Reality Kings 'Move It Over' starring Michelle Martinez (Photo 187)

Michelle Martinez in 'Reality Kings' - Move It Over (8th Street Latinas)

Chad was a wild fucking boy. We were strolling the beach trying find ways to pick up hot chicks and he came up with the most ingenius move. He picked up a bullshit plastic gem from the sidewalk and actually convinced chicks he had a business where they could model them. So as we're combing the sand for hot babes we come across a spicy Cubanita named Roxxy. After talking to her Chad had the balls to tell her to put it on her asshole to take pics and she fucking agreed. After we saw this we were 100% sure she was a prime candidate to come back to our place. Truly fucking epic.

Released : September 25th, 2015
Tags : Amateur, Brunette, Tanlines, Big Boobs (Natural), Piercings, Tattooed, Shaved, Skinny, Outside, Pool, Bedroom, Swallow, Facial, Deepthroat, Asslick, Bikini, Latin, 1 on 1, Woman (20-29), Straight
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Michelle Martinez in 'Painted Pussy'

Michelle Martinez - Painted Pussy

Michelle Martinez meets with Sean Lawless for a photoshoot. She wants a Dia de los Muertos inspired body paint, so the painter-photographer is happy to oblige. She takes off her robe, revealing the canvas: her smoking hot body adorned with red lace panties. Sean works his magic on the Latina's body, but he soon finds it harder and harder to focus! Of course, the hot Latina slut adds fuel to the fire by playing with her tits and mercilessly teasing her perfect booty! Once he's done snapping a few pics of the completed paint job, Michelle gets down on her knees and wraps her painted lips around Sean's big cock! Then, the eager slut twerks her delicious booty against his dick as she waits for him to pound her dripping wet pussy doggy-style! Then, Of course, Sean fucks her brains out before painting her tits with his man juice!

Michelle Martinez in 'Michelles ass'

Michelle Martinez - Michelles ass

So I took my buddy Sean Lawless out for a bite to eat celebrating his birthday. Like an asshole I nonchalantly parked the car in the handicap area thinking I could get away with it. After an hour drinks we come out outside and the fucking is gone! But I don't lose my cool cause big papa always gots the ladies on the speed dial. Knowing my girl MichelleMartinez likes the whites I decide to call her up and have her scoop us up. After a good 20 minutes in the blazing sun she strolls in the pimp mobile. She immediately drawn to Sean and eager to suck. Firsts thing first, take our asses home!

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Michelle Martinez in 'The Spiteful Whore'

Michelle Martinez - The Spiteful Whore

What happens when you mix a gf, a video camera, and the underwear from your side bitch laying around for anyone to find? A pissed off gf or better said ex-gf with a mean streak. Michelle personally sees to it to get railed by a fat pipe layer by the name of Bruno who is more than just heavy-handed. She lets herself get bound and throat fucked, choked and her ass fingered with no lube. she gets gagged with her underwear and gets leashed like a dog. Some hard fucking ensues until she gets a semen surprise. What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!

Michelle Martinez in 'Dirty Maid Sucks My Cock Clean'

Michelle Martinez - Dirty Maid Sucks My Cock Clean

This past week I called up a maid service and they sent me this petite latina. I decided to film all of it and gave her a bullshit excuse as to why. However, as time went by I noticed how desperate for money she was. I offered her some extra money to clean my house in just her bra and panties. Not too long after that, she was cleaning my house completely naked. This chick seemed to get hornier by every single thing I offered her. Eventually she dropped her supplies and jumped on my cock. She took my dick all over my living room in several different positions. After I busted all over her tits I told her to hurry up and finish the cleaning so that she could bounce one.

Michelle Martinez in 'Gets Her Pussy Pounded'

Michelle Martinez - Gets Her Pussy Pounded

Michelle Martinez is new to porn, but todays update will push her closer to stardom. Michelle Martinez is a hot little Latina with a fit body. She has nice all natural tits with round brown nipples. She said she's very sexually open minded, and now we believe her. In this update she gets face fucked while giving an impressive blow job. Then she has her pink pussy eaten out before having it pounded by a big dick in several positions. All in a days work.

Michelle Martinez in 'Takes On 3 Wild Anacondas'

Michelle Martinez - Takes On 3 Wild Anacondas

Man, do we have a treat for you guys this week! This week's Monsters of Cock features Michelle Martinez taking on 3 Monster cocks. Michelle approaches these three guys at playing basketball and asks them to teach her. Once they teach her a bit about basketball, she demands them to teach her more. So they take her to their crib to teach her what 3 monster cocks stretching that pussy feels like. She swallows their monsters cocks and loves every minute of it. They each took turns pounding that pussy in several different positions. Meanwhile, she guzzled cock at the other end.

Michelle Martinez in 'Plays With His Joystick'

Michelle Martinez - Plays With His Joystick

My girl always gets in the mood when I'm in the middle of playing my favorite video game. She came down and tried to seduce me away from my game. I wasn't gonna let her distract me away from it this time. But that all changed when she pulled my dick out and started blowing me. I had to pause the game for a little bit. Turned my attention to that pussy. I pounded her pink gash all over the fucking couch in several different positions. I destroyed that pussy to make sure she was properly satisfied. Then , it was time to continue my game.

Michelle Martinez in 'Hide and Freak'

Michelle Martinez - Hide and Freak

Michelle is bored out of her mind and really wants something to do. She goes and asks her step brother Alex if he wants to do something but he totally ignores her, he rather watch the game than do something with her. Michelle becomes persistent and even starts to stand between him and the tv just to get him to do something. He suggests hide and seek just to get her out of his hair. While she looks for a hiding spot she ends up finding something much more interesting to her. Her mother's giant dildo! this thing must be nearly 3ft long but that doesn't stop Michelle from trying to push it in her pussy. Her step-bro walks in on her and after being all surprised she takes his clothes off and starts to suck him off. They fuck all over their moms bed until he bathes her in step-sibling spunk.

Michelle Martinez in 'Double Trouble'

Michelle Martinez - Double Trouble

Michelle is a naughty girl, she always gets what she wants. How? By using her mouth and pussy, thats how! She needed to borrow her step brothers truck to go hang with some friends but he wasn't having it. That was until she filled her mouth with his dick! Later on she asked her step dad for some money to go shopping and he also said no, but this time Michelle wasn't having it! She seduced him into licking her pussy and swallowed his meat until he exploded! The next morning she was playing with both their dicks under the table and Tony discovered that his step daughter was a total slut! After that there was no more secrets - Michelle was a pro at double teaming these dicks! She had her mouth and her tight pussy filled at all times until her face was covered in jizz!

Michelle Martinez in 'Slippery Wet Latina'

Michelle Martinez - Slippery Wet Latina

Hot Latina girl drenches herself in oil for s slippery deep fuck

Michelle Martinez in 'Miniature Michelle Wants To Play'

Michelle Martinez - Miniature Michelle Wants To Play

Michelle is a super tiny hispanic girl who was bored at home with nothing to do. She went downstairs and tried to get her step brother, Alex to take her somewhere and do something fun. He wasnt having it because he was busy watching the game. He had the brilliant idea to play hide and seek with her and told her to go hide while he stayed and watched the game. She went to go hide under a desk and discovered a monster dildo that was nearly half the size of her! Michelle started to play with it and try to fit inside of her but it wasnt even going inside! Thats when Alex caught her in the act! It wasnt long until Michelle had her mouth full of her step bros dick - she struggled to fit it in her mouth but she tried her best. She got her tight teeny twat destroyed by his monster cock and she took his load to her face like a champ!

Michelle Martinez in 'Pussy Mouth'

Michelle Martinez - Pussy Mouth

Teen, home alone, invites a total stranger in to have sex!

Michelle Martinez in 'Sharing The Cock'

Michelle Martinez - Sharing The Cock

After a night a long night fucking and sucking, these three room mates wake wanting more.

Michelle Martinez in 'Creamy Reward'

Michelle Martinez - Creamy Reward

Teen, home alone, invites a total stranger in to have sex!