Kokohontas in Reality Kings - Sister Seduction (Round and Brown)


Reality Kings scene description

Things were going well for me. I woke up after a long peaceful night with my girlfriend and figured I would surprise her with breakfast in bed. So, of course, I sneak out and creep into the kitchen only to find her sister, Kokohontas, cooking up a meal. But she's not just cooking. She's dancing, shaking, showing off her curves. A man is tempted… She must have snuck in late, because she still had her night make-up on, and her thick ass was jiggling in her fancy lingerie. But, I mean, come on. What do you do in that situation? Do you resist the urge and go be loyal? Or do you sit down and enjoy the view. Yeah, that's right. I fucking sat down. So what? I was just watching. It's in our nature. No harm in that. Kokohontas even offered to cook me something, and some extra food to bring to her sister in bed. Anything else that happens is up to powers beyond me. I mean, you look at her! Then she's pressing her body against me, reaching over, bending, stretching, showing off… I couldn't help it. You look yourself in the mirror and ask the man looking back if you wouldn't do the exact same thing?! ...Read More

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Amateur, Black Hair, Big Ass, Shaved, Blowjob, Sex, Cum Shot, Pussy Licking, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Ass Worship, Face Fuck, Missionary, Doggystyle - Standing, Teen (18-19), Facial, Twerking, Bedroom, Indoors, Kitchen, Glasses, Ebony


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Kokohontas - Twerk It

Kokohontas - Round and Brown

2nd March - This week on Round and Brown, Kokohontas is celebrating Spring Break by twerking all over Miami! Thankfully, we were there to film as the hot ebony pushed the limits of public decency by literally twerking all over the place! Of course, she drew a lot of attention to herself, but this is exactly what she wanted! She even included random passerby in her twerk routine! Then, she ventured into a park where she noticed Jmac sitting on a park bench and got his attention by shaking her twerktastic booty in his face! Then, Jmac brought her back to his place for a private show, which Kokohontas was more than happy to give him! When his cock got rock hard, she took great care of it by sucking it and twerking on it! ...Read More