Karina White in Reality Kings - Lets dance (InTheVip)


Reality Kings scene description

Karina's hot body made it's way into the VIP and showed everybody why. She definitely stood out among the rest. The other ladies were looking fine as well just not as fine. She had the whole package ans the craving to show it off. Preston was more than happier to help her show off her desire for attention. Brannon found a nice short girl with some real delightful curves of her own. She was feeling the S. Florida heat as he lit her ass up from behind. Izzy got the rest of the girls moving and grooving with some hot girl on girl action and some major ass shaking.

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1on1, Blowjob, Brunette, Club, Cum-tits, Doggystyle, Facial, Groupsex, Latin, Pussy-licking, Shaved, Short (petite), Skinny, Straight, White

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Preston Parker


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Karina White - Naughty needs

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Karina White - Sleepover Slut

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Karina White and John Strong in My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Karina White - My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

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Karina White - The Green Hall

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