Athena Rayne in Reality Kings - Athena Cums From Miami (First Time Auditions)


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Every once in a while, we find an applicant that is genuinely excited, bubbly, and not the least bit nervous about coming to a First Time Audition - and Athena Rayne is one of those performers! This little 20-year-old from Miami has a bit of a wild side, and is looking to break into the industry to escape the monotony of regular civilian life. And she doesn't provide the typical interview answers either - she's a bit more eclectic in her tastes. She fantasizes about being tied down and fucked by a train of guys as they all take turns using her for their pleasure. She masturbates 15 times a week - if not more! And the first time she brought a boy home, she fucked him in her grandmother's garage while she was just on the other side of the door! And it's not just her personality, either. When she finally gets access to our stunt cock, Van Wylde, she provides a moaning, squealing fuck fest that leaves her make-up running and her eye-lashes falling. She's eager, she's sexy, and - most importantly - she's a cock-hungry slut! She didn't even mind our hidden camera set-up... Oops! No spoilers! ...Read More

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Athena Rayne - Bejeweled Ass

Athena Rayne - Bejeweled Ass

26th October - Athena Rayne toys her ass before having anal sex.
Athena Rayne - Athena Rayne's First Scene

Athena Rayne - Athena Rayne's First Scene

26th March - Athena Rayne gets interviewed about having sex for the first time on camera before her first scene.
Athena Rayne - Handcuffed

Athena Rayne - Handcuffed

18th July - Athena Rayne handcuffed to a filling cabinet wearing nothing but her panties isn't what Van Wylde expected to find in his boss's office. So when she suggests a little revenge fuck, he fills her tight pussy with all the big dick it can handle until he's pulling out to glaze her little tits! ...Read More

Athena Rayne - It's Okay! She's My Stepsister 4

Athena Rayne - It's Okay! She's My Stepsister 4

8th September - Athena Rayne catches her stepbrother sniffing her panties. He would get in so much trouble if she were to tell his mom what he has been up to. She figures she might have some fun with him and proceeds to toy with him by allowing him to sniff her actual pussy but not touch. Then she uses his nose like a cock and fucks it. He is soon munching her pussy and she gets so turned on she needs his cock. It's ok. She's his stepsister. ...Read More
Athena Rayne - Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 3

Athena Rayne - Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 3

12th March - Cute, raven-haired Athena Rayne chats with director Bryan Gozzling on a sleazy dating app. In tight, athletic apparel with heels, the fair-skinned tart visits for a dominant cunt drilling. She jerks Bryan's meat as he gropes her fleshy tits. Athena kneels obediently for a throat-fucking blowjob. Bryan fingers her to an intense, squirting orgasm, and she bites her dog collar as he plows her bald twat. To climax a serious pounding, Bryan slathers her in sperm and Athena smiles, exhibiting her adorable, cum-covered face. ...Read More
Athena Rayne - Cock Craving Cupcake

Athena Rayne - Cock Craving Cupcake

12th October - Petite teen Athena Rayne shows off her playfulness by bouncing around and being as cute and bubbly as she can be! But what Athena can't wait for is to be surprised with a big, thick dick for her to suck and fuck! She's sweet, but seeing Athena get her delicious pussy stuffed is even sweeter! See this beauty get the dicking she deserves! ...Read More
Athena Rayne - Pussy Palace

Athena Rayne - BFFS

14th April - Harmony Winters was meeting up with some of the lead girls in her new sorority. She was so excited. She came through the door and got greeted by Kylie Martin and Athena Rayne. Welcome to the Pussy Palace! Harmony was going to have to make sure she followed the rules if she wanted to get approval from her peers. Rule number one was to get fucked! Boy was that forward. Harmony was sure to keep that in mind as they began to play tit cup, which is just like flip cup instead you use your tits to flip. After that, the human dildo was brought in, but Harmony had to practice rule number two before she could practice rule number one. Thou shall not suck the dick if he does not lick the clit! The human dildo made sure to eat out all the girls one by one until they were all taken care of. They then shared the cock orally and practiced on of the final rules which was absolutely no condoms! Once they each got their holes poked raw this rule could be checked off as followed. The final rule was to swallow the kids bitch! Suck that cum leaving no trace of any risky behavior and you can now call yourself a legit Pussy Palace Princess. You go girl! ...Read More
Athena Rayne - Fresh Teen Pussy 11

Athena Rayne - Fresh Teen Pussy 11

25th July - Fresh Faced Anthena is a fiery one, watch her scorch Mark's dick to ashes.
Athena Rayne - Rude Student Turned Into A Sexual Freak

Athena Rayne - Bang Bus

10th January - Today we found this college student with an attitude that we loved to talked and bug. We find out that she's 20 and that she's a “photographer” but we happy to know that she was a freak. After getting through her attitude we see her enjoying JMac's magic touch before she sucks on his cock. He gives this chick a good pussy pounding until he cums all over her face to finally ditch her. ...Read More

Athena Rayne - Stepbrothers Conscious Cock

Athena Rayne - Family Strokes

14th March - Athena Rayne has a dipshit stepbrother who does not care about the environment. She always puts him in his place when he forgets to recycle or leaves the water on. He really does not give a fuck. Athena had a great idea on how to change his ways though. She proposed that they shower together to conserve water. She would even give his peepee a little tug too for attempting it. Stepbro was starting to like being environmentally conscious, and Athena was starting to like the feeling of stepbros cock in her hand. Since he was such a good sport Athena decided she would suck him too. His big cock barely fit in her mouth. Athena then got her pussy railed and face cummed on. Stepbro refused to wear a condom to save plastic. She was going to make a conservationist out of him yet! ...Read More
Athena Rayne - Now Watch Me Squirt

Athena Rayne - Now Watch Me Squirt

18th September - When Athena Bayne and Dean Van Damme catch their roommate, Mandy Muse, squirting all over the place, they decide to ask for some pointers! With Athena's tight pussy spread wide, Mandy takes turns getting her wet and fucking Dean's big dick! ...Read More
Athena Rayne - The Smaller The Better

Athena Rayne - Exxxtra Small

11th January - Athena Rayne has been waiting for her stepbrothers military tour overseas to end for years now. She has sent him a letter almost every week detailing how much she misses him and how much she has grown. Athena was a bit of a shrimp when they were younger, and her stepbro always said that maybe they could be together when she got bigger. Athena took this literally and marked her growth every single day on the wall. When her stepbro returned to the house Athena was crazy excited. She jumped on top of him which exposed her little booty. It was quite cute. She then rushed him inside to see her growth scale. She was just about breaking five feet which was not big in reality, but for him it was perfect. Stepbro began to play with Athena's tight cunt and before he knew it she was stretching her mouth to fit on his cock and also stretching her pussy so that his huge fuck stick could fit inside. Athena gladly took a facial from her favorite stepbro. He not only took that as her everlasting love, but also a thank you for his service! ...Read More
Athena Rayne - Sexual Afterschool Activities

Athena Rayne - Dad Crush

20th May - Want to see me do a split stepdaddy? Dont touch my ass while I do that! If you want to feel it just ask me first :)