in the couch with her natural tits'

Charlotte Stokely - fucking in the couch with her natural tits

Charlotte has been trying to pass cock-sucking 101 for the past two years. She's either real bad or she is real good. It's the latter; she keeps getting failed so that she can blow the next proctor's mind!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sleepover'

Charlotte Stokely - Sleepover

How do elegant ladies let loose? Shimmering blondes Charlotte and Kenna are indulging their playful side with a pillow fight, then taking the action in a more decadent direction.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sins Of The Flesh'

Charlotte Stokely - Sins Of The Flesh

Charlotte and Lilly are pristine blonde perfection, elegant and unattainable. But these dream girls are thirsty, and tonight, they're putting on the most exclusive show for a VIP with exquisite taste.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Helps Casey Calvert Masturbate'

Charlotte Stokely - Helps Casey Calvert Masturbate

Playful blonde Charlotte Stokely volunteers her stellar bod to fill in for pleasure-seeking Casey Calvert's boyfriend. Casey is on the phone as Charlotte overhears her boyfriend turning down an invite from Casey. Frisky Charlotte reminds Casey that she knows what to do with a pussy and is eager to prove her worth. The sexy twosome begin kissing passionately on the bed until Casey is prone on the bed, knees up. Charlotte teases her by kissing around Casey's twat. Soon Casey writhes in ecstasy as the foxy Stokely sucks her pussy. Casey returns the favor and is soon motoring on Charlotte's unshaved, but well kept blonde bush. The enchanting couple are soon in a sexy sixty-nine position that showcases all their wonderful curves. They finish kissing one another commenting that boyfriends are not needed...

Charlotte Stokely in 'My Boyfriend's Porn'

Charlotte Stokely - My Boyfriend's Porn

Eliza Ibarra visits her best friend, Charlotte Stokely, and is stoked to see her. Even though they're best friends, they haven't had the chance to hang out much lately since Charlotte got a new boyfriend. But speaking of Charlotte's boyfriend, he's kind of why Charlotte invited Eliza over today...

Eliza is curious as Charlotte takes out a laptop, explaining that it's her boyfriend's and that she was just borrowing it when she discovered something interesting: lesbian porn! Her boyfriend has SO MUCH lesbian porn on his computer! But she can't be mad since all guys watch porn, right?? Does Eliza herself watch porn?? Eliza is surprised by the question but admits that she doesn't...

Charlotte questions if THEY should watch some porn. They don't want to be one of those people that's never seen a porn video in their life, right? It'd probably be a good thing if they at least had an idea of what it's all about... Although Eliza's a bit uncertain, her curiosity and desire to spend more time with her bestie gets the best of her, so she agrees.

They pick one of the videos to watch and settle in. Although it's awkward at first, they naturally can't help but get turned on as the video progresses. In fact, they get so hot and bothered that they sheepishly agree to masturbate next to each other to take the edge off. Of course, this isn't enough, and it isn't long before they are hungry for the full lesbian experience. They've already gone THIS far, so why not go all the way??

They start off with kissing each other, although their mouths soon find their way to each other's breasts and pussies. They're eager for anything and everything they can get, including tribbing and even 69ing. As they bring each other to new realms of pleasure, it looks like finding porn on a boyfriend's computer was a good thing!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, LibraJohnny!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Rock You Like A Hurricane'

Charlotte Stokely - Rock You Like A Hurricane

Two rival rock bands, Twisted Fister, led by Micki Jett (Charlotte Stokely) and MegaLez, led by Rhonda Rotten (Lena Paul) arrive at an empty venue for a battle of the bands. The bands have a long history of competing with each other. The girls from Twisted Fister - Micki, Joan (Katrina Jade), Kim (Kira Noir), and Patti (Payton Preslee) and the ladies from MegaLez - Rhonda, Lila (Karla Kush), Charlie (Chloe Cherry), and Darla (Giselle Palmer) can't wait to face off and finally settle who's the most bitchin' band once and for all!

But their dreams are dashed when the venue manager Vince (Stix Zadinia) comes in and tells the girls that there's a hurricane on the way. The battle of the bands is canceled! Vince's assistant Kelly (Anastasia Rose) then tells them that the storm is too severe for anyone to leave. The bands decide to have the battle of the bands anyway.

Both bands rock out, and with the battle done, the drummers and bassists leave to get some air. Even though the bands now have a begrudging respect for each other, they still can't decide who won the battle. Micki suggests that there is really only one way left to see who's the best: by seeing who FUCKS the best. Rhonda's not backing down, so she and Lila come together with Micki and Joan for a totally rad foursome.

Forget about ROCKING the hardest...the fight's on to see who FUCKS the hardest!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Unfinished Business'

Charlotte Stokely - Unfinished Business

Karma RX and Charlotte Stokely, two fiancees that are soon to be married, are relaxing in bed together. As they snuggle up and daydream, Karma catches sight of Charlotte's computer screen. 'Who's Ella?' she questions, though has to nudge a bit more when Charlotte tries to evade the question. Charlotte soon gives in and admits that Ella Knox is an ex of hers from high school who broke her heart. But it doesn't matter because that's all in the past. They were young and dumb. Now it's all about the future with Karma!When Charlotte leaves moments later for work, Karma's eyes fall curiously back onto the computer left behind. She's worried about Charlotte, but has a plan...A few days later, Charlotte is in for the surprise of her life when none other than Ella Knox appears at the door! She is stunned, though Karma assures her it's all right and that Ella was invited. Karma knows Charlotte needs some closure from the breakup. Without it, the ex is always going to be on the back of her mind. Fortunately for them, Ella agreed to confront her past as well.Charlotte is amazed as Karma explains that she wants her to have one last night with Ella to get the closure she needs. Without that 'what-if' hanging over their heads, they'll be free to live the long, happy marriage they dream of! Although Charlotte is still shocked, when Karma encourages her to give Ella a kiss, she tentatively goes for it.The reservations soon melt away as Charlotte gets more into it, encouraged by Karma, who soon joins in on the fun. Things get hot and heavy between them as they eagerly dive into each other's pussies, relieving the tension and letting go of the past. Will Charlotte now finally be free to move on?

Charlotte Stokely in 'Chapter 3 - The Redemption'

Charlotte Stokely - Chapter 3 - The Redemption

The next morning Sister Mona (Mona Wales) and Sister Mary (Serene Siren) pray to the lord for forgiveness when Mother Joan (Magdalene St-Michaels) enters the room. She's not quite convinced that Sister Mona is healing from all her vices, but she is willing to give her a try. Meanwhile, the health of Mother Superior (Nina Hartley) doesn't seem to improve, which causes Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely) overwhelming stress. If she loses her mentor she will be forced to live her life in secret like before. Tina (Kenna James) recognizes her fear and reassures her that in the event of Mother Superior's death, she will stand by her side, which gives Sister Charlotte temporary relief. Tina had another confession to make, however; she's in love with Sister Charlotte. She smiles and explains to her sister that she is mistaking lust for love. Lucky for her, though, the feeling is mutual. The sisters kiss passionately before indulging in erotic lust under delicate candle light. Tina, the young novitiate, responds timidly at first before getting entranced by satisfying her deep-seated desires. The nuns forget about everything around them and, for a moment, they are the only important thing in the world.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Breakfast With My Friend - Part 1'

Charlotte Stokely - Breakfast With My Friend - Part 1

Every Sunday Brigitte (Charlotte Stokely) and her girlfriend Jenny (Serene Siren) host a friendly breakfast with Brigitte's childhood friend Lola (Penny Pax) and Pepper (Sovereign Syre). It's the perfect occasion to catch up with what has happened during the week, and this week was a special one for Brigitte, ended up face to face with her ex on the street and her reaction was unexpected, she kissed her. That story makes Brigitte's friend laugh and brings old memories back. They all laugh at the situation, but when the brunch is over and Brigitte and Jenny are finally alone in the living room, and it's another story. Jenny is a little bit upset over the whole situation. Luckily for Jenny, Brigitte knows exactly how to make her forgive her bad behavior. An explosive orgasm always does the trick!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Closing Time Scene 1'

Charlotte Stokely - Closing Time Scene 1

Lacy and Whitney are rival bartenders at the Last Call Tavern. Lacy is pragmatic but a little naïve while Whitney is a calculating seductress. Both are lobbying for the manager position and will do seemingly anything to influence the bar owners decision. A colorful cast of characters frequent this local watering hole with hooking up as their first priority. The best sexual adventures always happen after closing time.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Lesbian Encounters'

Charlotte Stokely - Lesbian Encounters

Charlotte Stokely and Diana Grace in Diana's first lesbian scene. Charlotte, a classic beauty and the reigning queen of practically every lesbian performer award given the last several years in a row, gives fresh faced newcomer Diana Grace her first taste of a woman. Diana is a virgin, hesitant to have sex with her current boyfriend, because understandably the right person hasn't come along yet. Being a good best friend, Charlotte listens attentively and twirls Diana's long blonde hair in her fingers as she proposes an unusual idea. Charlotte whispers in Diana's ear 'Just close your eyes and pretend I'm him. I'll do all the things to you he would...' Diana submits to her and they roll on the bed, in a sensual explosion of first times and gentle kissing, fucking, licking and rubbing. The intimacy here is real- the air hung thick with sexual tension in the room before they had even taken their clothes off. Charlotte definitely converted Diana and they both left with huge smiles and ready for more.

Avi Love in 'The Possession Of Mrs. Hyde Scene 3'

Avi Love - The Possession Of Mrs. Hyde Scene 3

Three generations of adult film directors bring to life an X-Rated film noir 30 years in the making. Co-written with his late father Lasse and his son Rikki, The Possession of Mrs. Hyde is Axel Braun's first non-parody feature in 15 years and his most ambitious movie to date. Shot entirely in black and white CinemaScope 2.35:1 and winner of 5 AVN awards, including Movie of the Year and Best Screenplay, this intoxicatingly sexy thriller puts a new spin on the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novel by borrowing some of the key characters, expanding its narrative and moving the setting from Victorian-era London to present-day Los Angeles.What if Jekyll's experiments were not only limited to himself What if there was a woman in Jekyll and Hyde's life And most importantly, who was the real monster

Charlotte Stokely in 'The Bachelorette 3: Reluctant Bride'

Charlotte Stokely - The Bachelorette 3: Reluctant Bride

Emotional and frustrated, Bachelorette Charlotte Stokely can't get the events of the last few days out of her head. Her mind racing with the memories of cheating on her husband-to-be at her bachelorette party, she's been desperately trying to reach her best friend Kira Noir to convince her to erase the video proof so she can move on with her life and her wedding. But Kira's not answering her texts and none of their friends have heard from her. Finally, Charlotte decides to go to Kira's house to see if she's there. When she arrives at the house, she knocks on the door - no answer. She lets in and out a deep, desperate sigh and starts banging on the door pleading for her best friend to answer. Finally, Kira answers the door, and Charlotte tells her she's been trying to reach her all day. Kira lies and says sorry, she hasn't been checking her phone. She invites Charlotte into the house and they go up to Kira's bedroom to talk. Charlotte confronts her, saying that she KNOWS Kira took a video of her having sex with the stripper at the party. She begs her best friend to delete it.Kira says she's not going to delete the video. Charlotte tries to lighten her tone and reason with her friend, by saying it was just a silly bit of joking around that went too far, she was just playing up the whole 'last night of being single' theme of the party and just took it too far. Kira argues it was way more than that, and even if she won't admit it, something else is going on. Even before the party she's been acting weird - wild mood swings, dragging her feet about even the smallest reception details, getting more and more nervous as the wedding date nears even though she should be excited... Charlotte tries to lie saying that's just normal bride stuff, but Kira insists she knows her well enough to know when something is wrong. It's not just normal bride stuff, she's acting like she doesn't even want to get married. She pleads with the bachelorette to tell her what's really going on.Seeing her friend open up and plead honestly with her, the bachelorette breaks down. It's true, she says, she's right, Charlotte HAS been having second thoughts about the wedding. She knows that she loves her fiancé, but she's not...IN LOVE with him, Charlotte admits emotionally. Well, does she guys?, Kira asks. Charlotte isn't sure what Kira is getting at. Her best friend tells her that every time she's seen Charlotte with her fiancé, it's been...lukewarm. But when she saw Charlotte with that stripper the other night...she's NEVER seen passion like that from Charlotte. So does Charlotte girls?, Kira asks. Charlotte hesitates to answer, but Kira tells her she can be real with her. It takes Charlotte a moment to admit it, not only to her best friend to herself as well, but... yeah, she...likes girls, Charlotte answers slowly. Her eyes widen as the realization fully sinks in. 'I like...GIRLS,' Charlotte repeats, visibly relieved. Kira has used the video to finally get Charlotte to admit the truth about herself, which might just save the reluctant bride from making a mistake and marrying a man she doesn't love. But was that all that Kira was after all along? Or does she have other, more...PERSONAL reasons for outing her friend?

Charlotte Stokely in 'The Bachelorette 1: Public Indecency'

Charlotte Stokely - The Bachelorette 1: Public Indecency

Bride-to-be Charlotte Stokely's bachelorette party is well underway - music and laughter pack the crowded room with noise, the cocktail glasses are almost entirely drained, and the counters are littered with party decorations and party favors. This is Charlotte's last night of fun before she gets married and she's determined to enjoy EVERY minute of it.Charlotte and her best friend Kira Noir are chatting. Charlotte is elated that they've been friends for so long and that Kira has been part of all of the important things in Charlotte's life. Smiling sweetly, Kira tells her friend that she values their friendship too and she wouldn't miss Charlotte's wedding for the world. She's going to be the best maid of honor for the best bride ever, Kira adds as the two happily embrace. Kira excuses herself to greet the evening's entertainment and comes back a moment later accompanied by Jade Baker, a sexy scantily clad bombshell of a woman. Kira announces that there seems to have been a mix-up with the agency, and Kira accidentally hired a female stripper for tonight. The mix-up was Kira's fault so there's not much to be done about it - sorry ladies!The rowdy partygoers moan in disappointment, but the stripper, in good humor, says that they paid for her services after all and she has nowhere else to be tonight, so why not have a little fun with her while they have her?Pretty soon, everyone's disappointment is forgotten. They can't take their eyes off of Jade as she spins her luscious body around the pole that's been set up in the middle of the room. As they get more and more into it, the partygoers begin urging Charlotte to get a lap dance. After all, what good is a bachelorette party if the guest of honor doesn't get a lap dance? It's tradition! It takes a bit of coaxing since Charlotte's never even thought about girls that way, let alone had a half-naked one dance for her. But eventually the bachelorette agrees to ONE lap dance, just as a laugh.The stripper starts her dance, grinding her hot body on the bachelorette. This loosens Charlotte right up, and she giggles with enjoyment, wondering out loud what she should do with her hands. Jade tells her flirtily that she can put them wherever she wants as she places Charlotte's hands on her tits. Charlotte squeals with delight. As the partygoers catcall and cheer loudly, Charlotte runs her hands along Jade's body, marvelling at how big her tits are and how soft her ass is.As the music pulses, Jade gets even more sensual and physical, running her hands over Charlotte's arms, thighs, and upper body. Charlotte seems mesmerized by Jade's erotic performance and her hands start exploring the dancer's body even more, until she eventually buries her face between Jade's tits. The crowd cheers her on as Charlotte motorboats Jade's juicy jugs. Emboldened by the cheers of her friends, Charlotte begins to lick Jade's hard nipples. As the dance continues, the stripper flips her body around, from a cowgirl position to a reverse-cowgirl position as she continues to dance and grind on the bachelorette. The lust-driven bachelorette keeps her hands in place, feeling up the bombshell's voluptuous curves now from behind. As Jade continues grinding, Charlotte is pawing hungrily at Jade's body, panting with lust. Eventually, to the shock of the onlooking partygoers, the bachelorette's urges become so great that, still entranced by Jade's performance, she slides her hands down between the stripper's legs and begins to massage her pussy.Jade lets out a very satisfied gasp and moan, as the other partygoers gasp - their whispers and giggles becoming more pronounced as they watch on in disturbed and intrigued curiosity. Charlotte begins to give the dancer a reach-around finger bang as Jade continues to grind, buck and sway on her lap, until eventually Jade cums, biting her lip in pure ecstasy.Saying that she wants to return the favor, Jade slips Charlotte out of her clothes. Lowering her face to the bachelorette's pink, wet pussy, she begins to eat Charlotte out enthusiastically. The onlookers can't help but gawk and stare, some horrified and others entertained as Charlotte and Jade go even further, becoming completely lost in each other's bodies. It's safe to say that her passionate encounter with Jade is one that Charlotte won't soon forget. But in the morning, after the haze of the party clears from her mind, will the blushing bride-to-be remember the moment she glanced over at Kira and saw her FILMING the whole thing???

Charlotte Stokely in 'Axel Brauns Girlfest Scene 1'

Charlotte Stokely - Axel Brauns Girlfest Scene 1

Legendary director Axel Braun dives into the realm of sapphic pleasures with an all-star cast of 10 phenomenal performers led by lesbian authority Charlotte Stokley and statuesque beauty Elena Koshka. Brilliant casting, masterful camerawork, and true passion make Axel Braun's Girlfest the scorching beginning of a new series destined to become a classical.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Undressing Each Other'

Charlotte Stokely - Undressing Each Other

Charlotte Stokely and her friend Xandra Sixx just came back from a lunch with friends where they spent their time undressing each other with their eyes. But once the girls are back home and alone, the truth cums out: these girls are dripping wet and eager to lick each other's beavers! Don't miss this blonde on blonde bombshell of a scene!

Kendra Lust in 'Inappropriate Behavior'

Kendra Lust - Inappropriate Behavior

Personal assistant Charlotte Stokely confronts boss Kendra Lust about her inappropriate behavior at work. When Kendra realizes her assistant is prepared to walk, Kendra comes up with a kinky plan, but Charlotte is on to her and more than turned on by her brunette bombshell boss, grabbing Kendra and kissing her deeply while enjoying Kendra's lush curves. Kendra's finally getting just what she wants so is happy to give in to her sexy assistant. The horny women eat each other out, while giving into plenty of ass worship. They finger and rim each other's tight assholes, achieving multiple orgasms. Fully satiated they collapse into each other's arms, exhausted by their heated affair.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Lady Boss: Lesbian Interview'

Charlotte Stokely - Lady Boss: Lesbian Interview

Elsa Jean has a job interview today and has to look her best! She puts her best outfit on and is confident she's going to get the job. When she shows up for the interview, Charlotte Stokely introduces herself and tells Elsa that they'll be starting immediately. She hands her the first ink blot and asks her to interpret it. When Elsa hesitates, Charlotte starts jotting down notes as she watches Elsa make mistake after mistake. Elsa pleads with her to give her another card, so she can try again. Charlotte rolls her eyes and takes the card from her explaining that the answer was relatively simple; it's two women kissing! Elsa doesn't see that at all and continues trying to make her own interpretation. Charlotte shakes her head and hands her a new ink blot in the hopes that she'll get it right this time. Elsa tries her best, but Charlotte is back at it, taking her notes and looking at her with an air of disappointment. When Elsa mentions that she might be seeing a lady in the card, Charlotte smiles insinuating that she's finally getting the picture. This prompts Elsa to keep going as she continues with this theme. She tells her that the girl in the picture seems to be playing with her pussy. Charlotte nods indicating that she's on the right track. Through sheer nervousness, Elsa pulls up her skirt and starts playing with herself. Charlotte tells her she finally seems to be getting it and appreciates Elsa's eagerness to do what's necessary to earn her place at the company. Charlotte has another test for her to complete and when Elsa pleases her boss and makes her cum, she assures her place and gets the job!

Charlotte Stokely in 'The Biology Professor'

Charlotte Stokely - The Biology Professor

Charlotte Stokely is on break after a long morning of teaching. When Emily Willis calls out her name and comes over to talk to her, she's less than thrilled. Emily explains that she doesn't understand the material and really needs some help. Charlotte flippantly tells her she could find herself a tutor hoping she goes away. Emily doesn't appreciate her attitude; if she's her biology teacher than why doesn't she want to help her? Charlotte rolls her eyes and asks her how she may be of service. Emily asks her to turn to a specific chapter that she seems to be struggling with and points out the problem. When Emily suggests they use a model to better understand the material, Charlotte tells her there are no models available. Emily suggests they use what they have and asks Charlotte to stand up and extend her hands outwards. She shakes her head and hopes by doing this she can get back to her break. When Emily asks her where the appendix is, she rubs her hands all over Charlotte's chest. Charlotte corrects her saying that she's pretty sure the appendix is lower. When Emily cops another feel, Charlotte stops her saying that her behavior isn't completely inappropriate. When Emily tells her she was the one who called her over and started acting inappropriately, Charlotte quickly realizes that Emily could report her and lose her job in the process. She figures she'll just model for her and get this over with as soon as possible. Emily starts groping her and slowly tales off her clothes. The more Charlotte pleads with her stating that this is inappropriate, the more Emily seems to be enjoying herself. Looks like Emily got the biology lesson she had in mind after all!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Lesbian Hospital: Phony Doctor'

Charlotte Stokely - Lesbian Hospital: Phony Doctor

When the doctor escorts Whitney Wright to her room, she didn't anticipate having to stay there overnight. What she's also didn't expect is Charlotte Stokely eyeing her from the doorway. Now, all Charlotte has to do is figure out how to get Whitney's pants off. When Charlotte sees a couple of white coats in the next room, she slips one on, wraps a stethoscope around her neck and proceeds with her plan to seduce Whitney. When she walks into her room she's really nervous. She introduces herself as Whitney's new doctor. Whitney is confused but doesn't question her. She takes the stethoscope and places it on Whitney's chest making sure to grab a handful of her breast in the process. She tells Whitney that her shirt might be getting in the way. In order for her to examine her properly, it might be best to take it off. Charlotte pulls down her shirt and starts playing with her nipples. She comments how it's a really good sign that they're erect as it shows her reflexes are still intact. When she tells her she needs to proceed with the examination, she asks Whitney to lay on her back. She wants to make sure she's nice and healthy. She massages her inner thighs as she asks her if there's any pain. When Whitney tells her she doesn't feel anything she suggests she pull her skirt up. She then starts feeling up her stomach as she's inches away from Whitney's pussy. When she puts the stethoscope on her pussy, Whitney doesn't seem to mind at all, in fact, once she starts volunteering to take off her clothes so Charlotte can check her thoroughly, it's just what the doctor ordered!

India Summer in 'Becoming Elsa'

India Summer - Becoming Elsa

India is sunbathing naked on the balcony. Elsa, in her room, has a good view of the older woman's ravishing body. She loves everything about India: she likes her curves, she likes her breasts and her well groomed pussy. Just thinking of using her finger to caress this gorgeous body makes her wet. Elsa's never been with a woman before, never had sex with anyone. Thinking of having her first experience with an older woman leaves her nipples pebbled with arousal. She is looking at India's body through the window and she starts caressing herself. Lost in the moment, she doesn't realize that Charlotte is staring at her. She waits a little longer, enjoying Elsa's quiet moans for India. Once again, she startles Elsa when at last she decides to disturb her in this intimate moment. Charlotte doesn't understand why Elsa hasn't made a move on India already. Unfortunately, Elsa doesn't have the confidence, courage, or drive that Charlotte has. She wishes she did, but she's not Charlotte. Disappointed and about to give up, she asks Charlotte to help. Charlotte promises to do everything she can to help her new friend.India is alone in her room listening to some old vinyl when Elsa knocks at the door. She asks India if she may enter. India invites her to sit beside her on the bed. India offers to rub some lotion on Elsa's legs. Elsa agrees and allows India to caress her leg. She finds, unsurprisingly, that likes India's touch; she likes feeling India's finger between her thighs. Elsa's heartbeat speeds up, her whole body gets warmer, and when she can't resist anymore she moves in and kisses India. Surprised, India doesn't say a word and looks smolderingly at Elsa. Elsa looks away, not sure she did the right thing, but India interrupts her thoughts by returning her kiss. During this ardent kiss, Charlotte arrives and slides her hands inside India's shirt and begins caressing her supple breasts. Together, Elsa and Charlotte will pleasure India the way she truly deserves. Slowly, as this magical moment unfolds, Elsa finally becomes her true self, claiming her sexual desires; with confidence during this searing, intimate moment between herself and India, she is at last becoming Elsa.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Becoming A Voyeur'

Charlotte Stokely - Becoming A Voyeur

When Elsa wakes up after an unforgettable night, Charlotte is no longer there. Like her entrance, she's disappeared without notice. Elsa takes a hot shower and comes back to her room. With all her concentration on her preparation for school, she doesn't notice India looking at her. India offers her help to Elsa and she gladly accepts. India sits on the side of the bed and helps Elsa get ready. India apologizes for the previous night and says that she hopes they were not too loud. Elsa looks away shyly with an awkward nod. Elsa surprises India by asking how she knew that she was attracted to women. India begins telling her story, but Elsa interrupts her suddenly after seeing Charlotte's reflection in the mirror. She gently asks India to leave, making sure she doesn't see Charlotte. When she's back in her room Charlotte teases her a little bit about India before inviting her to come study with herself and a 'friend.' Elsa refuses on the pretext that she needs to get to school, but Charlotte insists and Elsa ultimately agrees. In the end, Charlotte is the only one who has reached out wanting to be her friend since she arrived, and meeting other people could be good for her. Elsa tags along with Charlotte to Ana's (Ana Foxxx) dorm room.Elsa is sitting on the couch and Charlotte and Ana are on the bed. They are very close to each other. Charlotte is reading her book and Ana is looking at her. It's obvious that she's not listening to Charlotte. Gradually, Ana gets closer to Charlotte. Charlotte tries to concentrate on her studies, but Ana's look is making her nervous and excited. She can't hide the goosebumps on her arm when Ana gently glides her fingertip across Charlotte's hand. Ana grabs Charlotte's hand and kisses it. Charlotte doesn't want to study, she wants to kiss Ana, she wants to taste those lips, feel her tongue sliding against Ana's mocha skin, wants to have sex with this amazing girl who makes her panties wet the second she lands her eyes on her. Elsa stays on the couch watching all the mounting sexual tension in front of her. She knows she 'should' leave and let them be alone, but the lustful part of her wants to stay and watch them making love. She watches Charlotte please Ana with her tongue; she watches Charlotte's body reacting to the pleasure of Ana's finger inside her pussy. She watches them having multiple orgasms...and she loves it.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Office Girls Cock Cruelty'

Charlotte Stokely - Office Girls Cock Cruelty

Since you made a complaint that One of the hot girls in the office was was sexually harassing you... legal has advised me that I'm gonna have to resolve this situation with you by today or you'll be escorted out of the building. Yes you. I realize that your the one that brought forth the complaint but by doing so you've insulted one of the hottest managers in the company. Your lucky to be in the presence of such a hottie that wears sexy stockings and heels everyday. See, if she says your a shrimp dick that deserves a cock stomping, then you just gotta let that cock stomping happen, ok tiny? Goddess Charlotte Stokely Categories: Femdom POV, Stockings/ Pantyhose, Office Domination, CBT, Ballbusting, Humiliation, Shoe Fetish, SPH, Small Penis Humiliation, Female Supremacy, Shoe Dangling, Foot Fetish, Black Stockings.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Glorybox Test Dummy'

Charlotte Stokely - Glorybox Test Dummy

You've signed the contract and you've agreed to be the tester for our latest product. It's a product targeted to appeal to angry girlfriends. No backing out now, haha! I'm going to strap a box over your head with a hole for dicks to slide straight into your mouth. You're our test dummy. You'll get your 6 dollars after about 30 or 40 guys shoot their loads down the back of your throat. Haha! Goddess Charlotte Stokely Categories: Cum Eating Instruction, CEI, Forced Bi, Make Me Bi, Gay Humiliation, Bisexual Encouragement, Female Supremacy, Office Domination.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Stay at My Place'

Charlotte Stokely - Stay at My Place

Jenna Sativa is staying at Charlotte Stokely's place temporarily. She's looking for an apartment and hasn't found one yet. When Charlotte tells Sativa that she has to get ready for work, Jenna plants a kiss on her lips leaving Charlotte slightly confused as she leaves the room. As she gets undressed, she doesn't notice that Jenna, who's now naked, has stuck past her and jumped into the shower. As she pulls the curtain back, she finds Jenna smiling seductively. Charlotte asks her what she thinks she's doing. Jenna tells her she's not the only one that needs to get ready and that she should just join her. While Charlotte hesitates, Jenna pulls her into the shower with her adding that they'll save some time if they shower together. As Charlotte tries to get comfortable with the idea, Jenna is busy lathering her body. When Jenna steps out of the shower saying she's late for work, Charlotte is confused. She thought Jenna liked and wanted her. Disappointed, she finishes up and heads to work. When the girls come back from work Charlotte feels horrible. She tells Jenna that she hasn't been the best host but Jenna is confused. She's been at her place for over 3 weeks and can't imagine what she's eluding to. Charlotte tells her that the couch can't be that comfortable and that from now on she'll be sleeping upstairs with her. As Charlotte goes upstairs to change, she tells Jenna to come upstairs when she's ready. Charlotte is in bed wearing a sexy lingerie waiting for her prize and when Jenna comes upstairs and takes her clothes off to reveal her naked body, Charlotte then realizes that her lonely nights are about to become something of the past.

Charlotte Stokely in 'That Dress'

Charlotte Stokely - That Dress

Charlotte Stokely and Georgia Jones are in their respective rooms trying out some new outfits. The girls are gonna hit the clubs hard and want to look perfect. When Georgia walks into Charlotte rooms, Charlotte can't believe how hot she looks. Georgia, in turn, thinks Charlotte looks amazing as well. The truth is, both girls look smoking and are going to paint the town red. Charlotte wonders if she should wear a bra or panties but Georgia thinks that she's better off going commando, After all, she might get some free drinks in the process. The girls flirt and grope each other bodies as they look in the mirror. When the girls decide they could just stay in and have fun with each other, not a moment passes before they're ripping each other's clothes off. As Charlotte lifts up Georgia's dress to reveal her bare ass, she starts shaking it for her. Charlotte slaps it, runs her hands between her ass cheeks and teases her. Charlotte climbs up on the vanity and Georgia waste no time shoving her face right into her pussy. Charlotte is so wet and her juices pour all over Georgia's face. Georgia turns around and places her leg on the vanity as Charlotte licks her pussy and her ass savoring every moment. Once the girls move to the bed they 69 and fuck each other pussies with their tongues. By the time they start tribbing, it's quite that they're not going anywhere and after all, when you have everything you want at home, why would they want to go anywhere to begin with?

Charlotte Stokely in 'Test Massage'

Charlotte Stokely - Test Massage

Kayla runs the massage department of a luxury spa. She is interviewing Charlotte, who has recently been certified in massage. Everything is going well in the interview, until Kayla tells Charlotte that the final requirement is a 'test massage' on Kayla herself. Charlotte's nervous, the beautiful manager intimidates her and it shows during her massage. Kayla stops her, telling Charlotte to have more confidence and not worry so much, and to try again. This time Charlotte really puts herself into it, gliding her hands all over Kayla's silky skin, easing her tight body. When Kayla turns over, looking up at Charlotte there is an immediate spark as her pussy aches for Charlottes touch; both girls are consumed by the building pleasure and need a release!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Party Girls - S26:E14'

Charlotte Stokely - Party Girls - S26:E14

Blonde babes Charlotte Stokely and Elsa Jean can't keep their hands and lips off each other! Their tight dresses mold to their bodies as Charlotte pins Elsa to the wall for a proper make out session. Lifting her hands to pull Elsa's miniskirt up, Charlotte feasts her palms on Elsa's bubble butt before leading her love upstairs.Climbing onto the bed, Elsa lifts her skirt and waves her bottom in its thong at Charlotte. Meanwhile, Charlotte reaches around her back to undo the zip on her dress so she can work it down her slender body. By the time her dress is down around her waist, Charlotte can't wait another moment to press her lips to Emma's bottom. Pulling Emma's thong aside, Charlotte slides her finger down her girlfriend's slit and then peels her underwear off altogether. Peeling off her own dress, Charlotte then leans forward to sweep her tongue over the slippery delight of Elsa's dripping pussy. Her first pass leaves her starving for more, so she settles in for a real feast. Elsa can't get enough of her lover's gentle ministrations, rocking back to meet each thrust of Charlotte's tongue until her body explodes with delight. Rearing back on her knees, Elsa happily laps her own essence from Charlotte's fingers.Easing Elsa out of her little black dress, Charlotte takes the time to pinch and suckle her tanned lover's nipples before allowing Elsa to return the favor. Gently urging Charlotte back onto the bed, Elsa peppers her fair skinned love's skin with kisses. Then she works her way lower, hovering just above Charlotte's thong before moving the fabric aside for a taste of the blonde's juices.Her tongue makes magic in Charlotte's belly, but Elsa isn't about to stop with standard oral sex. She rolls onto her back on the bed and wraps her arms around Charlotte's waist to position her girlfriend exactly where she wants her. Once Charlotte is firmly seated on Elsa's face, she can't stop from rocking her hips as Elsa goes to work feasting on her bare fuck hole.It's plenty of fun to ride Elsa's mouth, but Charlotte wants to do something a little more satisfying with her tongue. Leaning forward, she applies her fingers to Elsa's snatch in an exploratory motion. She takes plenty of detours to tease Elsa's knees and slim inner thighs, but most of her attention is focused on the heart of Elsa's pleasure.Arranging themselves so that they're seated side by side, the two girls continue to chase after orgasmic bliss together. This time they enjoy some mutual masturbation, each one with their fingers fondling the other one's clit. Elsa is the first to succumb to orgasmic bliss, with Charlotte following her to pleasure town soon after. Finally sated, they exchange one more long, lingering kiss as they come down from their sexual highs.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sucking up in Class'

Charlotte Stokely - Sucking up in Class

Charlotte Stokely is teaching her class about the birds and the bees. Scarlett Sage and Alex More are young, naughty teenagers who can't help but pass each other perverted notes. Like most students, they're bored and don't care much for school. They had a blast together the night before and are planning a repeat session. Alex takes the note and rubs in on her pussy. The girls start laughing and disrupt the class. Charlotte asks what they're doing and Scarlett responds that she's just taking notes. She knows she's being lied to. When she seizes the note she reads it out loud. Surprised at the content, it looks like the girls were paying more attention than she had initially suspected. Unfortunately for them, she has to report this behavior to their parents. The girls plead with her, begging her not to say anything but her hands are tied, she has no choice. Remembering that their teacher is openly gay, they figure that perhaps they could convince her in other ways. Pondering how, they get up and approach her desk. Charlotte isn't sure what the girls are up to but they retort that it's all part of the curriculum: communication, relationships, and sex. They start taking off their shirts but Charlotte isn't sure about all this, for starters she could lose her job. The girls make her a promise that if she doesn't tell they won't either. It's Saturday after all and they're the only ones in the whole school. It looks like it's the girls turn to teach their teacher a lesson!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Meeting With The Teacher'

Charlotte Stokely - Meeting With The Teacher

Chanel Preston's is pissed. Her daughter, Scarlet, is a straight-A student but since she started taking Charlotte Stokely's class, her grades have dropped to a C. Charlotte, Scarlet's teacher, listens attentively, but is not in the mood for anyone's shit. She informs Chanel that her daughter is gay, and that perhaps the fact that she can't confide in her own mother might be the result of her lackluster grades. Chanel Preston gets furious and tries to intimidate Charlotte reminding her that she funds a lot of the activities in the school and has sway in the community. Charlotte listens attentively but is not buying any of it, she has the power here and she knows it. She asks Scarlet to leave the room so she can talk to her mother in private. When she tells Chanel that she can flunk her daughter and seal her fate, she's all ears. She asks her if she's ever kissed a girl, Chanel denies it flatly. She scoffs not believing her, after all, everyone's kissed a girl! She has a proposition for her, get it on with her and all Scarlet's grades go back up to A's, don't and her daughter will be here next year. Chanel knows her reputation is on the line and realizes she has no choice. She plays along as Charlotte starts kissing her but she pushes her away at first, reminded her of what's at stake she kisses her again. Charlotte instructs her to get up and takes her to the desk where she starts taking off her dress and kissing her. They eat each other out, tribe and 69 as they cum in each other's mouths. It looks like her daughter will be valedictorian after all!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Like A Boss!'

Charlotte Stokely - Like A Boss!

Beautiful, rich, bitchy sorority girl Charlotte Stokely has been using cute, nerdy redhead Penny Pax to boost her test scores. Penny is ready to 'settle the score,' so she pulls out a strap-on and dominates Charlotte with it. Charlotte is deeply shocked and aroused, cumming all over the place because nerdy Penny fucks like a boss! They fuck in several positions and are rendered exhausted after multiple orgasms.

Abella Danger in 'One Step Ahead Scene 5'

Abella Danger - One Step Ahead Scene 5

Sarah Anderson (Abella Danger) had no idea that when she left for a romantic getaway to the mountains with her husband (Seth Gamble) that her life would be in jeopardy. After a brutal attack that leaves her fighting for her life,  Sarah enlists the help of her best friend (Charlotte Stokely). Together they try to solve the mystery of who'd want her dead, while staying one step ahead of both the assailant and the sheriff.  Along the way, they discover that everyone has a secret…and some of them are deadly.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Justice League XXX An Axel Braun Parody Scene 3'

Charlotte Stokely - Justice League XXX An Axel Braun Parody Scene 3

The King of Parody is back, with the biggest and most anticipated Adult movie of the year! Legendary director Axel Braun unites the heroes of his DC AxelVerse in more ways than one, in this epic Wicked Comix mega-production. With a stellar cast headlined by the ferociously sexy Romi Rain as Wonder Woman and a phenomenal Charlotte Stokely as Batwoman, "Justice League XXX: A Porn Parody" will show you why it's time to COME TOGETHER!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sister Charlotte's fate'

Charlotte Stokely - Sister Charlotte's fate

The chaos has finally ended with Sister Mona (Mona Wales) being transferred to another convent and Lily leaving unexpectedly before her first vows. As for Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely)...everything has gone back to normal. Of course, sometimes she thinks about Lily, and she dreams about her, but nothing ever happened between them. Until she receives an unexpected visitor and all of the confessions may not be enough to stop her ultimate desire!

Charlotte Stokely in 'God don't let me succumb to the temptation'

Charlotte Stokely - God don't let me succumb to the temptation

The temptation for Lily (Lily Adams) grows deeper for Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely). It's more and more difficult to hide her lust for the younger girl. Mother Superior (Nina Hartley) and Sister Mona (Mona Wales) are getting suspicious. The two scheming nuns decide to test the purity of Sister Charlotte. Will she be able to resist the ultimate temptation?

Charlotte Stokely in 'Horny Blonde Charlotte'

Charlotte Stokely - Horny Blonde Charlotte

Charlotte Stokely is feeling frisky! Her nipples are hard and this hot babe needs to make herself cum. She smiles as she catches you watching and gives a show she'll enjoy as well as you as she masturbates with her dildo fucking herself hard until she cums and licks off all the tasty juices.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Dream Pairings: The Stalker'

Charlotte Stokely - Dream Pairings: The Stalker

Stalker Georgia Jones feels pretty good in her new bad girl persona. She gave herself a makeover so she could score with her lesbian obsession Riley Reid. She made fifteen fake dating profiles to be sure they connect, and when they finally do make plans to hook up, Georgia is waiting outside her apartment and she's ready to pounce. Meanwhile, unsuspecting Riley changes into a sexy velour bodysuit and mini skirt. She doesn't recognize Georgia's new look and makes out with her stalker. Georgia unsnaps her bodysuit, and goes down on her bush. Georgia strips off her jeans and Riley starts riding her leg. Riley licks Georgia's wet pussy and makes her cum. They take turns eating each other's asses and then scissor fuck each other's pussies all over the sofa. The lesbians are cuddling post-coitus when Georgia uses Riley's old nickname, the Emerald Enchantress. That jogs Riley's memory. She realizes she's with the girl who used to stalk her, except back then she had braces and glasses. Riley excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She calls in a favor from her detective friend Charlotte Stokely to help her get rid of her stalker. Charlotte comes over and she's packing heat. She cuffs Georgia and takes her away. The sexy blond cop brings Georgia home and handcuffs her to a bed. Georgia demands her rights, but Charlotte plans to teach her a lesson for fucking with her friends. Once Charlotte makes it clear that she is crazier than Georgia, the stalker becomes much more subdued and obedient. Charlotte removes the cuffs and makes Georgia gets undressed. She makes Georgia takes off her shoes and licks her tits. Then Charlotte grinds her pussy onto her face, and Georgia follows orders and licks her clit. Charlotte swivels around and continues to ride her tongue, before making Georgia present her ass so she can spank it. She fingers Georgia's pussy, but won't let her cum. Instead she makes Georgia lick her ass in exchange for her freedom. Then she brings her pussy in close and tribs her methodically but stops before she climaxes. Will Charlotte keep her word and let Georgia go? Click to find out!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Fashion Model 3: What Have You Done For Me Lately'

Charlotte Stokely - Fashion Model 3: What Have You Done For Me Lately

After the fresh faced model Lily Rader steals the show at her first photo shoot, the boss of Eternity Cosmetics Charlotte Stokely delivers good news to her agent Angela White. She wants to offer Lily an exclusive contract for the Ambition line. They tell Lily her dream is coming true. Charlotte's only concern is Lily's ambition. Will it dwindle once her contract is signed? Lily strips naked, not missing a beat. She swears she will always do what it takes. Angela beams proudly at her protege and schemes with Charlotte on sealing the deal with a threeway. Lily must prove again that she's down to fuck her way to the top. The model demurely removes Charlotte's stilettos and Angela's high heels, submitting to her dream makers' orders. The lesbians close in on the nubile blond and begin to devour her slowly. Lily obediently opens her long, lithe legs and four roaming hands caress her all over. She returns their hungry kisses with her wet and wanting mouth. Charlotte removes her black sequins brassier and Lily sucks on her hard nipples. Angela pulls out her boulder size tits for Lily to service next. The platinum boss wiggles out of her skirt and panties and feeds Lily her naked pussy. Angela spanks Lily's ass dominantly before joining Charlotte on the feeding line. Angela commands her to make Charlotte cum, and Lily skillfully obeys. Then she releases Angela's orgasm into her mouth. And again when the busty agent rides her face and eats her ass. Charlotte takes Angela's place over Lily's mouth, and Angela licks and fingers Lily's wet pussy. The agent grinds her lesbian pussy onto Lily's as she sucks more cum out of Charlotte. Lily lowers her pussy over Angela's mouth and eats Charlotte frantically until the threesome all cum together. Then Lily tribs Charlotte vigorously making her cum hard. Angela and Lily tag team Charlotte with their penetrating fingers and tongues until her pussy explodes. Then Angela eats Lily's pussy while Charlotte licks the model's ass till she cums, earning her just reward. Stardom!

Abigail Mac in 'Fashion Model 2: Doing Whatever It Takes'

Abigail Mac - Fashion Model 2: Doing Whatever It Takes

Budding blond fashion model Lily Rader is ready to take her place as the fresh new face of Eternity Cosmetics. She walks onto the photography set wearing nothing but an airbrushed bra and panty set in blue, dazzling the sultry makeup company owner Charlotte Stokely and the hot photographer Abigail Mac. Supermodel co-star Aiden Ashley is forced to step aside as Charlotte gushes over the new girl's astounding beauty. Aiden scowls in her matching pink airbrushed lingerie. The diva doesn't like sharing the limelight and demands a closed set. Aiden and Charlotte take their pissing match into the other room, where Charlotte turns the tables. She thinks Lily is perfect for the campaign and full of ambition. She threatens to drop Aiden, unless she proves how much she wants the part. Aiden knows how it works in the industry. She agrees to give Charlotte what she wants. Charlotte hikes up her dress and Aiden goes down on her, eating pussy for the first time. The lesbian fashion mogul is impressed and cums in her virgin mouth. Back out on the photo set, Abigail coaches Lily through her first shoot. Just as they sit down to look over the photos on the digital camera, Lily notices what's going on in the other room. Abigail states matter of factly that's how girls get ahead in this industry. If Lily wants to win favors, she'll fuck her. Lily doesn't want to take that route to the top, nor does she want Aiden to eclipse her. She agrees to go with it for the sake of being famous. Abigail unearths her huge perky tits from her top. Then her pants come off and she parts her legs. Lily crawls between them, taking a mouthful of her pussy and sucking her clit till she cums. Abigail spits on Lily's pink slit, then fucks it with her thumb till her orgasm releases. That's when Aiden sees Lily fucking the lesbian photographer and storms into the room throwing a tantrum. Charlotte is amused by her tirade and proposes a trade. She tells Aiden to be a good girl and lick Abigail's pussy, while Lily switches to licking Charlotte. Then the ladies flip over and models lick their assholes. Charlotte and Abigail extract the cum from the models, and make the rivals kiss and make up. Then the lesbian foursome forms a daisy chain, rimming ass and licking pussy, lined up in a row! Enjoy!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Giving In'

Charlotte Stokely - Giving In

While getting dressed up in sexy lingerie, Lena Anderson can't help but sneak a few touches to her soft boobs and tight ass. Meanwhile, laid out on the bed, Charlotte Stokely is also busy feeling herself up beneath her bra and thong. Making her way over to the bed, Lena leans forward to press loving kisses to Charlotte's mouth as the girls each prepare for a lusty time.Peeling off Charlotte's bra, Lena takes the time to sweep her tongue all over her girlfriend's small breasts and rock hard nipples. Slowly working her way lower, she leaves Charlotte to continue toying with her own tits while she pulls the blonde's thong off and gets busy licking. Her talented tongue works overtime until she leaves Charlotte temporarily sated.After taking the time to lick her own essence from Lena's mouth, Charlotte takes control to give back some pleasure. She doesn't waste much time in pulling down the top of Lena's lingerie to reveal the bounty of her boobs. Instead, she spends her time suckling and squeezing Lena's nipples, much to Lena's delight.When Charlotte urges her to turn around and lean forward, Lena is happy to obey. She smiles as Charlotte peels off her thong, and then moans with utter bliss as Charlotte gets busy with her soft tongue. Charlotte enjoys having Lena in a doggy style position, but what's even nicer is flipping onto her back and pulling Lena down to a position just above her face. This new setup makes it simpler than ever to really muff dive for explosive results.Now that it's once again Lena's turn to be in charge, she takes the opportunity to pull Charlotte into her arms. When her lover's legs are spread, she presses a finger deep into Charlotte's slick twat. Using slow strokes and alternating a sweet pussy fingering with a clit massage, Lena gradually works Charlotte into a sexual frenzy that won't end until her whole body is on the edge of another explosive climax.Hoping to give as good as she gets, Charlotte pulls Lena into a 69 so that they can each use their mouths for the other's sheer joy. Once each girl gets her hands involved, the pleasure train won't quit until they have both enjoyed body shaking orgasms. In the aftermath of their pleasure, they curl up together to kiss and cuddle.

Sara Luvv in 'The Faces of Alice: Part Four'

Sara Luvv - The Faces of Alice: Part Four

Alice (Sara Luvv) wakes up thrashing in bed, tormented by the voices in her head that are taking control of her body, and pitting her between two multiple personalities, lipstick lesbian Alicia and butch Al. But Al has sexual urges that make her personality harder to suppress. So, Al gets out of bed, slips on a smoker's robe and lines up a day's worth of pussy (Jenna Sativa, Charlotte Stokely, Abigail Mac). Before she can finish fucking them all, Al blacks out. Her multiple personalities flicker in and out of consciousness, until Alice comes back up. She doesn't remember what made her decide to stand outside naked, or why a stranger is offering her flowers. She runs back inside and cowers in a heap behind the front door, just as the councilor Ellen (Serena Blair) from Safe Spaces knocks on the door, called over by Alice's concerned roommate Christy. Grateful to see Ellen, Alice explains her blackouts and migraines. Alice suspects she had sex with a goddess the night before, and woke up possessed by two lesbians' spirits. She can feel them with her now, and she thinks they're masturbating. Ellen offers to hold a seance to communicate with Alice's alter spirits. She instructs Alice to remove her robe, and lie on the floor spiritually. Surrounded by candles, the medium waves her hands over Alice's naked body and summons Al, and then Alicia. But the two inner lesbians conspire to gang up on Ellen and fuck her as a team. Alicia starts kissing Ellen too sensually for her to resist the seduction. She puts her dark puffy nipples in Ellen's mouth and coos when she sucks them. Ellen tries to regain her composure, thinking she must resist having sex with her troubled and possibly haunted friend. But Al takes over and pushes Ellen's face into the floor and eats her bare ass. Al folds Ellen's naked body into plough position, with her legs thrown overhead. Al inserts her fingers in Ellen's pussy, extracting her orgasm with her tongue. Then pretty Alicia takes her turn, daintily telling Ellen she'd like to get fucked. She opens her legs, and Ellen obediently licks up and down her landing strip, till Alicia melts in her mouth. Al comes back hungry to fuck Ellen. She begins tribbing Ellen's pussy with wild abandon. When Alicia returns, the lesbians grind their pussies till they cum. Finally, Alice fights her way to the surface, but she's no match for the other two lesbian personalities. Ellen is left trapped in the closet, as the Faces of Alice head out to have more fun.

Courtney Taylor in 'Call To Pussy Worship'

Courtney Taylor - Call To Pussy Worship

Charlotte is just trying to do the Lord's work by knocking on doors and spreading the good news. She never expected to get intercepted by a horny milf who loves young pussy! Once Charlotte's inside it doesn't take long for Courtney to seduce the innocent teenage girl. Charlotte is about to learn the gospel of scissoring and licking pussy!

Abby Cross in 'Secretary Day'

Abby Cross - Secretary Day

Business owner Ryan Ryans wants to thank her secretary Abby Cross on National Secretary's Day for her outstanding contribution at work. So the busy executive shops online for a gift, and settles on a beautiful coat. She sees a good deal on a bra and panty set for herself, and adds it to her cart. Before heading home she notifies Abby that a package will arrive for her tomorrow, and she can't wait to see her wearing it. When Abby receives the package the next morning, she finds the coat, but also the sexy underwear. Abby naturally assumes her hot boss wants to have lesbian sex with her, but doesn't know if Ryan realizes she's also into girls. When Ryan walks in to find Abby wearing nothing but her new coat on top of the new lingerie, Ryan tries to apologize for the miscommunication. She insists the lingerie was meant for herself, but Abby thinks Ryan is acting shy, or concerned about coming off as unprofessional. Abby does her best to convince Ryan that she's wants to please her, right here, right now. Ryan tries to stop her excitable assistant, worried that someone will walk in on them. Ryan has trouble relaxing, sitting upright in the chair, while Abby peels off her suit one piece at a time. She pulls Ryan's huge tits out her lacy bra, spreads her legs and goes down on her hairy pussy, not taking her mouth away until she cums. The lesbians 69 under the conference table, and then they scissor fuck, two wet pussies grinding together intensely, cumming at the same time!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Lights Camera Action'

Charlotte Stokely - Lights Camera Action

Charlotte Stokely has agreed to be the subject of Elle Alexandra's photoshoot. The blonde strikes a number of boudoir poses, and eventually Elle winds up on the bed with her subject to show the photos to Charlotte. IT's not long before the girls are making out with no intention of stopping.Once she has peeled off Charlotte's dress and bra, Elle lets her lover do the same. Then, she kisses her way from Charlotte's foot to gradually settle between her girlfriend's thighs. Elle starts by sampling Charlotte's landing strip delight over the fabric of her thong, but soon she has pushed the material aside to have full access for a pussy feast.Peeling off Charlotte's thong entirely, Elle takes the time to rub her girlfriend's clit. Once Charlotte is warmed up, Elle goes to turn. She works her tongue back and forth over Charlotte's clit while kicking off her own underwear, and then dives in for a deeper probing of Charlotte's slit and fuck hole. As her whole body pulses with excitement, Charlotte licks her essence off of Elle's mouth. She then falls onto her back once again, and then pulls Elle forward so that her delectable twat is within easy licking distance. From there she gives her tongue a workout diddling Elle's love button. Elle delights in Charlotte's clever licking, and Charlotte finds it so hot that she can't help but slide a hand down to fondle her own clitoris.Now that they're each a climax in, Elle takes charge once again. She pulls Charlotte into her arms and reaches around to rub her lover's most tender spots. Charlotte can't stop the twitch of her hips as she glories at Elle's magic touch. It's not long before she's on the verge of another orgasm, one that Elle brings to life by urging Charlotte onto her knees and going back to work with her talented tongue until she explodes. The girls get a little imaginative as Elle accepts Charlotte's offer for a second round of fun. Sinking to the floor beside the bed, Charlotte finds that she can easily reach Elle's greedy snatch with her tongue when her redheaded lover stands above her. Once she establishes an oral rhythm, Charlotte goes back to stimulating her own clit. Elle is happy to let Charlotte work her landing strip pussy into a pleasurable frenzy, a sheer joy that only ends when she has found paradise a second time.With both girls utterly spent, there's nothing left to do but to climb back into bed and enjoy soft kisses while they bask in the afterglow.

Abby Cross in 'Best Friends Lick Together'

Abby Cross - Best Friends Lick Together

Abby gets home pissed when she finds an eviction notice. She confronts her roommate Molly about it. Turns out she had her share saved up but lost it all. Abby thinks they are probably fucked, but Molly has a bright idea. A friend told her about this webcam site where you can make hella cash. The girls decide to check it out. They really dont have a choice at this point. These two blonde beauties get viewers right away and the requests start pouring in! They thought it would all be pretty PG rated, and it started that way, but then the dirtier requests came in with a heftier reward. They decided that for the sake of not being homeless dyking each other out could be appropriate. They start kissing and rubbing each others pussies, then the coins come rolling in! They get even more when they start to lick each other. Looksthey found the perfect gig to save them from eviction, and the perfect career to exercise their deep down inner lesbians for a lifetime.

Abby Cross in 'and Johnny Castle in Dirty Wives Club'

Abby Cross - Dirty Wives Club

Abby Cross' husband just headed over to the gym. Since he will be gone for a few hours Abby decides it's the perfect time to call Johnny over so she can have her own workout.

Abby Cross in 'The Art of Older Women: Part Four'

Abby Cross - The Art of Older Women: Part Four

Intern Abby Cross is hired for the job of a lifetime, to evaluate the wife of 'Biggie Deville' a mobster that has been terrorizing the city for years, and now that he's behind bars, it's Abby's job to speak to his wife Cherie Devile who's the main witness in testifying against him and keeping him behind bars for good. Abby knocks on Cherie's door and immediately Cherie is in a frantic, demanding to know who and why she is here. They hurry upstairs as Cherie closes the blinds and gives Abby a rundown of how knee deep she is just by coming here. With cameras surrounding the bedroom and with it being too late to leave forgetting this rendezvous ever happened, they both need an alibi to survive so tonight, Abby will become Cherie's little lesbian puppet. Abby is overwhelmed with Cherie's determination to engage in lesbian fornication with a complete stranger but with the cameras rolling, fucking each other is the only way they will survive the night. Cherie rips off Abby's black panties and licks her moist pussy zealously making Abby moan for more. Cherie demands that Abby eats her ass out to make their lesbian encounter credible, so Abby seals her mouth over Cherie's unprecedented holes. Cherie sits on top of Abby and starts tribbing as they rub each other's hard clits back and forth with Abby begging to cum all over Cherie's pussy. With such a fantastic spectacle, Abby may come out of this alive, leaving Cherie's home and reporting into her boss assuring her the interview went well, even better than she expected!

Dahlia Sky in 'Clairvoyance: Part One'

Dahlia Sky - Clairvoyance: Part One

Samantha Hayes has always wondered what it would be like to be normal and not see dead people all the time. She's dedicated her life to trying to document the wacky things she sees through the lens of a camera, and on video. She is a proud member of Ghost Hunter Girls, and shares her struggle online. One day Dahlia Skywalker pipes up on chat to get a hold of Samantha, even saying she'll fly across the country in order to meet her. Sure enough Dahlia Shows up the very next day, even though Samantha questions her new lesbian friend's intentions. Dahlia explains that she's a wiccan. Samantha is surprised there are others like her out there and intently listens to Dahlia's story. Dahlia tells Samantha of Charlotte Stokely, her long time best friend and lesbian lover and all the amazing adventures they'd had. Dahlia even shares one of their more intimate experiences where Charlotte and her made a pact, and cast a binding spell to always be with one another, in life or in death. Charlotte's dark magic surely spun them a twisted fate, but Dahlia gets caught up in telling the intimate story of how they made love to consummate their binding ritual. Charlotte and Dahlia gently kissed, and peeled off one another's clothes in order to enjoy their delicious wet wiccan pussies and even played and learnt to control with the energy in their bodies, in order to give each other some of the most incredibly gratifying lesbian orgasms they've ever had.

Abby Cross in 'Supercalafraga-Lick Me'

Abby Cross - Supercalafraga-Lick Me

The nanny is cleaning some hard to reach places, and her boss Ramon isn't home. His wife keeps being treated by some steamy, seductive up skirts, and she can't take it any longer. She tells the nanny to take a break from cleaning and offers to lick her clean instead. When Ramon gets home and finds his wife nose deep in pussy he doesn't get upset, he joins the party.

Abby Cross in 'Star Whores- Princess Lay (XXX Parody)'

Abby Cross - Star Whores- Princess Lay (XXX Parody)

It is a period of instability in the galaxy. Rebel war hero Princess Lay has been captured by intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fuck, who, seeking to parlay his valuable captive into galaxy-wide immunity, has brought the princess to the remote desert planet of Vaygis, where he intends to get his Boba nut. Seeking to exploit her captor's renowned libido, the Princess must devise an intricate plan, one which will allow Boba to spill his seed, release the princess, and bring balance to the force.

Abby Cross in 'Evil Anal 23'

Abby Cross - Evil Anal 23

Natural-breasted, hot-assed blonde Abby Cross is sexy in lacy lingerie. She works open her butthole with toys and then makes out passionately in bed with massively hung stud Manuel Ferrara. He massages her shaved-bald pussy to soaking and eats it; he deeply rims her asshole and spanks her tasty cheeks. In a worshipful blow job, Abby licks balls and tongues bunghole. With twat impaled on prick, she rides, spanked-pink ass rollin' and tumblin'. The stud eases his thick pole up her butt and they share steamy, rump-spreading sodomy. Abby sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Manuel hoses down Abby's face and hair with ribbons of flying spunk, and she flaunts her used anus.

Alison Tyler in 'Fluids on the Flight'

Alison Tyler - Fluids on the Flight

Flight attendant Charlotte Stokely is just trying to go about her business, but like the rest of us she has to deal with jerk-off airport security inspectors like Julia Ann and Alison Tyler who like to pretend that they are major players in some imaginary spy thriller. But when Julia and Alison find a sex toy and lube in Charlotte's carry on, the leap at the opportunity to dominate the slutty little flight attendant in what turns out to be a ferocious fuck fest.

Abby Cross in 'Space Sex'

Abby Cross - Space Sex

In an all new Spizoo edition of Space Sex, Abby Cross tries a monstrous white cock. This tiny Texas beauty bounces up and down this gigantic creature. She takes every single inch of this big cock. A little bit of struggle at first, but soon that pink hole started swallowing that dick like a monster cock hole. Abby enjoyed every single inch of this monstrous cock, leaving her now forever craving huge white cocks. Enjoy!!!

Abby Cross in 'The Senator's Speech: Part Three'

Abby Cross - The Senator's Speech: Part Three

Last Time on Girlsway, Bianca Breeze seduced Georgia Jones in some epic one-on-one lesbian fornication after Georgia thought she could humiliate Bianca with photo evidence proving she's secretly a lesbian and sell it as the front cover of her news column. Bianca knows how to put up a fight, and definitely didn't get this far in the presidential elections to be taken down by the conservative media, with her pathetic tactics. Since Bianca knows Georgia's boss, she makes it very clear that if Georgia is trying to pressure Bianca to give in on being a full blown lesbian, she has another thing coming! As we all know, Georgia was the one begging for Bianca's pussy!Bianca is still down in the polls and desperately needs her assistant Abby Cross to figure out a solution. With no one suitable to give her any endorsement, the predicament's last resort would be to go in a different direction, target the republicans and have news columnist, Georgia Jones on their side. Georgia walks into Senator Breeze's estate, found by both Bianca and Abby, waiting for her in the living room. Bianca wastes no time spilling her juicy details on how Georgia will be writing an article in full support of gay marriage whether she likes it or not. Georgia refuses to cooperate. As a republican, this will ruin her career. Bianca knows that Georgia wouldn't give in so easily, So she pulls out hard evidence of Georgia's lesbian activities and soon, she complies with Abby and Bianca's demands, to practice, sexually, what she will write in her newsletter. Georgia starts her practice on Abby's shaved pussy, leaning into to suck on her sweet outer lips, better than she had expected. Abby moans with pleasure, sexually stimulating Bianca as she removes her clothing, ready to immerse herself in this lesbian threesome. Georgia meets her task of being a lesbian pretty quickly, removing Abby's tight skirt and gawking with lust at her black garter belt. Bianca spreads Abby's ass cheeks continuing her lesbian lessons in sapphic gratification until slowly making her way towards the senator's hairy wet pussy. A chain of sexual events unravel, provoking Bianca to set forth her promiscuous power, demanding the two girls lay down underneath her and indulge in her gushing senator squirt!

Abby Cross in 'The Senator's Speech: Part One'

Abby Cross - The Senator's Speech: Part One

The time has come for change in America and one Senator has vowed her life to make things change once and for all, her name? Bianca Breeze. But we all know that politicians fill our minds and hearts with empty promises, and Bianca is no exception. Done with her flamboyant speech, she sits down with her assistant Abby Cross demanding solutions to their failing campaign. Abby suggests bringing in reporter Georgia Jones who's been dying for an interview, which, apparently is their best strategy to keep good ties with the republicans.Abby talks away, trying to figure out a plan, yet she is unaware of Bianca's lesbian intentions to seduce her assistant's naive mind in getting everything she wants, including an interview with Georgia under her own terms. Bianca orders Abby to help her remove her bra and necklace, in order to reassure her boss that she can trust her with her expert back rubs. Abby is Bianca's pet, obliged to do exactly what Bianca wants, sexually satisfying her to the fullest extent. Bianca orders Abby to do everything she asks, to which she complies, Abby opens her mouth filling herself with the softness of Bianca's pussy. Bianca lays on the bed instructing Abby to remove her silky pantie-hose and high heels, and massage her toes with her mouth. Abby licks away at Bianca's hairy pussy. She drenches her big pussy lips with saliva rubbing her insides, emitting epic simultaneous squirting orgasms. Bianca becomes crazy with sexual urge, squirting in Abby's mouth, chest and face over and over again. Bianca grabs Abby, stretching her legs wide apart, and takes her tender pussy into her mouth, stimulating her clit and asshole, while watching her cry in orgasmic ecstasy!To be continued!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Sexy Lesbians'

Charlotte Stokely - Sexy Lesbians

Horny blonde Charlotte Stokely loves to tease Missy Martinez as she licks and fingers her wet pussy. These naughty lesbians get each other so wet as they take turns getting each other to cum.

Abby Cross in 'Mick's ANAL PantyHOES'

Abby Cross - Mick's ANAL PantyHOES

Blonde seductress Abby Cross wears sensuously sheer pantyhose, with a hidden butt plug (inscribed 'Fill Me Up'!) lodged in her sphincter, to help prepare her tender asshole for director Mick Blue's gigantic cock. This is the all-natural babe's second-ever anal scene! As Abby buzzes her clit with a vibrator, Mick fingers her anus and stretches her backdoor with an inflatable toy, before stuffing her bunghole with his throbbing meat. Abby eagerly provides slobbery ass-to-mouth cocksucking, earning herself a mouthful of cum.

Abby Cross in '- Deepthroat Challenge 2015'

Abby Cross - - Deepthroat Challenge 2015

Welcome guys to Throated's 2015 Deepthroat Challenge where 10 girls will compete orally to win the 1st position of cock sucking. In this clip we have super babe Abby Cross who will be gagging on a big cock for her lovely fans to cast their vote for her. Don't let her down!

Abby Cross in 'Footsie Interrogation'

Abby Cross - Footsie Interrogation

Abby Cross is a bad girl, she doesn't deny it. She ended up on the wrong side of the law but there is still redemption for her. She makes a deal with the officer. She rats out the real bad guys if a) the officer let her run b) he eats her feet. It is a deal nobody can refuse.

Abigail Mac in 'A Wife's Affair: Part Five'

Abigail Mac - A Wife's Affair: Part Five

Last time you were here we saw Abigail get a devastating phone call from her husband Manolo telling her everything's gone under, and that as long as they're together they'll be ok. Vanessa is now faced with the challenge of keeping Abigail in her life. Days later, the collectors came for Abi's cars, the furniture, the house, and everything. Vanessa is sad to hear these developments, trying to help Abi through this tough time, but power has begun to get under her skin. Abigail's not the rich housewife she once was, and somehow the life Vanessa and Abigail have been leading up until now is on the rocks. Vanessa reassures Abigail she will take care of her, but how she'll do this remains to be seen. Meanwhile Charlotte is on her way back to the house, to steer Vanessa and Abi's lives in a new, darker direction.Vanessa spills the news, and Charlotte brushes it off like salt. It's Charlotte that holds the cards that will change the game. Charlotte has found a way to open a new club, and Vanessa has been selected to manage it under Ms. Summer's business. When Abigail rolls up in a beater she runs to Vanessa's arms to find Charlotte milking her to raise the bar. Abigail is like a furious tiger, bounding dopily through Charlotte's dark jungle. Vanessa explains the entire situation. They can finally leave their husbands. Abigail knowing she's in a tight situation can't do anything but follow Vanessa to France and start the new lesbian sex club.But first, Charlotte has some training to do. Abigail and Vanessa need a crash course in 'following protocol' Charlotte gives the direction, and Abigail, with nothing to lose follows without hesitation. Charlotte joins them and before long we see the three of them moaning, writhing and pussy eating their way from one to the other. Abigail has her eyes open through the whole thing, determined to make sure she's Vanessa's top sub.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Only You'

Charlotte Stokely - Only You

Girlfriends Odette Delacroix and Charlotte Stokely enjoy an afternoon in the summer sun, enjoying the view of the sky beneath the shade of a palm tree. The day's warmth encourages the two girls to give in to the sexual heat thrumming between them as Odette slips Charlotte's shirt down to lick and suck her lover's nipples while Charlotte slides her hand into Odette's shorts to feel her woman's tight snatch.Relocating indoors, the girls pick up right where they left off with no intention of stopping until they've both exploded in pleasure. Their clothes come off gradually as they pepper each other's bodies with soft sweet kisses and caresses. The moment Odette peels off the last piece of Charlotte's clothes, she can't stop herself from leaning forward to press her lips to Charlotte's landing strip pussy in an intimate kiss.Building on the momentum of her initial taste of heaven, Odette sets to work with a mission to make Charlotte cum. She gets her fingers into the act, slipping one digit deep into Charlotte's twat and pumping away while sucking her lover's clit. Soon Charlotte is pumping her hips in time to Odette's ministrations and moaning as a climax roars through her needy body.Laying Odette down on the soft rug, Charlotte presses her mouth to her lover's bald slit. Odette can hardly contain her groans and gasps as Charlotte works her magic tongue over her sensitive clitoris while using her fingers to fill and fuck Odette's tight channel until her slender figure is pulsing with pleasure.Charlotte is dripping with excitement and more than ready for another round of pussy pleasure when Odette coaxes her down onto her belly and then climbs onto her back so that she has easy access to her lover's snatch. Using two stiff fingers, Odette takes Charlotte from behind in a pussy pounding that quickly brings the blonde to a hip-pumping climax. Now that Charlotte has once again been temporarily sated, the girls settle into a sexy 69 with Odette on top. With nothing stopping either of them from pleasuring the other with tongues, lips, and fingers, the girls waste no time in racing to bring one another to climax as their lovemaking peaks and then slowly winds down.

Vanessa Veracruz in 'A Wife's Affair: Part Two'

Vanessa Veracruz - A Wife's Affair: Part Two

Vanessa is at home with her laundry, thinking about her new foray into the lesbian underground with Abigail. But when she calls up Abigail, it's apparent that Abigail is feeling a little greedy. Abigail isn't interesting in branching out, and wants to keep Vanessa all to herself. Vanessa is determined to make her date with Charlotte and India, but when Vanessa shows up it looks like India, excuse me, Ms. Summer is out for the day. Charlotte is more than happy to make Vanessa at home.Charlotte is content to pry, opening Vanessa up about the party Ms. Summer held recently. Vanessa remembers the club the first time she walked in, the heap of sultry naked women writhing on the floor with India poised at the head of the pack. When Vanessa brings up Abigail, Charlotte has questions for her. When Charlotte finally gets down to the bottom of this power play between Abi and Vanessa, Charlotte is determined to screw with their heads, and force a divide between them. Charlotte offers Vanessa a position as hostess, but she has a few things to keep secret, and a few things to show Vanessa.Charlotte shows Vanessa to Ms. Summer's room, but Vanessa gets a feeling of shame when Charlotte offers to have her cheat on Abigail. Charlotte reminds Vanessa that cheating is easy, what they don't know won't hurt them. Right? Vanessa clearly feels guilty, but goes along with it, as she knows Ms. Summer has planned it all, as a sort of interview. We see Charlotte get Vanessa's orgasms out no matter how she screams, and makes sure Vanessa knows her place, riding her face until Charlotte is flush. Charlotte leaves Vanessa the house while she's away in order to make sure she can be trusted.

Abby Cross in 'Petite Blonde Ass Fucked by Sister's Husband'

Abby Cross - Petite Blonde Ass Fucked by Sister's Husband

Abby is staying at her sisters house for a while - which is a perfect opportunity for her, because she has been wanting to fuck her brother-in-law for as long as she can remember. When she asks his opinion on some sexy lingerie she has just bought, he can't stand it any longer. He kisses her roughly before licking her sweet pussy, making her moan. After warming up her tight ass with his fingers one by one, she sucks his cock, taking it deep in her throat. He fucks her pussy for a while but there's only one hole he wants to fuck. His cock fills her asshole up completely, pumping her slowly at first and then picking up pace. He soon has her cumming loudly, before shooting his load deep in her beautiful butthole, leaving her dripping with his cum.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Anatomy 101'

Charlotte Stokely - Anatomy 101

June treat Charlotte Stokely shows off her sexy pink pussy outdoors

Samantha Rone in 'The Business of Women Part Two: Homecoming'

Samantha Rone - The Business of Women Part Two: Homecoming

Reaching her new destiny, Samantha Rone arrives to her new home and boss, India Summer. Samantha is greeting by Charlotte Stokely,a confident,assertive assistant, dedicated to India and her empire. Before gaining access to India's home, Charlotte has Samantha sign a disclosure form ensuring nothing seen here will be spoken of in the outside world. Samantha follows Charlotte, in awe with her new surroundings and lifestyle. As they take the tour around the house looking for their boss, Charlotte makes it very clear that after India, she is in charge and what she says, goes. They head back into the house where they locate India playing racquetball in the house. As Charlotte hands over the contract signed by Samantha, she becomes transparent about her feelings towards this new recruitment, stating that Samantha looks like nothing but a cheap hooker. India does not appreciate her assistants tone, showing such disrespect but quickly puts Charlotte back in place and orders her to shoo away.Swallowing her pride, Charlotte gets back to work trying to redeem herself is on the phone with a very unhappy customer. India and Samantha walk in where India orders Charlotte to get off the phone immediately to fill in Samantha with all the necessary details. It's very clear that Charlotte does not want to train or have anyone replace her but India is the one giving the orders and as it is so, Charlotte complies. Becoming more resentful of her new co worker, Charlotte shows four picture frames of four different women, one of them has been wrapped in black lace. Charlotte states that all these women used to be just like her, but now, gone or forgotten, but the last one, the one in black, that picture was of Vanessa, India's first apprentice but now, enemy. Vanessa left India taking half of her clients with her. Charlotte reveals to Samantha what it's really like to be employed by India, bad mouthing her boss advising Samantha she doesn't know what shes really in for. Samantha needs to get out while she still can. Hearing every little thing Charlotte said, India calls her out, disappointed in her once again, now having to take on the simple task of training Samantha. Charlotte begs to have another chance trying her best to please her boss, but India will not have it, ordering her to get out of her sight. Charlotte falls on her knees with the snap of India's fingers. India feels Charlotte and Samantha both need a lesson in respect and with that, India summons them into her bedroom. Their fates are now in the hands of one powerful woman.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Under Surveillance'

Charlotte Stokely - Under Surveillance

Charlotte Stokely, a stunning house wife with a goddess like figure undresses herself ready for a warm bath. Taking advantage of the bath and the sun rays beaming through the window, she relaxes in comfort. However, her husband is not at all comfortable with anything lately as he suspects Charlotte is cheating on him. He has no choice but to call Lexi Belle, a private investigator who specializes in cheating wives. Getting more information from Charlotte's husband, Lexi takes on the job and reassures her client that she will get to the bottom of this with sufficient evidence.Lexi arrives at her client's home where she wastes no time taking out her camera to start the job. Taking pictures of Lexi on the rooftop, she follows her every move inside the house. Lexi sneaks in, being extremely cautious of not getting caught by her target. She follows Charlotte's every move, making sure not to miss anything that can prove she is in fact cheating. Setting up a hidden camera outside Charlotte's room, she quickly sneaks in. Hiding right behind the couch her culprit. Sitting on her couch completely naked, Charlotte talks on the phone with her lover, touching her clit gently becoming hornier by the moment. She turns on her computer, ready to masturbate and please her sexual appetite. Meanwhile, Lexi is still behind her suspect, watching her masturbate on video. She's seen enough and it was time for her to bust and confront the cheating wife! Lexi calls Charlotte out on all the evidence she's collected to prove that she is a cheater, but things take a different turn where Charlotte states she never cheated on her husband with a man, the person on the phone was a woman she'd never met and was masturbating to a lesbian website. Charlotte grabs Lexi dragging her into the bedroom; she wasn't going to let this private investigator off so easily! If anyone was wrong it was Lexi and she was going to pay the price by fucking Charlotte.Charlotte dominates Lexi, kissing every part of her body. Lexi is afraid that her client will come home and catch them but that Charlotte doesn't care; in fact she will make him sit and watch! Being commanded to remove all her clothes, Lexi complies, instructed to face fuck Charlotte sticking her tongue deep inside her vagina until she cums trembling with aftershock from such powerful orgasms. Lexi sticks out her ass, wanting to be touched by the housewife wanting to cum all over her face. Charlotte places herself beneath Lexi, eager to taste her lover's juices. They cum simultaneously, mocking about how stupid Charlotte's husband is...maybe he can beg to be a part of it the next time? What do you think? Should these two lovers give him a chance?

Aiden Ashley in 'No You're Pretty'

Aiden Ashley - No You're Pretty

Charlotte Stokely plays with Aiden Ashley's juicy snatch

Abby Cross in 'Abbys Amazing Ass'

Abby Cross - Abbys Amazing Ass

Abby Cross is curvy and tight in all the right places. Shes got a massive ass and keeps her body in great shape! She immediately sat on our boy Brads face and starts twerking that round ass up and down while her pussy gets eaten out! She also loves to shove massive cocks down her throat - and that's exactly what she did! After gagging on the dick she got her gigantic ass-cheeks oiled up again and bounced it up and down on Brads man-meat! Later, she begged for more dick and took it from behind before Brad shot his load all over her mouth and face. Tell us what you think about Abby in the comments below!

Abby Cross in 'The Cute Little Babysitter 5'

Abby Cross - The Cute Little Babysitter 5

Our cute baby sitter Abby has been looking good shaking that juicy ass around the house, we finally got to bury our face in between those cheeks and eat that pussy. Abby was so horny she choked a bit with our cock before sliding our pole inside her tight hot pussy. We were so turned on fucking her we exploded all our cream into her mouth.

Lola Foxx in 'Lady Lessons Part Six: The Guest of Honor'

Lola Foxx - Lady Lessons Part Six: The Guest of Honor

It's finally coming together, Charlotte Stokely, Abby Cross and Lola Foxx have had a long standing bet over who can seduce the most women. Abby's behind so far, but she doesn't seem to mind too much, Veronica sure gave her plenty of fun, and she was a nice challenge too. But Charlotte and Lola have always had some high-stakes competition when it comes to seducing high school girls. Lola's party is the highlight of the year for these three, and Lola makes sure that this year they get a house with a view. Lola chooses one of Adriana's cute dresses to try and steal Charlotte's girl from her, but who will Aubrey want to play with the most?Abby and Charlotte start spinning a yarn while waiting for Aubrey, drink in hand. Aubrey shows up in her school girl outfit, ready for a college party, but what these ladies have planned for her is a Lady Lesson she wasn't expecting. The Guest of Honor happens to be a confident and astute teenager, who's ready for anything these mature college girls throw at her. Things don't take long to heat up, when Charlotte and Aubrey start to show Lola and Abby her stunning chemistry knowledge. Lola and Abby can't help but masturbate while Aubrey gets warmed up, but soon enough they join in on the action.Watch this beautiful threesome initiate a new member to their cunilingus club. At every turn Abby and Lola are surprised at what Charlotte has been cultivating within Aubrey. Lady Lessons are no longer for trainers and players. The hot and horny librarian tutor is the new expert on the scene. Charlotte's powerful techniques of seduction results in plenty of pussy licking, and lesbian tongue trains, but the piece de resistance comes when the experienced friends surround their guest to poke and prod at her fresh nubile parts until she cums so hard she can barely see straight, and has to leave before her parents freak out on her.

Abby Cross in 'Epic Asses'

Abby Cross - Epic Asses

Juicy cheeked Texas beauty Abby Cross teased us all day in our favorite fishnets and heels just waiting for us to dominate that ass. We spread her ass wide and tongue fucked her back hole priming her up and getting our cock rock hard. Her juicy ass looked good no matter how we pounded her tight hot pussy thru her cheeks for a face full of hot cum.

Abby Cross in 'Daddy Issues 3'

Abby Cross - Daddy Issues 3

It didn't help that we noticed the gorgeous body on our step daughter Abby Cross. Her juicy ass and cute face always gets us to melt until she decided to masturbate in our bedroom shower in front of us. She spread her pink clean pussy for a taste and our cock grew massive inches and dug in her tight hot pussy for some pouring of ounces of cum across her face.

Aubrey Star in 'Lady Lessons Part Five: The Tutor'

Aubrey Star - Lady Lessons Part Five: The Tutor

After seducing the beautiful teenaged Sierra, Sierra runs into Aubrey who's dying for some help on her Geography homework. Aubrey is really forward with Charlotte, maybe even knocking her a bit off her game. Aubrey has zero qualms letting Charlotte into her room, even boasting that her daddy thinks she's a princess. Charlotte is a bit worried Aubrey already knows about Sierra's sexy tutoring. Charlotte isn't shy about taking a look up the teenager's schoolgirl skirt.When they get down to business, Charlotte shows her stuff, but it doesn't take long before Charlotte is out of her league. Aubrey comes straight out with it, and tells Charlotte she wanted her to come so she could meet girls from college. Aubrey clearly looks up to them. When the stupid boys at school come up as a topic of interest Charlotte quickly changes the subject. It comes out that she's attending a college party with some of her close girlfriends at a mansion. Aubrey is stoked for the possibility to attend, and Charlotte takes up her offer to do anything to come.Aubrey is too excited, but she doesn't take long to warm up to the idea of licking pussy. They take their time slipping out of their clothes, and gently caressing one another to help them get more and more aroused. Charlotte is just moments from kissing Aubrey's beautiful shaved pussy and we can see the anticipation growing in her eyes, when it finally happens Charlotte's expert techniques drive Aubrey mad with lust for her orgasm. Soon Charlotte tribbs against Aubrey's pussy with her own, but when the tension rises to a boiling point she backs off, making Aubrey show her what she's learned. The beautiful teen shows her stuff, taking her eating out of Charlotte slow and steady eventually giving her the orgasm that will help her win her place at the college party tonight!

Sierra Nevadah in 'Lady Lessons Part Four: The Tutor'

Sierra Nevadah - Lady Lessons Part Four: The Tutor

Charlotte Stokely is as stoked as ever because her job allows her to interact with exactly the girls she likes to sleep with, dream jobs don't come around this often, but for a select few, they mean having a healthy and active lifestyle that is just as fulfilling and rewarding as not having a job at all! Charlotte the tutor is in every way the same person as Charlotte the seductress. Sierra Nevadah is a cute teenage chemistry student who will soon know all too well what real chemistry is. Charlotte finds Sierra down and out, so frustrated by her chemistry homework that nothing seems to be any help. That is until her sexy older tutor finds her struggling, and interjects only to save the day, and give Sierra a real lesson in physical chemistry. Charlotte uses her college girl charm and her extensive knowledge of chemistry to show Sierra that pretty girls can do anything she wants. Charlotte starts theorizing about chemistry in a new way. Sierra likes how Charlotte explains everything, and soon Charlotte's hands-on chemistry lesson gets underway. Charlotte offers Sierra a kiss and asks her to observe her chemical reactions inside her body. Before long they are testing the limits of their chemical energy, and Sierra shows her aptitude for learning. Moments later Charlotte is melting Sierra like gold, with her teenage nipples peeking out over her cute thin top. Sierra praises her tutor's skills as she bends over to let Charlotte test her covalent bonds on Sierra's beautiful jean covered ass. Charlotte gets Sierra to rub herself while she does the same, until they experience some very intense chemical reactions. Charlotte likes to take it slow, and once they start to cum, she works to make the experiment last by using each other's fingers. To finish the tutorial Charlotte tastes Sierra's sweet teen nectar directly from her oozing wet pussy, before feeding hers back to Sierra for a little after study dessert.

Veronica Rodriguez in 'Lady Lessons Part Three: The Trainer'

Veronica Rodriguez - Lady Lessons Part Three: The Trainer

Abby likes to pick up girls at work. She's personal trainer, and works at a gym for women. The location is perfect because it brings in girls she wants to be with, freshmen at the local college. Veronica is one such student, and when Veronica notices Abby sharing glances, she decides to be the extrovert, and meet someone new. Abby got exactly what she wanted, and now all that is left is to seduce the petite Latina into licking her soft fit pussy!Veronica pulls up to Abby's place and knocks on the door. Abby answers moments later, and greets Veronica, welcoming her into her home and directing her to the studio to change and start their session. Abby always asks her clients to stretch in front of her so she can see everything that she's doing. Veronica bends over, and it's clear Abby's view is jaw dropping. One thing leads to another, and after Abby gets chances to palm Veronica's soft ass and get cute curves, Abby and Veronica are making out, like they can't get enough of one another.Abby helps the cutie out of her gear to reveal her tiny breasts and her juicy lesbian pussy. Abby tastes Veronica's nipples and feeds her hers. Soon they are completely naked, and writhing against the floor, anticipating the relief of having their wet pussies licked professionally. Abby devours Veronica, sucking and licking her shaved teen pussy, before climbing on top to get twice the pleasure. They share their pussy nectar with one another as they make out, before Abby gets herself into position to feed Veronica her soft pink pussy from above. Abby doesn't take long to get close to climax, and soon her soft skin is pressed against the glass of the window as she cums, to the sound of passion and pleasure.

Abby Cross in 'in Naughty Office'

Abby Cross - Naughty Office

Abby Cross works in a doctor's office, but all she ever thinks about is fucking the doctors she works with. She meets the new doctor on duty, Clover, and since everyone is out of the office she decides it would be a perfect time to live out her fantasy and take the new doctor's dick in her pussy.

Abby Cross in 'Juicy ass white chick gets fucked'

Abby Cross - Juicy ass white chick gets fucked

Ladies and gents we have a good one. AGAIN! If you love white chicks with big asses then we got what you need. Her name is Abby Cross and she's stacked in the back! Her ass is awesomely thick and juicy. It's perfect! I could stare at it for days and to top it all off with 2 cherries she's got perfect tits as well. They're not so big, but they hang oh so right. Abby hails from Texas as expected with her big ass swinging around like she owns the place. Her cute small town smile will get the party started and that ass will end it! Enjoy.

Abby Cross in 'Cumming For Dinner'

Abby Cross - Cumming For Dinner

Luscious Abby Cross has decided to prepare dinner and dessert for her man. Dressed in a tight red dress complete with a short miniskirt and high heels, Abby prepares her meal for her man Bruce Venture. The pair relaxes and enjoys a few glasses of wine before dinner, but time flies so fast that soon Abby's meal is burning!Fortunately, Bruce has something different in mind for the main course, and soon his and Abby's lips are meshed in a passionate kiss that will lead to so much more. Clothes start flying as Abby undresses them both one piece at a time. After slipping out of her dress and bra, she relieves Bruce of his shirt and pants so that she can reach the true object of her desire.Bruce's cock is already rock hard when Abby pulls it from his pants, and the brunette takes advantage right away. Using her hand to pump her beau's dick, she gets her warm wet mouth in on the action for a blowjob that hits a breakneck pace.Even as Bruce enjoys Abby's oral pleasures, he can't keep his hands off her tight body. Leaning forward, he pulls her sheer thong away to open the way for her to mount his long fuck stick and slide down until she is completely impaled.Laying back on the couch, Bruce enjoys letting his woman take the lead for a few moment as she rides him, but he can't stay impassive for long. He rises to his feet, carrying Abby with him so that he can place her on her back and dive in to her dripping bald muff with his soft tongue. Moments later he slides back into her from behind and commences a proper pussy pounding that leaves Abby moaning.As their lovemaking grows more enthusiastic, Abby gradually makes her way back on top of her man so that Bruce can thrust up with hard fast strokes that make her entire horny body quiver. As their sexual romp continues, Bruce and Abby constantly change up who is on top as they each take their turn setting the pace of their lovemaking, to each of their mutual pleasure.When Abby has finally had her fill, she helps her man find his own ecstasy by kissing her way down his washboard abs and taking his cock back in her mouth. It only takes a few moments of that soft warm stimulation and then a few strokes in the tight glove of her velvety twat for Bruce to lose the last of his restraint. Pulling out at the last moment, Bruce jets his load all over Abby's lush ass and pussy, covering her in his sticky love.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Into The Fire'

Charlotte Stokely - Into The Fire

Charlotte Stokely uses her fingers to stimulate herself

Abby Cross in 'Party Down with the Puny Boy'

Abby Cross - Party Down with the Puny Boy

Van Wylde just can't get a break. His stepsister Rahyndee gets a huge, deluxe stretch limo-bus rented for her big day, and he gets diddly-squat. He sneaks into the limo anyway, and watches Abby, MaryJane and Rahyndee partying it up like the sluts they are, taking a couple pictures of their tit-flashing and skanky performances. When he gets caught in the act, it's up to those hos to strip Van down and drill in a lesson in keeping his pervy eyes to himself.

Abby Cross in 'Studying Wet Pussy'

Abby Cross - Studying Wet Pussy

Ava Addams is a slutty teacher who's stuck sitting in study hall watching over all the sexy schoolgirls getting ready for exam season. To pass the time, Miss Addams hikes up her skirt so she can fuck the dildo she hid on her chair while she fantasizes about all of the sexy students that are around. Before long the students are all gone, so Ava calls in her teaching assistant Abby Cross to eat her wet pussy. When sexy student Abigail Mac catches them in the act, Miss Addams offers her straight A's to keep her mouth shut, but it turns out all the slutty schoolgirl wants is to get in on the action! So the three lovely ladies use their wet tongues, delicate fingers, and Ava's big dildo to make sure they all cum nice and hard before next class!

Alyssa Reece in 'Banging with the Best'

Alyssa Reece - Banging with the Best

If you're a Brazzers fan, then you know we only hire the sluttiest porn stars to shoot with us. Sure, Charlotte Stokely has a smokin' body, hot enough to put on billboards everywhere, but does this teen REALLY love the cock? Keiran just had to see if she's a true nympho, so he sent in that vixen Alyssa Reece to audition her ass on the casting couch. Alyssa shoved toys to the back of her throat, then switched so Charlotte could tease her bubble butt and sweet, sweet pussy.

Charlotte Stokely in 'Peel and Reveal'

Charlotte Stokely - Peel and Reveal

It's too beautiful out to just sit inside, and far too gorgeous of a day for Charlotte Stokely to keep her clothes on. There's a stiff wind playing through her hair and rounding the curves of her breasts before passing teasingly over her hardening nipples. By the time she heads back inside, Charlotte's in an erotic mood to be naughty with her body. Soak in her beauty, as she jumps onto her bed, and shakes her quivering buttocks, and sends a hand down south to play with her flawless pussy.

Abby Cross in 'Yer Under Arrest, Missy'

Abby Cross - Yer Under Arrest, Missy

This spring break, do you want to get down with the baddest bitches on the beach or what? These four teen sluts are looking for bigger thrills than they can get from just chasing down dicks. Join Abby, Kiera, Lola and Mia as they slip masks on their faces and head down to hold up the local diner. When things get wild in the middle of their stick-up, these horny hos get even wilder, flashing their huge tits and kicking up a four-way orgy right in the middle of the restaurant.

Abby Cross in 'Abby Cross, Lola Foxx Cum Swapping Teens'

Abby Cross - Abby Cross, Lola Foxx Cum Swapping Teens

Abby Cross, Lola Foxx Cum Swapping Teens. These sluts are terrible at washing a car. They're very good at sucking and fucking however and though the car doesn't get very clean Mick Blue gets all he can handle from these teen, tattooed, natural cum swapping brunettes. From SOAKING WET Abby and Lola suck cock, eat pussy, ride cock and show Mick the time of his life. Two bitches to suck, two sluts to fuck, two whores fighting over his cock then swapping his cum like it's ambrosia. Two times the excitement with Abby and Lola, you owe yourself. Pay up. Yes, I know the car is still dirty but so what!?

Charlotte Stokely in 'Shimmering Beauties'

Charlotte Stokely - Shimmering Beauties

Hangin' out with your BFF is a great way to spend a lazy day. Secretly eyeing each other's finer qualities, Chloe and Charlotte elevate 'best friends forever' to a whole new level. Soft caresses and languorous kisses turn into taught nipples and frantic tongues; who'd have thought best friends could get this close A glamcore 'lady love' scene that will tease you to distraction

Abby Cross in 'Abby's Trifling Toy'

Abby Cross - Abby's Trifling Toy

Ryan's has a special gift for Abby Cross. She already knew that they were going to fuck when they got back home but she had no idea that Ryan has his pretty little hostage, Presley Dawson, hiding in the closet just waiting to get fucked and jizzed in. The three of them get nice and sloppy and swap all kinds of bodily fluids in this hardcore...

Abby Cross in 'Dear Abby, Suck that Cock'

Abby Cross - Dear Abby, Suck that Cock

Sweet Texan tamale, Abby Cross, is horny and wants to play. She's eager to suck and fuck Keiran's dick exactly the way he likes it. Keiran knows she's a prime southern prize with her natural tittes and big booty, and he just can't resist filming her on his phone as she first blows then bounces on his epic cock. It's just an average day in the life of a male porn star.

Abby Cross in 'Cunt'ry Booty'

Abby Cross - Cunt'ry Booty

For all of the big things that come out of Texas, one of the best we can think of is Abby Cross's big Texan booty! And boy, does she know how to work it! Ryan gets a few drinks in her, takes her off-roading to get her blood pumping and her pussy dripping, then it's off to the barn where she can ride him like a thoroughbred, YEEHAW!

Abby Cross in '23years old is the new 18. Sweet Girl fucked to Pure Bliss by MACHINES'

Abby Cross - 23years old is the new 18. Sweet Girl fucked to Pure Bliss by MACHINES

Cute, tight pussy and a sexy giggle make a great package of girl to fuck out with machines. Happy New Year to All with this great new brunette.

Rain DeGrey in 'Rain Poison Degrey vs Abbey The Boss Cross - Lightweight match up'

Rain DeGrey - Rain Poison Degrey vs Abbey The Boss Cross - Lightweight match up

Rain Degrey dominates Fit Rookie, Abbey Cross, with brutal submission holds and finger fucking that immobilizes the rookie wrestler.



Four beautiful babes scream a happy holiday greeting to you while they cum on the worlds strongest vibrator, The Sybian.

Abby Cross in 'It Takes a Teen to Switch Teams'

Abby Cross - It Takes a Teen to Switch Teams

Abby Cross thinks she can get any man to fuck her, but her friend Gracie isn't so sure. She bets that Abby can't seduce their waiter, Manuel, because he's batting for the other team. But hot little Abby is determined that her tight teen pussy will change his mind. Little does she know Gracie and Manuel have a plan of their own...

Abby Cross in 'Abby Cross, Hayden Bell and Giovanni Francesco in Fast Times'

Abby Cross - Fast Times

College girls Hayden Bell and Abby Cross have recruited Giovanni to help them study for their exams, and they tell him they'll give him free drinks at the bar they work at. Giovanni says it's not necessary, so the blonde and brunette duo take it upon themselves to thank him another way -- with a threesome! The study session ends with a nice facial for the female students, which will definitely help them get a good grade!

Charlotte Stokely in 'Some big dick outdoors'

Charlotte Stokely - Some big dick outdoors

Today's update is a classic Monsters that features the amazingly beautiful, Charlotte. This sexy petite blonde sex bomb is every man's dream! She's small with a cute face. She has a perfect bubble butt with nice perky tits. She has a tight body and a tight pink pussy that will drive you crazy! Her blowjob skills rival those of professional girls and, on top of everything, she can take a monster dick all the way to the balls!! All twelve inches of monster meat was pumped in and out of that luscious snatch. Don't miss out! Enjoy

Charlotte Stokely in 'Charlotte'

Charlotte Stokely - Charlotte

Charlotte's hot! What an ass on this girl. It's a perfect bubble butt. She has nice perky tits too. This girl has a wet pink pussy that will make you salivate. She's an amateur yet she gave a professional blowjob. This girl can suck a monster cock. Did I mention she took Pauls' whole huge cock into her cunt? Will she did! All twelve inches. Infact he fucked her snatch for a good twenty minutes. This update is not one to miss. Enjoy!!