Man, Patricia is a machine when it comes to fucking! Once this girl gets her motor going, there is absolutely no stopping her until she is 100% satisfied! She first started working for us back in 2006 when she did two of the hottest Mike in Brazil episodes ever done, and since then she has really set the world of porn on fire! She told us her turn-ons are tall guys, motorcycle drivers, and older guys and that her turn-offs are jerks and smelly guys, so you better be on your best behavior if you want to get with Patricia!

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Patricia Kimberly - Mike in Brazil

3rd February - Patricia came back again for some more fun. She was looking super hot in that bikini. She undressed and got her luscious body all oiled up. Her amazing ass looked fantastic in the sun as it glimmered. Loupan joined the party and soon after, he was munching on her pussy and ass. She got her pussy pounded and then requested to get fucked in her asshole. She got drilled in her ass and got man juice all over her face. ...Read More