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Am I the only one with a raging hard-on for girl soccer players? I ran into this aggressive brunette cutie Alex More while she was practicing her moves with her ass hanging out of these tiny, clinging shorts and I knew I had to do anything to see what she looked like with just her little white socks on. Alex plays great defense so I had to start slow, giving her $150 for an hour-long soccer lesson and a flash of her pale, perky tits. Then I brought her back to my yard and booted an offer her way: I would give her a few hundred in cash to fuck around with her on camera. As fun as it was playing with her camel toe through her shorts, I was even more turned on when Alex stripped to her thong and shook her sexy tush in my face. Then she dropped to all-fours so she could choke on my dick. I had to give her a yellow card so I could squeeze my dick in her tight, athletic pussy, and considering we were outside, this girl was LOUD about how much she loved my penetrating her goal! ...Read More

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Alex More - Hot Little Nuisance

Alex More - Exxxtra Small

20th July - Little Alex More loves bothering her neighbor Mr. Turner! He's so big and brawny that she can't get enough. Today she decided to really annoy him. She snuck into his house while he was gardening and waited. When he returned to cool off, she popped out hoping he would be surprised! But he was actually not too happy about it at all. He picked Alex's light body up, threw her over his shoulder, and brought her into the living room where he proceeded to fuck her face. She needed to learn about respect, and the only way that was gonna happen was by getting fucked by his humongous black dick. Mr. Turner certainly rocked her good, and with the last of his cum Alex finally did something she has never done before. Listen and respect her neighbor! ...Read More
Alex More - Crazy HOT Threesome

Alex More - Crazy HOT Threesome

28th August - Sexy hot babes Alison Rey and Alex More are excited to be LIVE with Danny Mountain for one wild threesome! These girls want to get those socks fucked off and take turns giving Danny one wet and sloppy blowjob. Danny fucks Alexs trimmed little pussy hard while Alison pleases those balls of his! Soon Alison wants that cock in her pussy and gets her wish when Danny spreads open those legs and pounds her hard while Alex sucks on those beautiful tits really driving Alison's senses wild! Who will get Danny's load and will she be willing to share... ...Read More
Kayla Paige - I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 4

Kayla Paige - I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 4

17th February - It's moving day and Derrick has come by to help his girlfriend Kayla pack up. Her daughter Alex is there and she doesn't want to help out. But Derrick says she's going to have to. Soon, she's helping him out a lot more than just by packing boxes. ...Read More

Alex More - Huge Dick Crammed In Tiny Pussy

Alex More - Huge Dick Crammed In Tiny Pussy

7th February - It's a good thing Alex More is as tiny and flexible as she is, because Kyle Mason is going to need to bend and flip this cutie to make his huge dick fit in her small pussy! Being a deepthroat champ, Alex works her magic before taking a cumshot to her face and tits! ...Read More
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Alex More - Exxxtra Small

17th August - Little Alex More is getting tutored by one of the smartest boys in school. They have a ton of work to do, but Alex can't seem to concentrate. She keeps running to the restroom, and her tutor wants to find out why. On her third trip he follows her, and sees her shoving a gigantic butt plug into her narrow little asshole! This girl is wild. He pretends to his pen when she gets back to expose her. She's not embarrassed at all, and just explains to him that she is training her asshole for her boyfriend. This seemed normal to Alex, and she even asked her tutor if he wanted to help! He wasted no time penetrating her tight brown eyed meat locker, plunging Alex beyond the point of no return. Her asshole was so tight that he could barely manage to pull it out. He came all up in that hole to serve as a loosening agent. He got out with a breeze, and a newly found love of anal sex! ...Read More
Alex More - Deep Anal Action 4

Alex More - Deep Anal Action 4

2nd August - Young Alex More is a darling brunette relatively new to the business of hardcore ass fucking. This Mexico-born cutie drops her panties to show director Mike Adriano her big, meaty vagina and puckered asshole. Alex obediently swallows the director's giant, stiff cock until she's gagging, and she sucks balls wetly. She fingers her plump pussy and makes herself squirt! Mike pounds her soaking twat and stuffs his dick deeply into her rectum. Alex enjoys serious anal fucking with ass-to-mouth flavor. ...Read More