Audrey Grace,Piper June in 'Reality Kings' - Double Booked

Released : May 3rd, 2018
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Today we're proud to introduce the long-legged cutie that is Piper June. Hailing all the way from New York, this twenty-year-old hottie is really excited for her first time audition with us. Piper is looking cute as fuck in a tight pink tank top that's barely concealing her sweet perky tits underneath! Piper is ready to rock and roll, so to speak, and with no boyfriend attached, this sex lover is starved for some cock to suck and fuck on camera! Piper flicks her clit to porn at least twice a day, and with a healthy sex drive, this beautiful brunette has always wanted to do porn after watching so many videos! Piper's eager to show off to the camera, so she immediately pulled down her top to show off her awesome tits! While Piper was just about to show us some more, another chick crashed her audition! Another tall brunette, who could be Piper's look-a-like, Audrey Grace walked in and assumed she had an audition today too! Looks like we fucked up this week since a huge mix up caused us to double book their first time audition! Twenty-one-year-old Kentucky native Audrey came to suck cock and wasn't prepared to share! With Audrey and Piper both eager to show off their sexy slender bodies and cock sucking skills, we couldn't help but get excited by the fact that these two chicks were ready to out-do the other! Audrey and Piper got a little competitive over a cock, but who doesn't love a cat fight am I right?! Let's just say that these two kiss and make-up by the end of their audition--and we can't wait to see these two sluts in action again! Looks like we should double book more often!

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Audrey Grace in 'New Cock Smell'
Audrey Grace - New Cock Smell

Brick is on his way to the car wash when a tight little ass encased in a hot pink skirt stops him in his tracks! The ass belongs to Audrey, who is frantically searching for some change to pay for her car wash after her card was declined. Generous Brick offers to cover Audrey's car wash, and Audrey asks if she can repay him by helping clean his car... or anything else that might need her attention! Audrey bends over to suck Brick's cock, and in the privacy of the car wash with the jets going, she gets naked and rides him cowgirl.

Audrey Grace in 'Table top titties'
Audrey Grace - Table top titties

We had a super hot babe for you this week with some amazing natural breasts. Her name was Audrey, and she was all smiles. Audrey was ready to get down to business when we met up with her at a local restaurant. She was eating a piece of cake really wanting to go back to the house to get nailed. Before long, we were back at the house, and she was bouncing her amazing tits all around. Audrey then played with her sweet wet pussy before going off on Tyler's cock. She really knew how to take his hard cock all the way down her throat. Don't miss the rest of this hot big titty action, awesome stuff!

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Audrey Grace in 'Private Pool'
Audrey Grace - Private Pool

Skinny student Audrey Grace wants to experience skinny dipping, so she leaves her clothes beside the pool. Before getting wet, the horny hottie decides she wants to cum so she hops into a chair and spreads her thigh so she can shove a dildo all the way into her hairy fuck hole.

Audrey Grace in 'Outdoor Orgasm'
Audrey Grace - Outdoor Orgasm

Eager to experiment, Audrey Grace wants to see what it feels like to cum outside. She finds a quiet spot in the yard and pulls her panties down to show off her fair skin and supple slender body. Watch this sweet and sexy little thing show you just how she likes her pussy stroked.

Audrey Grace in 'Florida Cutie'
Audrey Grace - Florida Cutie

Looking stunning in a skimpy bikini, 21 year old Audrey Grace is a mouthwatering sight. This perfect body coed loves squeezing her tits and flicking her nipples before masturbating outdoors by using her magic fingers to fondle her clit while her other hand rubs down her needy breasts until she climaxes.

Piper June in 'Piper Sucks and Fucks By the Pool'
Piper June - Piper Sucks and Fucks By the Pool

Piper June's parents are out of town and that means it's time to fuck her boyfriend by the pool! This cocksucking freak loves gagging on that big dick almost as much as she loves getting split wide as it pounds her tight, little pussy!

Piper June in 'My Butch Stepbitch'
Piper June - My Butch Stepbitch

Piper June is a bit of a tomboy, and she always has been. She likes to wear comfortable clothes like jeans and flannels, but her stepbro is convinced that means shes a lesbian. One day, he was looking all over the house for his baseball cap. His stepdad, Glen, told him to check in his sisters room. Sure enough, there it was. Just then, she walked in wearing yet another one of his hats! Enough is enough, he decides and then confronts her and accuses her of being a lesbian. Piper is eager to prove him wrong and show him just how much she loves cock. She drops to her knees and sucks him off. He slams her against her dresser and fucks her from behind, making her moan. When their dad comes knocking, Piper opens the door and talks to him while her stepbrother is fucking her behind the door. She might dress like a butch lesbian, but she fucks like a crazy whore.

Audrey Grace in 'Audrey Grace'
Audrey Grace - Audrey Grace

Audrey Grace get interviewed and fucked on the Casting Couch.

Piper June in 'Backstreet Pussy Stretching'
Piper June - Backstreet Pussy Stretching

Slim cutie Piper June is single and ready to mingle, so when some random guy starts offering her some shopping money for a flash of her perky, little tits, but she hops on that big dick! Dropping to her knees for mouthwatering blowjob gets things started, but Piper is about to get her tight pussy stretched out.

Audrey Grace in 'Tiny Bikini'
Audrey Grace - Tiny Bikini

Audrey Grace has some fun in the sun before making love to her man.

Audrey Grace in 'Passion In The Sun'
Audrey Grace - Passion In The Sun

Audrey Grace has some fun in the sun before making love to her man.

Piper June in 'Fucking This Secretary After Getting Fired'
Piper June - Fucking This Secretary After Getting Fired

Today Peter needs to visit his lawyer but we end up getting distracted by a hot secretary walking in the parking lot. We quickly start talking to her and get to know that she's on her way back to work but i couldn't let this cute chick with glasses go. I quickly offer some cash and after a fun conversation i get her inside the van. We continued talking as i tried to get her to take off her sweater and shirt. Things finally start going our way once i offered enough cash and convinced her that now she would be fired for not returning to the office. Piper June strokes his cock and finally sucks him off nicely. Lucky Peter starts fucking her pussy from multiple position until he spreads his cum inside her mouth so we can finally dump her in the wild.

Audrey Grace in 'A Tiny Easter'
Audrey Grace - A Tiny Easter

Audrey Grace is on an Easter Egg hunt when she finds a huge dick to fuck.

Audrey Grace in 'Lover's Foreplay'
Audrey Grace - Lover's Foreplay

Audrey Grace comes home with new dildo, takes a bath and fucks herself in the tub before Tyler joins her.