Mary Rock,Nickolas in 'Reality Kings' - Slutty Mary

Released : June 20th, 2018
Tags : Brunette, Heels, European, Blowjob, Sex, Finger Banging, Cum Shot, Anal Play, Anal, Pussy Licking, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary - POV, Side Fuck, Face Fuck, Hair Pulling, Doggystyle - POV, Missionary, Piercings, Tattooed, Fit, Athletic, Shaved, Clean-up, Facial, Rimjob, Couples Fantasies, Bedroom, Indoors, Woman (20-29)

Young Russian couple Nikolas and Mary arrive at Mike's Apartment excited for three fun days of shopping, sightseeing, and partying in Budapest, but the price of the apartment is a bit of a bummer! When landlord JJ finds out that stunning brunette Mary is a very flexible dancer and gymnast, he immediately offers her a discount to see her do the splits, and Mary has no hesitation about slipping off her tight jeans and showing what she can do! Seeing what an uninhibited pair these two are, JJ has an even better offer for them: a free stay if he can watch them fuck. Mary rides Nikolas's cock in the full splits, and when her boyfriend asks if he can fuck her ass, she squeaks an enthusiastic yes! Mary isn't done yet, impressing both JJ and Nikolas with a full backbend blowjob before he cums on her face!

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Lou in 'Do It Right'
Lou - Do It Right

Lou and Nickolas arrived at Mike's Prague apartment. It was beautiful and right in the center of town. Turns out they did not bring enough money for the rent. Luckily Mike had a work around idea. If they would fuck in his video he would let them stay for free and give them some sightseeing money on top. The cute young Russian couple needed a few minutes to talk this over. Acting in porn was something they never did but were always curious to try. Sounded like a win-win. They walked up to the bedroom and Lou slowly stripped. Then she took of her boyfriend's shorts and gave him a gentle blowjob. Nickolas returned the favor by first licking her pussy and then her ass. As her ass was already in front his nose he just climbed on her and showed his doggy skills. Some spooning, cowgirl and guess most men come during missionary. At least so did Nickolas and he spread his sperm over Lou's pussy.

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Her soft, round ass cheeks spilling out of her Daisy Dukes, adorable, young Mary Rock shows off her all-natural body and athletic, shapely legs for director Rocco Siffredi. She obediently spreads her butt cheeks and lets Rocco probe her pussy and asshole. Mary lies back and masturbates while stroking the older man's giant cock. They pleasure each other orally in an intimate 69 session, and Rocco fucks Mary using a big dildo. Tenderly sucking his monster dick, this sweet girl passes her audition!

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At 23, Mary Rock knows what she wants and how to get it. This Russian babe is always buying new toys to try on her bare fuck hole. Today's candidate is a Rabbit vibrator that she puts to work pounding her cum hungry pussy and stimulating her clit until her body pulses with delight.

Mary Rock in 'Shower Play'
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Russian babe Mary Rock wants to invite you in as she shows off her upturned breasts with their big puffy nipples and her flat belly. Toned and athletic, Mary has the stamina to go all night when it comes to fucking, and she practices often by masturbating her bare twat in the shower.

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A cute smile, long hair, and a firm ass are all things Mary Rock is proud of. This Russian brunette happily flaunts her incredible assets as she runs her hands from her tits down her flat tummy to rest between her thighs. Her bare pussy pulses with excitement as her talented fingers make magic.

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Pigtails and a sports bra mean that spunky Mary Rock is ready for fitness! She does some stretches while peeling off her clothes, then keeps showing off her flexibility. When her hand creeps to her clit and spreads her meaty twat, you can see her pussy is full of cream and ready for a climax.

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Slim beauty Mary is seduced when her boyfriend Ben comes home. She kisses him passionately before he rips Mary's sexy stockings. He licks and sucks on her clit, then fucks her tight hole. Mary takes every inch of his cock before getting a mouthful of hot cum.

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The young beauty Mary Rock brings her partner to her hotel room to have some fun. The hottie starts to suck and deep-throat his big hard cock and enjoys it immensely! Mary then bends over and begs Archy to butt fuck her tight little ass! The slutty Mary takes big loads of hot cum into her thirsty wet mouth.