Anastasia Knight in Reality Kings - Casting Couch Cuck (First Time Auditions)


Reality Kings scene description

From the vault, here is Anastasia's premiere scene with our crew at First Time Auditions! This Tennessee talent has a look that just oozes raunchy teenage sex appeal. She knows exactly what her look is, how to use it, and confidently struts in to stare down both our male talent and camera crew. And she's not only eager, but dirty too. Her first confession involves a corn cob and an upside-down blowjob! The only thing Anastasia doesn't reveal is her new career path to her partner, who keeps blowing up Anastasia's phone. I guess these type of girls don't mind leaving their boyfriend in the dark? With this type of lithe body and seductive confidence, who can blame her… As Robby teases and fucks this tiny blonde spinner, Anastasia has no qualms with letting her oblivious boyfriend listen in on the beginning of this impromptu cuckhold session! ...Read More

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Robby Echo


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Anastasia Knight - Casting Couch Cuck (Thumb 189)
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Anastasia Knight - Casting Couch Cuck (Thumb 252)
Anastasia Knight - Casting Couch Cuck (Thumb 273)
Anastasia Knight - Casting Couch Cuck (Thumb 294)
Anastasia Knight - Casting Couch Cuck (Thumb 314)
Anastasia Knight - Casting Couch Cuck (Thumb 336)

Anastasia Knight - Sorry Honey

Anastasia Knight - RK Prime

9th November - Hi, honey, it's me… the smoldering hot blonde love of your life, Anastasia Knight. Listen, I know you've been mad at me about how much of your money I've been spending, so I put together a sexy black lingerie outfit and an even sexier video to tell you about my new compromise. See, I met this really generous guy, Robby Echo, and he's agreed to help me out with some extra cash. All I have to do is get dolled up like a little call girl and do whatever he desires. But don't worry sweetie, he doesn't mind if you watch! Let me show you all the things I do for him, like sucking his cock, fucking him in our bed, letting him lick my asshole, and moaning when I take his dick in doggystyle. You won't mind if I let him cum all over me, will you? I think I'm really good at this amateur porn thing, agreed? #sorrynotsorry! ...Read More


Anastasia Knight - Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 3

Anastasia Knight - Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 3

11th March - Adventurous teen heartthrob Anastasia Knight loves meeting strange guys on sleazy hookup apps. She matches with director Bryan Gozzling, so the adorable, brace-faced blonde heads to his place for an outrageous date. Anastasia smiles eagerly as Bryan gropes her tiny body. She whimpers as he fingers her to squirting orgasm! She gags and drools on her perky tits while Bryan fucks her face, and she crams a huge dildo down her throat while Bryan hammers her tight, hairless twat. The starry-eyed cutie deeply rims ass, gives a foot job and enjoys a massive cum facial. ...Read More
Anastasia Knight - Slim Teen in Fishnets

Anastasia Knight - Slim Teen in Fishnets

1st December - Anastasia Knight always gets what she wants, even if she has to suck dick to get it! She had to get across town, so when she caught this dude staring at her perky tits, she knew that she had him right where she wanted him: balls deep in her pussy! ...Read More
Anastasia Knight - Cocks Over Lollipops

Anastasia Knight - Brace Faced

6th February - Anastasia Knight is a smoking hot metal mouth teen who has an addiction. She can not stop eating candy! This used to be okay but has been super bad for her since she got braces. Her stepbrother has been trying to look out for her because her parents have been fed up with the dentist bills, but Anastasia still lies to him whenever she needs to get her fix. She made her way to her bedroom before she seductively enjoyed herself a lollipop. Anastasia then made her way into the shower. Her stepbro decided to search her room while she was washing and discovered the lollipop. Boy was she in deep shit. Good thing stepbro cared about her. He showed her something else she could suck on, which was his meaty cock. Anastasia was open to try new things so she opened her mouth as wide as it could stretch and began sucking her stepbrothers warm cock. This was actually pretty fun! She could even get fucked with it too, which was an added plus. The additional white gooey surprise at the end was pretty yummy too! Hehe ...Read More

Anastasia Knight - Naughty Hottie

Anastasia Knight - Naughty Hottie

1st August - Anastasia Knight may be just 18 and new to the adult world, but this stunning blonde with her innocent braces and tight spinner body knows that she wants to fuck her way to fame. Check her out as she sheds her swimsuit and fondles her small tits and big ass on her way to her trimmed fuck hole. ...Read More
Anastasia Knight - Pussy Cat Burglar Gets Snatched

Anastasia Knight - Submissived

25th June - Anastasia Knight is a sexy cat burglar on the prowl. She has found herself a new mark and she likes what she sees. When he dozes off on the sofa, she slips into his home and steals his laptop. When he wakes up, he is confused because he cant find it, but he is so exhausted from a recent flight, he just takes it easy. Anastasia doesnt miss a beat, taking the opportunity to sneak into his bedroom and lifts his watch. Convinced something is going on, he decides to lay a trap for his would be cat burglar. He uses his wallet for bait, and lays down on the sofa acting like he is just chilling. Although he is deep undercover, his anger is too much to hide. He snaps awake and grabs Anastasia by the throat, choking her and slamming her against his staircase. Thinking fast, Anastasia grabs his crotch with her free hand and starts rubbing his cock through his pants. He pulls his hard cock out and throws her down to the ground, face fucking her good and hard, and making her choke on his big dick. He is quick to turn her over and spank her ass hard, then bend her over the couch and fuck her from behind. He uses his belt to choke her and punish her for being such a thieving whore. Stripped naked except for her kneehigh socks and a mouthful of jizz, Anastasia learns her lesson the hard way. ...Read More
Anastasia Knight - Blonde Braceface Fucks Outdoors

Anastasia Knight - Blonde Braceface Fucks Outdoors

3rd March - Blonde braceface cutie, Anastasia Knight, loves fast money and big dicks! When this slim hottie starts seeing cash, she's ready to put her blowjob lips to work - in public. Riding this stranger's cock outdoors before taking a mouthful of his cum definitely pays off big time! ...Read More