Hailey Little in Reality Kings - Big And Little (Cum Fiesta)


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Haley Little had quite the suitable name, it described her to a tea, no pun intended. She packed quite the personality for a small chick and she was definitely the quirky type. Haley came to the CumFiesta house with an open mind and legs. Desperate to get some cock up in her tight little pussy hole.

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Amateur, Heels, Hotpants, Living Room, Redhead, White, Deepthroat, Facial, Shaved, Skinny, Short (Petite), 1 On 1, Woman (20-29), Straight

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Tyler Steel


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Sara St Clair - Morning Joe

Sara St Clair - Moms Bang Teens

13th February - Hailey was sleeping over at her boyfriends house. She was telling him that it was really nice that his dads new girlfriend was cool with her staying over night. Hailey was the first to get up and go to the kitchen to get some coffee in the morning. While doing that, Sara creeped into the room and hid under the breakfast table. Sara was the fathers new girlfriend and this hot momma was up to no good. When Hailey sat at the table, Sara spread her legs and started eating her pussy. Hailey was convinced this was her man surprising her and didnt even look under the table. As she sat there moaning getting her wet pussy eaten, she was really shocked to see her man come into the room. She immediately looked under the table and saw it was Sara but was loving it so much she just let her keep going. Once her man sat at the table and noticed her acting weird and hearing noises, he looked under the table and saw Sara's big ass staring up at him as she was on all 4's eating out his girlfriend. He was all about it and started fingering then fucking her while she was still under the table. They soon took the party to the couch where the real fuck fest went down. Don't miss one moment of this hot threesome as the girls take turns swapping the dick and eating pussy. ...Read More
Hailey Little - Tight Little Pussy

Hailey Little - Pure 18

14th March - I scheduled a little study date with Hailey Little and things got awkward real quick. I fully expected to study and really cram on the math test we had the following week but the hula-hoop got in the way. Yes, the hula-hoop was today's main culprit. After studying for a minute or two, Hailey felt the need to show me her hula-hooping skills. I wasn't really up for it but she in a cute way insisted on showing. As she started twirling around, the little spectacle got better and better. Her mini-skirt swung up and I got a peek of her sexy little panties and that's when my dick got rock solid. Hailey noticed the bulge and seemed a bit surprised, but not too surprised, as she grabbed up and swallowed it whole! I may start studying with this little freak more often... ...Read More


Hailey Little - Brand New

Hailey Little - Brand New

11th April - Amateur cutie Hailey Little is rocking a tight petite body with curves in all the right places. Peeling off her panties with a shy smile, she spreads her thighs to let us enjoy her meaty twat and then entices us with her soft moans of excitement as she works two fingers into her tight fuck hole. ...Read More
Hailey Little - Little Miss Likes Big Dick

Hailey Little - Little Miss Likes Big Dick

13th April - Hailey Little get's fucked by J-mac's huge cock.
Hailey Little - Hookup Hotshot: Clickbait

Hailey Little - Hookup Hotshot: Clickbait

30th April - Looking for a hardcore hookup, adorable Hailey Little connects with dirty director Bryan Gozzling via a dating app. Outdoors, the frisky nymph wears tight, high-waist jeans and a dog leash. She walks down the street, blissfully unaware that one of her perky boobs is showing, and skips up to Bryan's doorstep. He aggressively fingers her to a squirting orgasm and fucks her face. Hailey gives sloppy head and rims Bryan's bunghole. The carefree girl lets out guttural moans as Bryan chokes her and clobbers her cunt, and she enjoys a massive face-load of cum. ...Read More

Hailey Little - So Good

Hailey Little - So Good

14th April - American coed Hailey Little is a hot piece of ass whose tight little body is a dream come true. Watch as this lusty cutie slips a finger in to test the wetness of her pretty pink slit and then turns to a vibrating toy that will help her really get herself off. ...Read More
Hailey Little - Sweet Hailey

Hailey Little - Sweet Hailey

15th April - Spinner Hailey Little is a sweet treat just for you. Once you get an eyeful of her soft all naturals and her suckable nipples, you won't want to look away. Her soft bare twat is just as enticing, especially once she slips a hand down to spread her pussy juices everywhere. ...Read More
Hailey Little - Tight Fit

Hailey Little - Tight Fit

18th April - Pocket sized coed Hailey Little is tiny everywhere, including her tight little twat. She likes big cocks, though, so this hot number is constantly masturbating with her fingers pressed deep into her greedy snatch. Once her bald puss is warmed up, she uses a toy to finish the job with orgasmic results. ...Read More
Hailey Little - Petite cutie shows her wild side

Hailey Little - Bang Bus

8th February - What to do on a nice sunny day? PICK UP A GIRL!! In today's update the guys find and convinced this cute girl to do the interview about “public transportation” and quickly we get her to tell us a bit about herself. After a wild public bus ride story she hints that she likes seeing big dicks so after some offerings we get her to go topless so she can see our stud's big dick. Once she saw his cock out she was down for some fun, for cash of course. NOTHING IS FREE. She gives him good sucking and wasn't too hard to get to ride his cock until she makes him cum. To end things a bit differently, she wasn't the only one that got dropped off hahahaha ...Read More