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28th March - It was Paulie's B-day so Hunter, the thoughtful friend that he is, flew in Jessica Taylor. She's a foot model and Pauly is a big foot fetish guy, it was the perfect gift. Hunter obviously had to try out the goods and in doing so, he was caught by Pauly who was peeking in on the action. Once Hunter realized that his spot was blown, he invited Pauly in for a closer look at his gift. He was satisfied by the smell of Jessica's feet so he permitted his buddy to go all in on the pussy. Hunter ripped Jessica's stockings and drilled her tight pussy from multiple angles and positions. Eventually, he shot his load all over her face and tits. ...Read More


Jessy - Jessy's Pussy is HUNGRY for cock

Jessy - Milf Soup

11th December - This week I have a very Milfy Hot Shebang-a-bang named Jessy.