Veronica Leal in Reality Kings - A Squirt In The Streets (RK Prime)


Reality Kings scene description

Cum take a tour of Barcelona with the one and only Veronica Leal! Sexy vixen Veronica and beau Nacho takes her out and about so that she can put that tight fucking pussy of hers on full display! The couple pull over to the side of the road to ask for directions and that's when the chronically masturbating Veronica squirts her pussy juice all over the streets and onto a local! This petite blonde cutie absolutely loves to fuck and to get wild! Veronica adores getting manhandled by Nacho, and who better to rub her small clit and get that pussy to get absolutely soaking wet! This squirting slut shows off her sexy slender body with her beautiful perky tits and a snatch that can squirt for days! Veronica and Nacho eventually head back to their hotel room where Ms. Leal gets her pussy and ass absolutely stuffed by Nacho's big, thick dick! Veronica may be a squirt in the street, but she's an absolute freak in between the sheets! Don't miss out on this wild and wet slut as she makes her stunning RK debut in style! ...Read More

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Foxy Sanie - Squirt Spa

Foxy Sanie - Fake Hub Originals

5th May - Licky Lex and Foxy Sanie have booked themselves a spa day with Veronica Leal, and drag Steve Q along because they need someone to carry their bags! As the ladies change behind a curtain, Steve reaches through and pulls down Licky's top, exposing her boobs, and pulls up Foxy's squirt, revealing her booty! The ladies chastise Steve, then settle down for some relaxing cucumber facials. As they get more and more relaxed, Veronica tip-toes around the curtain and seduces Steve, giving him a sloppy blowjob. Steve fingers her pussy and licks her ass, then makes her squirt into his mouth! After she cums, Veronica pulls out two vibrators so she can make both Licky and Foxy squirt too! ...Read More
Veronica Leal - She Loves Money And Dick

Veronica Leal - She Loves Money And Dick

3rd August - Colombian hottie Veronica Leal is travelling through Spain and meets some random guy who has either a big wallet or an even bigger dick! When he starts flashing cash, she goes from flashing her perfect tits to getting her tiny pussy stretched out in public! ...Read More
Veronica Leal - Bonan

Veronica Leal - Fake Hub Originals

23rd June - Thomas Hyka once played a famous TV barbarian named Bonan, but twenty years later he has been reduced to comic-cons and autograph signings for fans like Don Diego and Veronica Leal. Don and Veronica are two different kinds of fans. Don is a nerd who wants all of his collectible signed, and Veronica is geek who wants to fuck her TV hero! As soon as Don gets his stuff signed and walks off, Veronica pounces, pulling out her big tits to seduce Thomas. Standing up with a huge erection, Thomas lets Veronica give him a sloppy blowjob, then smacks her ass with his sword and fucks her pussy doggystyle. Sneaking back into the room, Don tries to record them, but ends up getting involved in a threesome! ...Read More

Veronica Leal - Blonde Beauty

Veronica Leal - Blonde Beauty

15th April - Blonde natural beauty gets her bare pussy licked while she moans in pleasure. Charlie pleasures her even more by putting his big hard dick inside of her wet pussy. He can't get enough of this blonde babe, he cums all over her bare pussy. ...Read More
Veronica Leal - Charlie's Blonde Angel

Veronica Leal - Charlie's Blonde Angel

2nd April - Beautiful babe Veronica Leal offers her ass to Charlie Dean. The stunning blonde loves having hard men delivering energetic anal sex just the way she likes. Watch her work his erection with her hot mouth before spreading wide for him. ...Read More
Veronica Leal - Cock gets blonde wet in forest fuck

Veronica Leal - Public Agent

22nd May - One good thing about having a huge cock is even if women don't speak Czech, Colombian hotties like Veronica Leal get one look at it and want to take it in their pussies. Veronica had been in Prague for two days and was walking around, touring Europe. She had saved a bit of money, but she was a student and assistant, so she needed more cash. That was when I told her I owned a modeling agency, and I would give her some money if she did a quick casting with me. Her naked tits and round ass got my dick hard, so I offered some more money to wank my dick. Veronica loved my big cock, so we went to the forest and she gave me a sloppy blowjob, then I fucked her tight Latina pussy until she came on my dick, then I pulled out and came on her natural boobs. ...Read More