Ember Snow in Reality Kings - One Hot Rubdown (Happy Tugs)


Reality Kings scene description

Masseuse Ember Snow is massaging her newest client, Dylan Snow. Ember works her hands along Dylan's back as she relaxes him while giving him a sensual rubdown. Only Ember's feeling really horny and what better way to get the dick she's been craving then to seduce her client into giving her a nice tip! Ember gives Dylan a sample of her handjob skills, then this sexy slut strips out of her clothes and starts sucking him off! Ember soon slips his dick between her dripping wet pussy lips as she rides him until her shift's over! After all, Ember loves satisfying her customers with a happy ending to her dirty massage!

Reality Kings scene tags

Amateur, Work Fantasies, Black Hair, Blowjob, Sex, Cum Shot, Massage Parlor, Indoors, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon, Side Fuck, White, Asian, Trimmed, Short (Petite), Skirts, 1 On 1, Woman (20-29)

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Dylan Snow


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Ember Snow - One Hot Rubdown (Thumb 464)

Cali Carter - Bone On The Fourth Of July

Cali Carter - RK Prime

4th July - What better way to celebrate your freedom on Independence Day than by getting fucked in the open air! Ember, Jojo, and Cali strut into the Fourth of July party looking to hang with their friends, splash around in the pool, and set off some sexual fireworks. Ember starts making out with Jake right away, while Jojo and Cali play around a bit more, starting a twerking competition in the shallow end and taking off their tops as they shake their asses with their friends, before they zero in on all-American hunk Van and his pocket rocket. After they suck on his cock in the water, they get naked on dry land where both babes can ride Van's dick to their hearts' content. Meanwhile, Ember leads Jake by the boner to a chaise longue so he can eat her little pussy and then fuck her hard. You don't have to wait until after dark to see these fireworks! ...Read More


Ember Snow - Rule Of The Tool

Ember Snow - Rule Of The Tool

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Ember Snow - An Inconvenient Mistress Scene 2

Ember Snow - An Inconvenient Mistress Scene 2

27th September - Wicked Pictures brings you “An Inconvenient Mistress”, the latest Brad Armstrong suspense thriller. Ava (jessica drake) is having a torrid affair with one of the city's fastest rising financiers (Ryan Driller). When she overhears him talking about a stock that's going to make him a fortune she decides to get in on the action. Ryan's boss, Mr. Moore (Brad Armstrong) is furious when he hears of her involvement and the possibility of her putting their well-laid plans in jeopardy. Ryan tries to diffuse the situation but it's too late, the Securities Exchange Commission is investigating their Insider Trading and the shit is about to hit the fan. Now Ava's on the run and both the S.E.C. Agent's and Mr. Moore's hired killer are hot on her trail. It's a game of cat and mouse as everything in Ava's life comes crashing down around her. This intriguing look into the dark world of finance will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last frame. Skillfully written and directed, with incredible performances by drake, Driller, Armstrong and the rest of this amazing cast. An Inconvenient Mistress is sure to be another one of this year's Blockbuster Hits from Wicked Pictures. ...Read More
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Lucky Starr - I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 4

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Ember Snow - Case No. 1148696

Ember Snow - Shop Lyfter

23rd August - August 23th 1:31pm - Case # 1148696 - Petty Theft - Suspect was caught on CCTV cameras shoplifting expensive makeup. Suspect was apprehended by LP officer and brought to backroom office for questioning and strip search. Merchandise was recovered, and suspect was destined for jail. LP officer did however not call law enforcement. Infraction was handled on site. Suspect most definitely learned their lesson. Evidence logged on Aug 23, 2017. ...Read More
Ember Snow - The Direct Approach

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12th July - At first, Isiah Maxwell thinks his new step-daughter Ember snow is pissed at him and her mother but eventually realizes he has it all wrong. After giving her some 'fatherly' advice, she finally confesses her desire for him, and he swiftly succumbs to her feminine charm. ...Read More