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Richelle was looking to rent out a kayak but didn't realize how expensive it could be to rent one out for a couple of hours. She tried negotiating but the only thing Tyler wanted was her body. He told her he would knock some money off the price if she would flash him and she agreed. He kept escalating it until he was able to offer her the kayak for free and some spending money on top of it if she would agree to fuck him in his car. She couldn't resist making a quick $350 and also get a free kayak for a couple of hours.

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1on1, Blowjob, Brunette, Car, Doggystyle, Facial, Shaved, Skinny, Straight, Tattoo, White

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Tyler Steel


Richelle Ryder - Cum thirsty (Thumb 01)
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Richelle Ryder - License To Fail

Richelle Ryder - Exxxtra Small

11th April - Richelle is frustrated and I dont blame her. She seems to be doing the right thing when it comes to her driving exam, but the instructor seems to have something against her. She cant do one task correctly in his eyes. Shes tired of failing and will do anything to pass. Shes uses that tiny slutty brain of hers and decides that maybe if she sucks his cock, she will pass. She moistens up her super small small lips and drops neck like its going out of style. After getting into it, she asks the important question of if she will pass now? This cocky motherfucker of a driving teacher says shes not the first girl to blow him, and shes a bit bummed but willing to go the extra mile. They go back to her house since mom isnt home they can quickly get into the real driving lesson... Driving hard cock into exxxtrasmall teen pussy! this driving teacher turns her delicate pussy into an extra rare slab of roast beef. You would think after taking a drilling like that and a fat load of cum to the face she would be able to get her permit.Not the case, the instructor still dint let her pass. What a pervy scumbag! ...Read More
Richelle Ryder - Extra Small

Richelle Ryder - Extra Small

31st May - 21 year old Richelle Ryder is pert and perky, and always horny for a quick pussy fingering. She's not shy about getting naked and running her hands all over her tight figure with its slender curves before slipping her fingers down to fondle and fuck her bald creamy fuck hole. ...Read More
Richelle Ryder - Petite Stunner

Richelle Ryder - Petite Stunner

4th June - Lusty Richelle Ryder has a treat for you! Check out this hot number as she uses her magic hands to jiggle her budding little titties and then slides her fingers south to fill and fuck her tight fuck hole that is already creamy wet in anticipation of a climax to come. ...Read More

Richelle Ryder - Toy Penetration

Richelle Ryder - Toy Penetration

7th June - Cute coed Richelle Ryder has a set of perky tits you're going to love, along with a slender body that looks hot as hell in a thong. This horny hottie isn't interested in keeping her clothes on, especially once her bald pussy demands she put her fingers and a dildo to work masturbating until she explodes with joy. ...Read More
Richelle Ryder - New Cumming Cutie

Richelle Ryder - New Cumming Cutie

3rd June - When American cutie Richelle Ryder wants to get herself off, she knows that toys are her best friend. After peeling off her dress and thong and then giving her small pert breasts a bit of a nipple tweaking massage, she spreads her legs and goes to town on her bald snatch with a pussy pleasing vibrator. ...Read More