Sami StClair,Blake Morgan in 'Reality Kings' - Wet And Ready

Released : April 16th, 2018
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The ever-so-sexy Sami St. Clair woke up in bed with her boyfriend Tyler Steel still horny as fuck from their late night of banging all night. Sami and Tyler start hooking up, only when Tyler's new stepmom Blake Morgan suddenly enters the room! Tyler covers himself and his college girlfriend up as Blake asks if they want some breakfast. Ms. Morgan gets Tyler to run out to the store, which gives her time to be alone with Sami! While Sami enters the shower, Blake can't help but want to sneak in and get a peek at what her new stepson has been tapping! So when Sami catches Blake watching her masturbate in the shower, this tempting teen gets turned on by the fact that a slutty MILF like Blake Morgan is eager to get at her beaver! But when Tyler returns, will his new stepmom be willing to share his girlfriend's dripping wet pussy with him? Looks like what Blake was really hungry for was some hot sex with two teens who could use her experience!

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Evelin Stone brings her new boyfriend, Seth Gamble, to her dad's place for Thanksgiving. When they arrive, they meet Blake Morgan, Evelin's dad's new girlfriend. While Evelin catches up with her dad, Blake asks for Seth's help in the kitchen. Turns out there's more than the turkey that needs stuffing! But first, Blake sucks Seth's big hard cock and gives him a taste of her dripping wet pussy! They are interrupted when the kitchen timer goes off and dinner begins. But, the fun continues during dinner with Evelin and Blake taking turns playing with Seth's cock under the table! Then, Evelin sneaks off for a quickie with her boyfriend while her dad and Blake stay in the dining room! When Blake does the same, Evelin walks in on Seth pounding her new stepmom's dripping wet pussy! She's shocked, but Blake reminds her it's a time for sharing and that there's plenty of Seth to satisfy them both!

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Sami St Clair's stepsister is eagerly getting ready for her first date with Sean Lawless. Sami tells him how Sean is rumoured to have a big dick, but her prude stepsister doesn't want to hear it and chases her away. When Sean arrives for the date, Sami is the one who greets him. Her stepsister is not ready yet, but Sami is a good hostess and she's happy to keep Sean entertained by sucking his big hard cock! Then, Sean returns the favor by licking Sami's dripping wet pussy, sneaking around Sami's stepsister! While the sibling finishes getting ready, Sean takes Sami to the bathroom so he can fuck her brains out! Will they get caught or will they get away with it?

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