Aubrey Rose - Rub lick suck (WeLiveTogether)


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Jessie Lynne wanted Aubrey Rose to join on her side. Jessie approached Aubrey with two dildos. Aubrey grabbed one and they began to sword fight each other with dildos. They wrestled on the bed and Jessie mouth fucked Aubrey with the dildo. They continued the action in the living room where they wrestled each other down and began making out. Jessie bent Aubrey upside down and licked her asshole. Jessie spread open on the couch and got her pussy munched on. They fucked each other with those dildos and it was another great day of living together.

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Aubrey Rose - Lust in stripes

Aubrey Rose - TeensLoveHugeCocks

12th November - Aubrey Rose hadn't seen her boyfriend for a couple weeks because her parents forbade her to date such an older guy. Johnny was significantly older and they just didn't approve of the age difference. Once her parents went out to run some errands on Saturday, she texted him to come over. It didn't take long after Johnny came knocking for Aubrey to throw him onto the couch and start sucking his cock. They got into everything they possibly could for the short time they were together and once they were finished she rushed him out of the house. ...Read More
Jade Dylan - Sexting

Jade Dylan - WeLiveTogether

24th November - Sophia Leone and Jade Dylan are an item, Aubrey Rose has always been a bit jealous of her sister's girlfriend. After weeks of lusting, she finally made her move. Aubrey sent Jade a sexy video message where she masturbates and calls out to Jade to join her if she feels the same way about her. Yup, Jade felt the same way. Wanting to have her cake and eat it too, Jade slips out of Sophia's bed and sneaks her way into Aubrey's room where she is still masturbating. Now that Jade has arrived, the party can start. Pussy licking and scissoring reach a crazy climax till Sophia comes in and almost catches them in the act. ...Read More


Cory Chase - Tight And Tanned- Part 2

Cory Chase - Milfs Like it Big

11th December - After being disciplined by her boss in the best way possible, Aubrey rushes off to help a new customer in the tanning salon. Little does she know that this new customer was spying on her scissoring her boss just moments before. Seeing a hot milf fucking a tight teen made him forget all about tanning, and he offers Aubrey cash to get naked. Aubrey hates working and loves to fuck so it doesn't take much to convince her to take off her clothes and masturbate for this horny stranger. It's not long before Aubrey's boss Cory walks in on them, but instead of getting mad at her slutty employee she decides to get a piece of that big cock for herself. ...Read More
Cory Chase - Tight And Tanned- Part 1

Cory Chase - Hot And Mean

2nd December - Reprobate teen tanning salon employee Aubrey Rose wants nothing more than to rub one out in one of the tanning beds, the only problem is that the shop is filled with customers. Never one to let basic human decency get in the way of her fickle needs, Aubrey kicks everyone out and quickly gets down to down to satisfying her lascivious sexual appetites. Unfortunately for Aubrey she gets caught in the act by salon owner Cory Chase, a sexually deviant milf with a hunger for disobedient teen pussy. Soon Cory is teaching her harlot employee what happens when you cross the boss. ...Read More