Sofie Reyez in Reality Kings - First Timer Faces The Bench (First Time Auditions)


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Petite Latina Sofie Reyez is ready for her first time audition here at Reality Kings, but she doesn't know there's a little surprise waiting for her! This babe is bisexual with a girlfriend back home just as smoking hot as she is, but she can still take a big cock, and she's happy to prove it when Tony brings in The Bench. That's right, Sofie's got to show what she's got by working her way up the obs-dick-le course of four dildos, from smallest to largest. This hottie proves she can take on any challenge as she blasts through the smaller dildos and grinds her pussy on the largest, showing it's just right! Then it's time for Sofie to try a real cock on for size! Watch her do just that now.

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Gabriela Lopez - Spa Day

Gabriela Lopez - BFFs

18th August - These days, people feel the need to film everything they do. Sofie Reyez is no exception. Her best friends are coming over for a spa day. So what does she do? She films it. Kitty Carrera and Gabriela Lopez show up, and get into some beautiful, white silk robes. Theyre classing it up on the couch, painting each others nails, when Sofie decides to throw a cucumber at them. After a couple of obvious dick jokes, Sofie tells the girls that their surprise is here. Turns out, its a foot masseur with a big fat dick. The girls let their robes slip off as he rubs their feet, and this spa day quickly turns into a suck some cock and balls day. He fingers two pussies, one to his left and one to his right, while fucking a pussy right down the middle. Thats some serious multitasking. Finally, our stud cums all over these BFFs, and they lick each drop off of each other while chanting, best friends forever. I mean, I have heard of a friendship bracelet, but not a friendship pearl necklace! ...Read More
Sofie Reyez - The Father Daughter Bake And Swap

Sofie Reyez - Daughter Swap

10th July - Kitty Carrera and Sofie Reyez are besties. They absolutely love hanging out together! When Sofie comes over to visit, she finds herself locking eyes in the kitchen with Mr. Carrera, Kittys dad. He is busy baking cookies for his favorite girls, but he is a little distracted by Sofie. She is so beautiful, he cannot keep his eyes off her. When Mr. Reyes, her dad, shows up, he pulls him aside so they can talk, dad to dad. Mr. Carrera explains that their daughters are both still virgins, miraculously enough. He knows that cannot last, and he thinks the girls will be better off if their first time is with them, instead of some teenage idiots. The dads spring their idea on the girls and they are a little reluctant at first. Once the guys whip out their cocks, the girls become much more accommodating. Kitty gets the better end of the deal, wrapping her mouth around Mr. Reyes massive cock. After getting both their cocks sucked in the kitchen, the dads pair off with the other guys daughter, leading them up to the room for some privacy. The girls may be virgins, but they sure do seem to know their way around a good set of cock and balls, riding their best friends daddy like a ferris wheel. And that is how they make the creamy frosting for Mr. Carreras special batch of cookies. Special shout out to @bbdifier3535 for the submission! Team Skeet is glad we could bring your story to life. ...Read More
Sofie Reyez - Oiled Rub Down

Sofie Reyez - Oiled Rub Down

5th October - Sofie comes inside to get a massage before getting fucked and facialed.

Sofie Reyez - Money Loving Latina Takes A Ride

Sofie Reyez - Bang Bus

22nd August - Today we come across a super hot girl. This Latina is sassy and cash hungry, she's perfect for us! We started talking to her about random things before offering cash for something crazy. We said she was down to flash us for $400 and then a bigger smiled when i hinted at making triple. She gets in the van to get naked and finally see her sucking and fucking. This super hot chick looks so good i though twice before dumping her at a random parking lot. Make sure don't miss this cute face, great tits and big ass today. ...Read More
Sofie Reyez - Longing for you

Sofie Reyez - Longing for you

12th September - Sofie Reyez has a summertime hookup with a guy she meets at the pool
Sofie Reyez - Forgive Me Stepfather For I Have Sinned

Sofie Reyez - Dad Crush

5th August - I love going to church with my stepdaddy. I always like to rest in bed when I get home. I think he peeked at my privates last time I was resting. I hope he did. Next time hes feeling it, Im going to repay the favor. I just pray mom doesnt find out! ...Read More
Sofie Reyez - Afterschool Fun

Sofie Reyez - Afterschool Fun

31st August - Latina cutie Sofie Reyez loves it when her boyfriend tells her what to do. Whether he wants a quick public blowjob after school, or to pound her tight, teen pussy with his big dick at his place, Sofie doesn't stop until he's glazed her perky, little tits! ...Read More