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Released : May 4th, 2018
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This is Alexa Raye, and she happens to be obsessed with huge cock. She likes the way a big dick feels inside her tight teen pussy, spreading it apart and having her wet lips slide and rub along its length. But before all that, maybe get to know how dirty Alexa is, first? She's a cute little 19-year-old that hails from San Francisco, and has made her way to Reality Kings at the recommendation of a mutual friend. She seemed like the perfect candidate - pierced tongue, perky tits, perfect soft ass. But the real selling point was just how cute her tiny moans and dirty talking was as she slid her fingers across her teen slit. And what does she think about when she masturbates? The tip of a fat cock rubbing against her clit! Just wait until you see this spinner worship cock in the truest sense of the word…

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The super hot and willing teen Alexa Raye is headed over to her sisters place to help her and her man with some surrogacy. Alexa's sister had been trying for years to make a child, but they always came up short. Alexa has a very fertile pussy, and offered it to help them out! She arrives at her sister's home, but only her man Chad is there. He explains to her that they will do it the old fashioned way, dick in pussy with no condom. Alexa was skeptical, especially since her sister said she wanted to be there, but every second wasted was less of a chance of becoming impregnated. Chad whisked Alexa off to the bedroom and crammed his girthy cock into her warm tight pussy. After pounding it up something fierce, Chad popped out what was sure to be the perfect baby bearing load. After the nut, Alexa asks again when her sister will be home, and Chad spills the bad news. They actually broke up! He swindled this girl into dirty unprotected sex! Looks like it's time for Plan B!

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Alexa Raye in 'Daughters Orientation Situation'
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Part 1 of our double feature daughter swap video has two dads who are trying to fix a car. Their daughter's Alexa Raye and Tiffany Jade come home from a yoga session dressed in very slutty yoga attire. They walk into the house while the dads stay outside and fix the car. Soon, they try to start the car and the engine fires up! The dad who got his car fixed asks what he can do, and the other dad says a cold one would be enough. So they go into the house to down a couple frosty ones. The two daughters are upstairs in a bedroom talking about how nice and juicy their asses are. Then they start groping each other and Alexa asks if she should lock the door. Tiffany says she shouldn't be afraid of her daddy finding out that she is a little teen lesbian. They start fooling around and stripping each other naked. Tiffany starts sucking Alexa's pussy and then the dads get suspicious upon hearing sexual sounds coming from the room the girls are in. The dads walk in and catch the girls doing teen lesbian sex acts. They break them up and make them sit on the couch while they discuss what course of action to take. One of them says they should fuck the lesbian out of their daughters. He went on to say this could be accomplished by them fucking each other's daughter. They agree and then inform the girls they are going to be fucked by each other's dad. They protest, but they are pushed into accepting this punishment for being lesbians. The first scene of this 2 part series features Alexa Raye getting fucked. She gets lectured, stripped, humiliated, and then is made to give head. Then she unwillingly gets fucked by her best friend's dad. He takes her in every position and then leaves a huge cumshot all over her lips and tongue. She learns her lesson. See what happens to Tiffany Jade in the second part of this double feature.

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Being on the Truancy division is the best position on the force. Ryan spends the day looking for sluts skipping school, and when he picks up Alexa, he knows that she's willing to make a deal. He'll let her off with a warning, as long as she does what he says. It's either risk getting knocked up, or get locked up!

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