Nina Dolci,Lexxxus Adams in 'Reality Kings' - Sex With Lexxxus

Released : June 25th, 2018
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Brick wants to get busy, but his girlfriend Lexxxus is worried about her stepmom Nina overhearing. Little does she know that Nina is lying in wait to make a move on Lexxxus's muscular boyfriend the instant her back is turned! Running her hands over his ripped abs and sucking his cock like she's starving for jizz, the hot MILF has Brick bend her over to fuck her pussy doggystyle before calling her stepdaughter in to show her what they've been getting up to! Lexxxus is shocked at first to see her guy getting it on with her stepmother, but Nina soon convinces the blonde teen to join in their dirty threesome. There's no need for either babe to keep her voice down as they get fucked by Brick's big cock and lick up all his cum.

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Nina Dolci in 'Home Alone With My Gfs Stepmom'
Nina Dolci - Home Alone With My Gfs Stepmom

Statuesque MILF Nina has a routine after a long hard day at work. She goes to her bedroom, strips out of her clothes, and has a little "me time" as she fingers her pussy and uses a vibrator on her clit. But Nina isn't the only one who knows about her little ritual. Her stepdaughter Angel and Angel's boyfriend Sean peek at the sexy cougar while getting freaky and even videotape her! When Nina catches Angel sucking Sean's dick as he records her jilling off, the pissed-off MILF grabs the camera and decides to teach the teens a lesson, starting with showing Angel the right way to suck a dick. These little freaks have earned a hot threesome, and Nina doesn't stop until she gets all of Sean's huge cock in her pussy and every last drop of his cum all over her and Angel!

Nina Dolci in 'Saved By The Milf'
Nina Dolci - Saved By The Milf

Zoey Taylor is at the newest gym in town trying to get in a workout. She's enjoying her exercise, lifting weights and getting her sexy, slender body nice and toned. With her supple cleavage and tight ass, it's no wonder that this tempting teen is getting the attention of two jocks from the gym. These jerks try every lame trick in the book to try and pick up Zoey but no matter how much she tells them that she's not interested in their small dicks, they keep harassing her! Luckily for Zoey, a sexy MILF was also working out and couldn't help but want to step in and beat up these boneheads for Zoey's sake. After Nina Dolci takes care of the dweebs, she comforts Ms. Taylor, who is happy to have been saved by the MILF! Zoey admits to sexy Nina that she's not interested in dicks--but pussy! Nina reads Zoey's body language as she pulls down her top revealing her sweet, perky tits that are just dying to be licked! Big titted Nina dominates this submissive slut into a sex-ercise Zoey soon won't forget! Looks like Zoey will be cumming to this gym more often--because she's never been eaten out so good, especially by a horny MILF like Nina!

Nikki Capone in 'Bone In Capone'
Nikki Capone - Bone In Capone

Guys like Peter Green are what gives guys the bad rep. He was caught talking another chick and sure enough Lexxxus Adams found out. After being in the house fretting and being down Nikki Capone, Peter Green's step mom had to step in and make things right with Lexxxus. So she did what any good step mother would do... Whats better than mending a relationship than with some make-up sex involving your step mom? Welcome to MomsBangsTeens.

Lexxxus Adams in 'Loads of fun'
Lexxxus Adams - Loads of fun

Lexxxus Adams showed up at the door and gained access with her sweet pair of perky tits. She was as horny as an nineteen year old could get. She started playing with her tender pink pussy. Peter was up for the task to give this hrony teen the fiesta of her day. She wrapped her lips around his cock as he face fucked her. He dove into her ever so inviting pussy and did his best to make her tight ass jiggle around. She got her fiesta and would pass the word around to continue the fiesta tradition.

Vannessa Phoenix in 'Nerdy gamer hotties'
Vannessa Phoenix - Nerdy gamer hotties

Lexus and Vanessa were having a little sleepover party. They're both hardcore gamers and they were both dying to play a brand new game they've been waiting forever for. They were having a blast but Vanessa started checking Lexus out and couldn't resist so they both started fingering and licking each other. JMac snuck behind the couch to spy in on them and got caught while jerking his dick. He offered up his cock and they jumped right on it.

Nina Dolci in 'Sexy crawler'
Nina Dolci - Sexy crawler

MILF Nina Dolce walked into the kitchen and saw her stepdaughter studying with her boyfriend. She had been eyeing him for months and decided to finally make her move. She kept distracting him and flirting. Flashing her boobs, rubbing and petting herself behind her stepdaughters back. Ever so slowly sneaking her hand up under her skirt and enticing him. It was hard for him to focus on anything academic. When he got up to fetch some refreshments for him and his girl Nina realized it was her chance to pounce. Her stepdaughter was distracted listening to music while studying as her stepmom made her move. She started sucking him off behind the kitchen counter and her stepdaughter was none the wiser. Nina decided to press her luck and fuck her stepdaughter's boyfriend right behind her back since she was so entranced by her studies.

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Nina Dolci in 'Ninas Workout'
Nina Dolci - Ninas Workout

Nina trains hard, and fuck harder. After an intense workout her big wet butt is ready to take on a huge cock for your viewing pleasure.

Nina Dolci in 'and Lucas Frost in My Friend's Hot Mom'
Nina Dolci - My Friends Hot Mom

Lucas stops by to visit his friend. Even though his friend is out, his friend's mom, Nina Dolci, let's Lucas in. They get to talking and Nina confesses to Lucas that her husband and her don't have sex anymore. Since Lucas is looking good, Nina takes this chance to make a move on him and they end up fucking on the couch.

Nina Dolci in 'Strangers On A Beach'
Nina Dolci - Strangers On A Beach

Guy picks up a hot MILF on the beach and takes home to fuck.

Lexxxus Adams in 'Boffing The Babysitter 22'
Lexxxus Adams - Boffing The Babysitter 22

Lexxxus just can't let it go. She has a horrible secret to tell Mr Rosano. She knows his wife is cheating on him. That lying cunt does not deserve a man as good as him. He should be with Lexxxus. Whe makes her move and next thing you know she's got 8 inches of hard pipe up her little sitter critter.

Alexis Fawx in 'MILF Sex Toy Party'
Alexis Fawx - MILF Sex Toy Party

Alexis, Nina and their hot MILF friends are having a sex toy party, but after an unexpected visit from a young guy friend of her daughter's, Alexis finds herself with a live toy they can play with...

Nina Dolci in 'Making Up For Lost Time'
Nina Dolci - Making Up For Lost Time

Nina has always believed that both she and her husband were virgins before they were married, so when she discovers that her husband was actually something of a man-whore before they met, she is understandably upset. If her husband has fucked other pussies in his life, isn’t it fair that she should get to experience other dicks too? To even the score, Nina fucks her husband’s best friend.